The Evolution of Planetary Mind

                                                  CEDOMIL VUGRINCIC, M.D., Ph.D.
                                                                    June 2003
                             PAPER 7        






 There are three distinct levels of mind production in the evolution of life:


  1. The realization of physical energy required for organism mind capacity production.

  2. The mind ministry of the adjutant spirits acting upon teachable organism spirit capacity.

3. The spirit endowment of human mortal organism culminating in its mind capacity for the

    indwelling bestowal of the Thought Adjuster, the pre-personal I AM spirit fragment of the

    Paradise Universal Father of the First Source and Center.


In the formulation of the pre-mind planetary life Physical Controllers work in the conjunction

with the life-impartation ministry of the Seven Master Spirits through adjutant mind spirits,

and the active ministration of the ordained Life Carriers.


As the result of this threefold co-ordinate creative function there develops organism capacity

for mind, i.e. mechanisms for intelligent reaction to external environmental stimuli, and later

on to internal spiritual stimuli influences taking origin in the organism mind itself.


It was exactly the integrated functioning of the Life Carriers, the Physical Controllers, and the

Spirit Mind Adjutants that have conditioned the course of organic evolution on the inhabited

worlds, and that is why the process of evolution of the planetary life is always purposeful and

never accidental.







One Supreme Power Center of 6th order is permanently assigned to each local system.

These system centers dispatch the power currents to the inhabited worlds of time and space.

They co-ordinate the activities of the subordinate physical controllers to assure the adequate

distribution of the energy power in the local system.

Master Physical Controllers receive the lines of energy current dispatched from the power

center of their local system and efficiently co-ordinate its distribution to the individual

planetary system under their control.

The physical controllers are chiefly occupied in the adjustment of basic energies and among

them the mechanical physical controllers are experts in the manipulation of 21 out of 30

physical energies of space, constituting the power charge of a superuniverse.

Ten of these controllers are presently stationed on Urantia.


The mechanical or non-teachable levels of the elemental pre-mind response to the

surrounding elemental matter and the energy-matter response of the evolutionary organism

to its surrounding environment is the formulation of the Master Physical Controllers.


In May, it was stated in Paper 6, that the physical inorganic matter is forming from the

descending 7-fold electronic current in the 3rd sub-phase of the 3rd space energy “ether”.


Physical ultimaton or the basic ultimate atom of the physical realm, according to the

clairvoyant theosophists, passes through seven subdivisions, before it reaches the stages

of chemical atoms or elements, and their gaseous, liquid, and solid mineral states in the

formation of the physical matter.


The origin and the spatial- terrestrial evolution of the planet Urantia was explained in details

in Part III of the Urantia book.





Life does not appear spontaneously on the planets and in the universe in general.

The Life Carriers must initiate life on barren planets, and they are the carriers, disseminators

and the guardians of life as it appears on the evolutionary worlds of space.


The Life Carriers often carry actual life plasma from their headquarters to a new world,

however in case of Urantia, they have organized life patterns after they have arrived on the

planet and in accordance with the formulas previously approved for a new life establishment

on this planet.


When in accordance with the approved formulas, the physical patterns have been provided,

then the Life Carriers do catalyze this lifeless material, imparting through their persons

the vital spirit spark, and forthwith the inert physical patterns become living matter.

The vital spark, the vital mystery of life, is bestowed through the Life Carriers, not by them.

The Life Carriers do formulate the life plasma and supervise the life spark implantation itself,

but it is the Local Universe Mother Spirit who supplies the essential life spark to the lifeless

cosmic plasma substance that evolves into living physical patterns.


The Local Universe Divine Minister or the Creative Daughter of the Paradise Infinite Spirit

delivers the energy spark which enlivens the body and presages the mind.

The Life Carriers at such times transmit the spark of life and start the required revolutions of

matter in accordance with the physical, chemical and electrical specifications of the ordained

patterns and plans. Therefore, as such, Life Carriers act as living catalytic presences which

agitate, organize, and vitalize the otherwise inert elements of the material order of existence.


Life Carriers of the planetary corps are given a certain period in which to establish life on a

new world, approximately 500,000 years of the time of that planet. At the termination of this

period, indicated by certain developmental attainments of the planetary life, they cease

implantation efforts.

During the ages intervening between life establishment and the emergence of human

creatures of moral status, the Life Carriers are permitted to manipulate the life environment

and otherwise favorably direction  the course of biologic evolution, which they do for long

periods of time.


When the Life Carriers once succeed in producing on a new world a being with will, with the

power of moral decision and spiritual choice to know God and the power of choosing to

worship him, then and there their work is done.

From this point forward the evolution of living beings of free will must proceed in accordance

with the endowment of the inherent nature and tendencies which have been already imparted

to and established in the planetary formulas and patterns.

The Life Carriers are not permitted to interfere with free will of the evolutionary creatures,

and to dominate or arbitrarily influence moral choices of the evolutionary beings.


