The Living Beings                                  


                                CEDOMIL VUGRINCIC, M.D., Ph.D.
                                                 April 2004
         PAPER 17



Any attempt at measurement of one object by the other one involves the change in the

first one and the same paradox confronts mortal man when he undertakes the chemical

analysis of protoplasm.

The chemist can elucidate the chemistry of DEAD protoplasm, but he cannot discern

either the physical organization or the dynamic performance of LIVING protoplasm.

Ever will scientists come nearer and nearer the secrets of life, but never will they find

them and for no other reasons than that they must kill living protoplasm in order to

analyze it. Although dead protoplasm weighs the same as living protoplasm they are

not the same, because the difference between them is the existence of LIFE FORCE.



THE LIVING THINGS- Secular science


Teaching of the secular science today indicates that the fundamental characteristic of

all living things is the need for energy to do chemical, transport and mechanical work.

Autotrophs, are organic life forms such as plants, able to obtain energy and inorganic

elements from non-living sources absorbed from their environment such as ocean.

Heterotrops live-off autotrophs suggesting that the first life forms fed on organic forms

in the ocean and from thereon, through natural selection, the life forms have evolved.


Theories about the primordial cell formation suggests the formation of coacervates

(protein-like cluster of mixed heated dry amino-acids) which ionize in water forming

electrically charged protein-like molecule. Such proteinoids, when cooled slowly, form

microsphere droplets resembling the single-celled organism, appearing somewhat like

DEAD bacterial “look-alike’s”.




                                                Picure 1.  Microsphere


S.Fox (2) has found that such protenoid microsphere has internal compartments and the

outer boundaries with double layers that resemble cell membranes and that microsphere

had electrical activity, sensitivity to light, ability to catalyze reactions and hold substances

in membrane-like structures just as LIVING organisms.

The difference, however, between the two is the presence of the LIFE FORCE manifesting

through the cosmic germ-plasma of the living cell, when compared to “dead” microsphere.





In Paper 16, regarding the evolution of the first primordial cells out of the electrochemical

protoplasm of early seas, has been stated:

“First primordial cells were simple and undifferentiated electrochemical circuits, established

only from the reactive inorganic atomic-molecular components into which the LIFE GERM

PLASMA was introduced.

Such first biological unit of material life initiated was the function of Life Carriers revolutions

of physical electrochemical energy circuits within material particles created by Physical

Controllers, and initiating this primordial unit into living existence by Divine Minister’s sent

“life-spark” through Life Carriers catalyzing first primordial electrochemical circuits of life;

because, when in accordance with the approved formulas, the physical patterns have been

provided on morontial Life Carrier worlds of Salvington, then the Life Carriers do catalyze

this lifeless material, imparting through their persons the vital spirit spark, and forthwith the

inert physical electrochemical patterns become living cell matter.


The vital spark, the vital mystery of life, is bestowed through the Life Carriers, not by them.

The Life Carriers do formulate the life plasma and supervise the life spark implantation itself,

but it is the Local Universe Mother Spirit who supplies the essential life spark to the lifeless

cosmic plasma substance that evolves into living physical patterns.


The first biological unit of material life created was the protoplasmic cell which communally

associated various chemical, electrical and other basic energies, and the Life Carriers are

always there to initiate the primordial reactions of the material life as the catalytic instigators

of the energy circuits of living matter”.


Therefore, the first primordial unit of material life was brought into living existence by the

creative function of the Life Carriers which have generated physical electrochemical energy

circuits within material particles created by Physical Controllers, and further acted as catalysts

for the “spark of life” initiated by the local universe Divine Minister.


The chemical formulas used in creating the first protoplasmic cells differ for each planetary

system, and therefore the techniques of living cell reproduction used, are slightly different

for each local universe.

In any case, the Life Carriers as the catalysts of the initial process, are always there to

initiate the first primordial reactions of the material life as the catalytic instigators of the

energy circuits of living matter.

