(I AM the Absolute manifest in the Universe)


                                 CEDOMIL VUGRINCIC, M.D., Ph.D.
                                            September 2003
          PAPER 10





Spiritually oriented humanity knows the God the Father, the Paradise First Source and Center, and His dominion over His creation- the universe and the universal life, hence His name- the Universal Father.


Spiritual humanity is also aware of the Paradise Infinite Spirit, of the Conjoint Actor of the Third Source and Center, having the non-space dependent spirit influence over the whole universe and the universal life, hence its name- the Holly Spirit.


In the Group I papers (Papers 1-9), the function of the nether Paradise has been discussed in 

the processing of the universe time-space energies.


In Group I papers it has been also discussed the energy inter-connectivity of the universe.

It has been stated that, in creation of the universe energy phases, each energy sublevel has

been created or has evolved from the next one above, interconnecting the entire Universe. Therefore, changes in one space-energy phase always affect the other phases of the universe.


At the level of superuniverses of time and space (ours is Orvonton, SU # 7), there exist three main floating energy phases, also called space ethers or space blankets.

The first two, the spirit and the morontial phases of time and space, have been constructed and have architectural spheres while the third one was let to develop as the evolutionary material phase of time and space. (See Group I, Paper 6).


The evolutionary worlds evolve in the third phase of the primary space ultimatonic energy (ether) and serve as spatial locations for the spontaneous development of the evolutionary nebular physical offspring, i.e. solar systems and their respective planets. Planets serve as the cradles for the evolution of the ascending individualized mortals, where such evolved humans have potential for the eternal life, after their souls ascension from the planetary realm and their translation into the morontial soul of the eternal destiny.




Non-evolutionary cosmic life is the first cause of all evolutionary planetary life.

It has been already previously stated that the life does not appear spontaneously in

the universe. Life patterns are configurations of the energies that have already fulfilled

all of their mass-gravity response of life, they are life energy “blueprints”.

Life as such constitutes the animation of some pattern, configured or otherwise segregated

system of energy in universe- either spiritual, morontial or physical.


Life blueprints flow from the Paradise Father (the First Source and Center), through His Son

(the Second Source and Center), though the Infinite Spirit of Wholeness of the Conjoint Actor

(the Third Source and Center), and then through the local universe Divine Creator Mother’s

Spirit where they vitalize the lifeless physical form patterns and impart to the activated cosmic

life plasma (via Life Carriers) the prerogatives necessary for the organism reproduction.

COSMOS  is, therefore, the cause (COSa NOStra, our cause) of the whole universe life- the UNIVERSALIZATION ( UNIVERSe reALIZATION) of the whole (“Holly”) universe life

(UNI-VERSE, unified verse of life) where the Trinity Spirits of Paradise are wholly realized in their nether Paradise energy- matter creation of time-space Grand universe.


Paradise Godheads (Spirit Trinity) have the dominion over the entire universe creation.

Similarly, the individualized men-souls have dominion over the evolutionary planetary life.





God the Universe Father, of the First Source and Center, is the initial creator and the originator of everything that we know and understand to be the Grand Universe and beyond.

The upper Paradise Spirit Absolutes (Higher Paradise Absolute Self) polarity in relationship to its mirror image (enantiomorphic) nether Paradise Absolute counterparts (Lower Paradise Absolute Self) has been presented in Picture 1.




    Picture 1. Cosmic Tai-Chi interchange between Upper Paradise (Spirit action-Alpha)

                    and Nether Paradise Absolutes (“Matter” reaction-Omega) (2,modif.)


The same general polarity principle applies to the relationship between spirit dominance over the energy-matter of the time space universes (Picture 2).




                 Picture 2. Alpha-Omega Male-Female Cosmic Interchange (3,modif.)


Upper and nether Paradise Absolutes represent the Paradise Universal Absolute God or

The Universal I AM Presence.