The Urantia book indicates that the life on earth could not be initiated by Life Carriers before

the climate and the geological changes on the planetary sphere were ready for the initiation

of the evolutionary cycle in order to support the physical progress of life on this planet.


Only after the ocean waters were sufficiently briny, the Life Carriers could project the sodium

chloride pattern of life in its waters. The Urantia type of protoplasm can function only in a

suitable salt-water solution. All Urantia’s ancestral life, vegetable and animal, has evolved in

a salt solution habitat. Today highly organized land animals of this planet, all have the same

essential salt solution, which circulates in their blood streams and freely bathes every tiny

living cell throughout their bodies.


Human primitive ancestors freely circulated about in the salty ocean, and today, this same

ocean-like salty solution freely circulates about in human bodies, bathing each cell with a

chemical liquid, in all essentials comparable to the salt water which has stimulated the first

protoplasmic reactions of the first living cell to function on the planet.


600 million years ago the planetary conditions finally matured on Urantia with favorable

spatial and terrestrial developments, in the physical developments on earth and in the

adjacent space regions, for the support of the initial forms of the marine life and

550 million years ago the Life Carriers were able to plant successfully the original life

patterns for this planet in the hospitable bay waters of the Urantia world.





The adjutant mind-spirits activate and regulate the adaptive mind potentials, non-mechanical

or teachable types of mind, i.e. those capable of learning from experience.


It is the presence of the seven adjutant mind-spirits on the primitive worlds that condition the

course of organic evolution; that explains why the evolution is purposeful and never accidental.


These adjutant spirits represent the function of the mind ministry of the Infinite Spirit which is

extended to the lower orders of intelligent life through the operations of the local universe

Mother Spirit.

The adjutants are the children of the Mother Spirit and constitute her personal ministry to the

material minds of the realm. Wherever and whenever such mind manifests on any world,

it is because of the function of these adjutant spirits.


The seven adjutant mind spirits are called by names of their designated function, such as,



These mind-spirits send forth their influence into all the inhabited worlds as a differential urge,

each seeking receptivity capacity for manifestation quite apart from the degree to which the

other of them function.


The central lodgment of the adjutant spirits is on the Life Carrier headquarters which

provides the Life Carrier supervisors with the information about the extent and quality of the

mind function of the adjutants on any world and in any given living intelligent organism.

These life-mind emplacements are perfect indicators of the living mind function for the first

five adjutants. With regard to the sixth and seventh adjutant spirits, i.e. worship and wisdom,

their central lodgment records only their qualitative function.

Their quantitative activity is registered in the immediate presence of the Divine Minister on

Salvington, being the personal experience of the Local Universe Mother Spirit.


The seven adjutants are more like a subordinate circuits or levels of consciousness of the

Divine Minister, and they always accompany the Life Carriers to a new planet.

As the ministers of the lower levels of experiential minds they are reflection of the order of the

creatures evolutionary attainment, such as:


1.      The spirit of INTUITION- primitive physical reflex instincts.

2.      The spirit of UNDERSTANDING- spontaneous, coordinated association of ideas.

3.      The spirit of COURAGE- intellectual root of moral stamina and spiritual bravery.

4.      The spirit of KNOWLEDGE- useful and progressive path of growth of scientific spirit.

5.      The spirit of COUNSEL- social urge for harmony and cooperation.

6.      The spirit of WORSHIP- the religious impulse, separating the individualized soul of man,

         as the spiritual-ascending candidate, from the animal group soul.

7.      The spirit of WISDOM- inherent tendency of all moral beings toward harmonious and

         orderly coordinated progressive evolutionary advancements.


The 7th spirit adjutant is the highest and the coordinator of the work of all other six adjutants.

It maintains the creature survival effectiveness and ascending progression of all evolutions.


The adjutant mind-spirits are impersonal and they grow experientially.

The first five are involved in the function of the animal evolutionary orders and are essential

to the function of all seven in the human intellect.

This animal relationship makes the adjutants more practically effective as human mind;

hence animals are to a certain extent indispensable to man’s intellectual as well as to his

physical evolution.


These mind-adjutants of a local universe Mother Spirit (of the Holy Spirit) are related to living

evolutionary creature mind-intelligence status as are the power centers and the physical

controllers related to the universe reactive pre-mind space energy-matter forces.


Adjutants perform invaluable service in the mind circuits on the inhabited worlds and work in

collaboration with the Master Physical Controllers, which also serve as the controllers and the

directors of the pre-adjutant mind levels, the levels of the non-teachable or mechanical minds.


Living PRE-MIND, prior to the appearance of its capacity to learn from the interaction with

its environment, is the domain controlled through the Master Physical Controllers ministry.


Creature MIND, before acquiring the ability to recognize divinity and worship Deity, is the

exclusive domain of the adjutant spirits #1 to #5.


With the appearance of the spiritual response of the creatures intellect to the mind-adjutants

#6 and #7, such created minds at once become SUPER-MINDed, being instantly encircuited

in the whole spirit cycles of the local universe Mother Spirit, also known as the “Holy Spirit”.


