Cosmos and Physical Ultimaton


                                CEDOMIL VUGRINCIC, M.D., Ph.D.
                                               October 2003
          PAPER 11





It was stated in previous papers that the physical life on Urantia was originated about

550 million years ago from the physical matter, which has its origin in the Paradise primary space force energies of Grand universe.





Paradise “Cosmic Egg”, with its outgoing and incoming Grand Universe energies, has

the appearance of the revolving cosmic “hub and seven spoked” wheel.









             Picture 1. Grand Universe Space Force Energy “7-spoked wheel”


Space force energies appear through the reactive nether Paradise Absolutes and are “matter” forming in the universes of time and space  and therefore their name “ Mother’s or Omega energies” ( in comparison with the upper Paradise spirit Godheads Alpha energies initiated from the Absolute First Source and Center of the Universal Father, therefore also called “Father’s energies” ).

While the manifestations of the upper Paradise spirit energies in the superuniverses of time and space are not “visible” to evolutionary beings of time and space and could only be experienced, the manifestation of the nether Paradise space force “Mother’s energies” are visible to humans as energy-matter forms of their realm of existence.

Spirit (Father’s)and matter (Mother’s) space energies co-exist in mirror image or enantiomeric relationship in their action-reaction conjoint universe manifestations.

Spirit is always creative “illuminating”, therefore active and dominant partner, while matter space-force energies of form are consciously reactive to spirit stimulus, as passive and non-dominant partner, representing the Yang and Yin forces of “Light and Life”. (Picture 2)




                Picture 2. Alpha (Yang) and Omega (Yin) of Paradise Absolutes (3, modif.)


The relationship between the spirit and matter can be also presented by defining the upper Paradise Spirit energy (Alpha) as the positive or clockwise polarity and the nether Paradise time and space matter-energy (Omega) as the negative or counterclockwise polarity.(Picture 3)


                                           (3, modif.)





                  Picture 3. T’ai Chi Yang (Alpha) – Yin (Omega) Absolute polarities


It is important to remember that the outgoing and the incoming Paradise spirit and space

force energies can return back to their absolute sources only as the absolutely qualified spirit active-space energy reactive equilibriums, i.e. outgoing Paradise spirit blueprint energies of life must be absolutely realized in the returning differentiated space-energy forms.


Similar equilibriums exist at each nexus or end-point between the outgoing and incoming spirit and space-force energy, and also as separate respective nexuses between the outgoing and incoming spirit energy and differentiated space energy changing direction, charge and polarity in the energy manifestations in the superuniverses of time and space.


The “end”-points of equilibriums between outgoing and incoming respective spirit and space-force energies and their exchanges at their nexuses, in the creation-evolution of the living universe mind, are also known as a “zero” or “null” points of stillness in tension between the two.


The second law of thermodynamics speaks about the preservation or equilibrium between energy and matter in the time and space universe, however from the above statement it is clear that the above law has to be expanded beyond its limitations of time and space, and be accepted as the universal law of preservation of absolute harmony between Paradise Alpha-Omega Absolutes.


The absolute harmony of the Alpha-Omega outgoing and the incoming polarities is the underlying law behind the karmic force of recompense, the law maintaining the absolute equilibrium between the spirit energy action and space-force energy-matter reaction in the creation and evolution of

the universe life all the way down to the planetary levels of time and space.





The ultimatons are the primary measurable energy units of the Paradise space force energies, which are processed from the superuniverse headquarters of time and space to the planetary levels by the superuniverse Power Centers and their associates.


Sevenfold ultimatonic energies are decelerated from the superuniverse headquarters

“down” through three major spiritual sectors of time and space into three major morontial divisions of energy-matter sectors each consisting of seven phases of electronic energies, and then further “down” into three major sectors of physical matter each again consisting of seven phases of physical ultimatonic (PUMA) energies.(Paper 6)


Superuniverse ultimatons are therefore the elemental superuniverse energy units used by Power Centers in the formation of morontial electronic energy units, and electrons are used to form the physical energy units, superuniverse ultimatons being within electrons and electrons within physical UMA’s (or PUMA’s), separated only by their cosmic frequency intervals.


At the level of the physical energy realm, the physical ultimate atom or physical ultimaton, is further manipulated by the Physical Energy Controllers into seven major recombinant aggregates with the final result being the formation of the physical chemical atoms or the elements of the physical matter.


Physical chemical elements, are the principal energy units of the inorganic and organic evolutionary worlds. They are the “building blocks” of the evolutionary inorganic physical non-life forms having only mechanical or non-teachable consciousness, and the organic life, i.e. evolving living forms, having teachable minds with potential for mind expansion.

(see June’s Paper 7)


In the “Occult Chemistry” (2) the theosophical clairvoyants have described the physical ultimaton (PUMA) as following:


 “As the words “ultimate physical atom” must frequently occur, it is necessary to state what we (authors, theosophists) mean by the phrase. Any gaseous chemical atom may be dissociated into less complicated bodies; these, again, into still less complicated; these, again, into yet still less complicated... After the third dissociation but one more is possible; the fourth dissociation gives the ultimate physical atom. This may vanish from the physical plane, but it can undergo no further dissociation on it.


In this ultimate state of physical matter two types of atoms have been observed; they are

alike in everything save the direction of their whorls and of the force which pours through them. In the one case force pours in from the “outside”, from fourth-dimensional space or

the astral plane, and passing through the atom, pours into the physical world. In the second, it pours in from the physical world, and out through the atom into the “outside”

again, i.e. vanishes from the physical world. The one is like a spring, from which the water bubbles out; the other is like a hole, into which water disappears.


We call the atoms from which force comes out POSITIVE or MALE; those through which it disappears, NEGATIVE or FEMALE. All atoms, so far as observed, are of one or other of these two forms”.( Picture 4 – Physical ultimatons, PUMA’s)          






Picture 4. Male (Positive; Clockwise) and Female (Negative, Counter-clockwise) PUMA’s


An electric current brought to bear upon atoms checks their proper motions, i.e. renders

them slower; the atoms exposed to it arrange themselves in parallel lines, and in each

line the heart-shaped depression receives the flow, which passes out through the apex into the depression of the next, and so on. The atoms always set themselves to the current. The well-known division of diamagnetic and paramagnetic patterns depends generally on this fact, or on

an analogous action on molecules”. (Picture 5)


                                        Diamagnetic                               Paramagnetic



                Picture 5. Physical ultimatons (PUMA’s) in the electric/magnetic field






The spirit, mind and energy of the Absolute Universal Being is the unifying Divine Wholeness behind all manifestations of universal life through an innate association and exchange between Grand Universe spirit and space cosmic energies.


The upper Paradise spirit of Godheads unifies all spirit-light realizations (enlightenments), while the nether Paradise space-force energy unifies all cosmic space force energy life reactive conscious manifestations in Grand Universe.


Paradise Trinity Absolutes and their Paradise created beings are androgynous while the other beings created or evolved in the superuniverses of time and space are not.


In the manifestations of the evolutionary worlds of time and space exist two different types of physical ultimate atoms- MALE and FEMALE physical ultimatons or PUMA’s, and their significance, relative to the evolution of the planetary life in the superuniverses of time and space will be discussed in the upcoming papers.








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