The Universal I AM presence has within itself three Spirit Higher Self Centers (God the Father, the Eternal Son, and the Conjoint Actor of Infinite Spirit) as the three Spirit Deity Aspects- The Godheads; the Paradise Isle, the “heart” nexus of the Paradise Absolute Spirits and three nether Paradise  Absolutes centers; and three reactive force Lower Self Centers as three Almighty Nether Paradise Aspects where the primary space potentials are transformed into space force, the precursor of the primary space energies of the time-space universe.






        Picture 3. Upper Paradise Spirit Trinity, Paradise Isle and the Nether Paradise

        Almighty Trinity Absolutes of the Universal Absolute I AM GOD’s Presence


(Paradise is of the discoid shape, however here, for the practical purposes is shown as round. The colors chosen to represent the Paradise Absolute centers, for the practical purposes are shown as the colors of human chakras (the body energy wheels).



Paradise Spirit Deities and their reactive nether Paradise Almighties are internally encircuited polarities, functioning conjointly as the androgynous beings.

They are conjoint MALE-FEMALE polarities, individualized and yet co-equally INTERNALLY functionally “married” by the absolute cosmic cohesive force of LOVE.


The Sacred Energy Xchange (SEX), is the eternal-infinite (absolute) process between two opposite encircuited Deity polarities, exchanging between themselves the highest existing absolute force, the force of LOVE, in their absolute (eternal and infinite) marriage.

Internal co-creative and pro-creative function joining the two in co-equal “marriage”, unifying two opposite absolute polarities thus constitutes the androgynous person of God. The cohesive force of LOVE between two Deities of opposite polarities is sustaining their internal functional “marriage” relationship and through the Universal Absolute I AM Presence altogether their entire universe creation.


Marriages between evolutionary human male and female polarities are on the other hand the EXTERNAL life time moral commitments, since humans are not internally encircuited by love force. Human solar marriages, through external sex differentiation, are made to function in the “image” of the internal Deity functional marriage, in human encircuiting by love force.


The spiritual-religious meaning of human MARRIAGE between the man ( MALE polarity) and the woman (WOmb-MAN; FEMALE polarity), is therefore the lifetime commitment between two sex-opposite human polarities, marrying these two souls in co-equal lifetime partnership in the “image” of the Paradise eternal (forever) “marriage” between the Absolute Male and Female God polarities.

Human marriage between two opposite polarities, the male and female, is therefore  meant to sustain such Father- Mother family union during their human lifetime existence.

Without true love, the co-equality, co-creativity and pro-creativity of such lifetime partnerships between the man and woman, the father- mother polarities of such external family unions would be hardly sustainable, because such external unities are meant to be in reality lifetime internal spiritual man-woman love-unions made “in the image of God”.


The cohesive spiritual sacred energy exchange of love force (sex), meant to sustain family internal and external union in human procreation, today is interpreted by many

only as the physical attraction between two human beings.

The lack of human understanding and lack of human will to follow these Gods spiritual principles has led many backwards to function only on principles of their biological instincts of animalistic nature (animal magnetism) which are still very deeply rooted within human evolutionary nature.


Evolutionary humans, willing to follow Gods ways to Paradise, understand that the alternatives to TRUE MARRIAGE between male and female polarities are the perversions of Gods true polarity principles, the perversions of the universe pro-creative mechanisms and processes, not acceptable in Gods eyes, since they corrupt the entire relationships and mechanisms of God created universe.





This paper analyses the polarity principles between Paradise male-female Absolutes

within the Universal Absolute I AM Presence, and the function of the cohesive Love force unifying internally their opposite polarities in the eternal and infinite functional “marriage”  being manifested as their co-creative function through the entire macrocosmic universe.


The same macroscopic principles of the universe creation are, therefore, applicable through the universe inter-connectivity of all universe energy phases ( universe wholeness), also to all evolutionary worlds and their microscopic polarity natures. 


From cosmic perspective, for these reasons, there are no alternatives to true marriage between two opposite male-female polarities, the family love cohesiveness and the purity of male-female pro-creative spiritual and material sacred energy exchanges (sex).


These underlying universe mechanisms need to be well understood and practiced by all

souls willing to follow Gods way to Paradise.










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