The adjutant mind- spirits are not, therefore, directly related to the highly spiritual function

of the personal presence of the Divine Minister “Holy Spirit” of the inhabited worlds, but

they are functionally antecedent to, and preparatory for, the appearance of the Holy Spirit

in the evolutionary man. The adjutants, therefore, afford the local Universe Mother Spirit a

varied contact with, and control over, the material living creatures of the local universe.


Mortal NON-SPIRITUAL MIND represents for these reasons non-surviving either a living

mortal spirit-energy manifestation of an “animated body” without immortal candidacy or a

non-living pre-mind physical- energy manifestation.


Human personal mind, not qualified in its mind for translation to morontial soul, apart

from its identification in indwelling Father’s spirit, therefore,  has no immortal survival qualities.

Such evolutionary soul remains mortal until it “earns” its status of immortality through spiritual

perfection of its evolutionary mind. This spiritual perfecting of mortal soul’s mind is achieved

through the process of REINCARNATIONS of its mortal EGO.


Therefore, mind is a divinity bestowal, but it is not immortal when it functions without spiritual

insight and devoid of the spiritual ability to worship God and to crave eternal survival.





Life is both mechanistic and vitalistic, i.e. material and spiritual.


Ever will the Urantia scientists progress in their understanding of the basic forms of life but

never will they be able to produce living organism, because life is different from all energy

manifestations and is not inherent in matter.


Material things may enjoy an independent existence, but life springs only from life.

Spirit takes origin only from its spirit ancestors, therefore, mind can be derived only from

the pre-existent mind.


Humans or other creatures may produce only the “forms of life”, but only a creator personality

or a creative force can supply the activating living spark.


Life Carriers can organize the material forms, or physical patterns of living beings, but only

the Spirit of Universe Mother can provide the initial spark of life and bestowal of the mind

endowment in the living creature.

Even the living forms of experimental life which the Life Carriers initially organize on their

Salvington worlds are always devoid of reproductive powers. When the life formulas and the

vital patterns are correctly assembled and properly organized, the presence of a Life Carrier

is sufficient to initiate life, but all such living organisms are lacking in two essential attributes

- mind endowment and reproductive powers.


Animal mind and human mind are gifts of the local universe Mother Spirit, functioning

through  the seven adjutant mind-spirits, while creature ability to reproduce is the specific

and personal impartation of the Universe Mother Spirit to the ancestral life plasma

inaugurated by the Life Carriers.


When the Life Carriers have organized the energy systems and designed the patterns

of life, then the lifeless forms are vivified through the impartation of the “BREATH OF LIFE”,

the life impulse sent from the local universe Mother’s Spirit life force.


When the bestowed life cycle of the constructed material form is exhausted, then the

“life flame” is withdrawn and the material body becomes again lifeless or “dead” matter.

Therefore, a physical body, as the “visible” form of the associated energy-matter of that

creature, only serves as a transient vehicle for that particular creature life endowment. 


The life bestowed upon plants and animals by the Life Carriers does not return to them upon

the death of PLANT or ANIMAL.The departing life of such a living thing does not yet possess

either the identity or the personality, being only part of the GROUP SOUL, and as such does

not individually survives death. During its group existence and the time of its sojourn in the

physical form or “body” it has undergone a change in the energy evolution of its group soul

and it survives only as a part of these cosmic group forces until its mind evolves sufficiently

to qualify for its individualization from a higher animal into a human form.


HUMAN mortal creature represents the individualized cosmic life force, or INDIVIDUALIZED

SOUL, which needs to “earn” its status as the immortality candidate.This is wholly predicated

upon the sufficient evolution of its mortal mind to begin sufficiently to interact with its

indwelling Paradise Father I AM immortal spirit fragment- the Thought Adjuster.

(The reader should not confuse the phenomena of “after death” mortal soul TRANSITION

from the planetary physical “visible“ realm into higher or ASCENDING, humanly “invisible”

(clairvoyantly visible), evolutionary mortal realms of the 3rd space blanket or “ether”, with the

phenomena of TRANSLATION of the finally ascended mortal soul from the MORTAL

EVOLUTIONARY 3rd space energy realm (#1 sub-ether of # 3 ether),  into the “next above”

IMMORTAL CREATED worlds of the morontial 2nd space energy realms, or # 2 space “ether”).





We often speak of LIFE as “energy” and as “force” but in reality it is neither.

Space force-energy is mass gravity responsive, however, life and its patterns are not.

Life patterns are configurations of energies that have already fulfilled all of its mass gravity

response obligations of life, i.e. “ they have been there and done that before”.

Life, as such, constitutes the animation of some pattern-configured or otherwise segregated

system of energy, in either material, mindal or spiritual realms.

Life flows from Father through Son and to Spirit and from the Infinite Spirit to the local universe

Mother Spirit where it vitalizes the lifeless physical form patterns and imparts through this

physical form plasma the prerogatives necessary for the organism reproduction.


The evolution and differentiation of new souls of the planted planetary life will be discussed

in the upcoming papers.










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