All the worlds of a local system disclose similar physical kinship, however, each evolutionary

planet develops its own scale of life and not two worlds are exactly alike in plant and animal


Decisions about the type of systems variations in the planetary life are made after studies of

evolution of planetary system by these Life Carrier catalysts.

Evolutionary life is initiated often in different number of planetary localities, sometimes three

as it was on this planet, cosmically registered as Urantia.

In the development of any planetary life the vegetable always precedes animal and develops

fully before animal patterns appear and begin to differentiate. All animal types always develop

from the basic patterns of the preceding vegetable kingdom; they are not separately organized

as we see from the narrative of this paper.




The first protoplasmic life was originally implanted by Life Carriers in three independent

places in the briny oceans waters about 550 million years ago, and all Urantia’s ancestral life

has originated and evolved further from these suitable salt- water habitats.


Man’s primordial ancestors were literally slime and ooze of the ocean bed in the sluggish

and warm-water bays and lagoons of the vast shore lines of the ancient inland seas.


Very few species of the early types of marine vegetation that participated in those epochal

changes, which resulted in the animal-like borderland organisms are in the existence today.

The sponges are the survivors of one of these early midway types, those organisms through

which the gradual transition from the vegetable to the animal took place.

These early transition forms, while not identical with modern sponges, were much like them,

they were true borderline organisms- neither vegetable nor animal, but they eventually led

to the development of the true animal forms of life.

The bacteria, as simple vegetable organisms of a very primitive nature, are very little changed

from the early dawn of life; they have even somewhat retrogressed in their parasitic behavior.

Many of the fungi also represent a retrograde movement in evolution, being actually plants

which have lost their chlorophyll-making ability and have become more parasitic.

The majority of “disease-causing” bacteria and their auxiliary virus bodies really belong to

this group of renegade parasitic fungi.

During the intervening ages, the entire vast kingdom of plant life has evolved from the

ancestors from which the bacteria have also descended.

The higher protozoan type of animal life soon and suddenly appeared, and from these

far-distant times the ameba, the typical single-cell animal organism has appeared.


What this minute creature and his protozoan cousins are to the animal creation that are

bacteria to the plant kingdom- surviving first early evolutionary species, in a collective differentiation of planetary life, which have failed subsequently to develop further.


Hundreds upon hundreds of species intervened and perished. Those that have survived but

have not progressed represent the stationary types of early lower animals, survived branches

of the tree of life which have failed to progress, and it took one million years for the mutation

within progressive Primate branch to finally produce the first two primitive human beings,

the male and female named Andon and Fonta, which became the first physical hereditary

ancestors of all individualized mankind on this planet, cosmically registered as Urantia.





“Dead” cell or organism does not have the “life force” functioning through it’s ego-center.


Physical LIFE is a process taking place in the live organism, between the living organism

and the environment in which every process tends to create and establish organismal patterns

of reaction to such environment. All such DIRECTIVE PATTERNS stemming from the soul’s

ego-center and it’s lines of force are highly influential in the evolution of self-goal choosing.

It is through the mediation of the ego-centric mind, that the living self-Self and the

environment and/or spirit establish their meaningful contact in ORGAN-(real)IZATION of self.

The ability and willingness of the living organism to make significant contacts with either

surrounding environment or spirit, as response to the outer or inner drive, represents the

evolution of living soul’s ATTITUDE of its whole organismal personality and identity which,

when manifested in the physical phase of the evolutionary development, represents the

creature’s physical and spiritual evolutionary characteristics of it’s living ego-centric self-Self.


In conclusion, it is the evolutionary aspect of the universe creation, evolving from the oceans electrochemical-protoplasmic circuits, planted in the sea by Life Carriers, that has evolved into

the first primordial cellular planetary life, which has in its final stages, fostered the appearance

of the first two planetary primitive human ego-centric-self identity forms with their individualized personalities that became the physical ancestors of all planetary mankind on Urantia.






1. The Urantia book, The Urantia Foundation

2. “The emergence of life:Darwinian evolution from inside”,Sydney W.Fox,Basic Books

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