The Universe and Physical Ultimaton


                                CEDOMIL VUGRINCIC, M.D., Ph.D.
                                             November 2003
          PAPER 12




From the planetary perspective, the planetary physicists and chemists are trying to understand better the inorganic (in-organic) elements, but secular scientists will never be able to explain alone, without spiritual insights, either creation of universe life or the evolution of physical life out of the primeval protoplasms of the early seas.





The presence of the Paradise Absolutes is reflected in absoluton, the Paradise atom.

Absolutons, in universe inter-connectivity, are behind Havona atoms, and those are behind Grand superuniverse ultimatons of time and space. Ultimatons are behind morontial electrons, electrons behind the physical ultimate atom of man’ s seven planetary realms and these are behind the PUMA’s of man’s physical realm.

PUMA’s are behind the chemical atoms of inorganic and organic molecules of non-living and living nature.


PUMA’s are therefore, through cosmic time-space intervals, the microcosmic energy manifestations and extensions of the Paradise Absolutes reflected in Paradise Absolutons, which out-picture Paradise architectural presence all the way down to the physical worlds.


Therefore, better understanding of the Universal I AM Absolutes will help us to better

understand PUMA’s of physical realms and vice versa, better understanding of the MICROCOSMic PUMA’s structure and the manifestation of their lines of forces, will enable us to understand better the structures and manifestations of Paradise Absolutes of the Universal Absolute I AM Presence of the universe MACROCOSM.





In Paper 10 the anatomy of the Paradise Universal I AM presence, and its relationship to the macro- and micro-universe, has been discussed. It has been stated that the same Paradise principles, because of the universe inter-connectivity, are applicable to all phases of the universe including PUMA’s of the evolutionary worlds.


The Paradise absolutonic action- reaction forces are therefore visible in the macroscopic and microscopic universe through the extensions of their absolutonic lines of forces.




                   Male I AM forces                              Female I AM forces


                                                           Picture 1.





In Paper 11 the description of two ultimate states of the physical matter, i.e. two types of physical atomic structures, were described by clairvoyant theosophists.

A.Bessant and C.W.Leadbeater have clairvoyantly detected two types of PUMA’s, structurally existing as the enantiomorphic forms or mirror image of each other:


 …” (Physical ultimate) Atom is sphere, slightly flattened, and there is a depression at the point where the force flows in, causing a heart-like form. Each atom is surrounded by a field, formed of the atoms of the four higher planes, which surround and interpenetrate it.

The atom can scarcely be said to be a “thing”, though it is material out of which all things physical are composed. It is formed by the flow of the life-force (energy) and vanishes with its ebb…

…atom cannot be said to have a wall of its own…..; its “wall” is pressed back “space”…

making to itself a whirling wall of this (undifferentiated) matter of this matter (plane).

The wall belongs to space, not to the atom.

The atom has…three proper (independent) motions of its own.

It turns incessantly upon its own axis, has a regular pulsation (contraction and expansion),

and has up and down wobble gyrations.

If it is made to vibrate as a whole…it will give one of the seven colors (at its frequency)”.

 “As the words “ultimate physical atom” must frequently occur, it is necessary to state what we (authors, theosophists) mean by the phrase. Any gaseous chemical atom may be dissociated into less complicated bodies; these, again, into still less complicated; these, again, into yet still less complicated... After the third dissociation but one more is possible; the fourth dissociation gives the ultimate physical atom. This may vanish from the physical plane, but it can undergo no further dissociation on it.


In this ultimate state of physical matter two types of atoms have been observed; they are

alike in everything save the direction of their whorls and of the force which pours through them. In the one case force pours in from the “outside”, from fourth-dimensional space or

the astral plane, and passing through the atom, pours into the physical world. In the second, it pours in from the physical world, and out through the atom into the “outside”

again, i.e. vanishes from the physical world. The one is like a spring, from which the water bubbles out; the other is like a hole, into which water disappears.


We call the atoms from which force comes out POSITIVE or MALE; those through which it disappears, NEGATIVE or FEMALE. All atoms, so far as observed, are of one or other of these two forms”.( Picture 2 – Physical ultimatons, PUMA’s)          






Picture 2. Male (Positive; Clockwise) and Female (Negative, Counter-clockwise) PUMA’s


- In “MALE” type the energy currents flow in from the flattened top and exit at the

  pointed end in a CLOCKWISE (CW) direction.

Incoming currents are of alpha (CW) type and therefore represent positive or dominant

polarity currents within male type PUMA .

Outgoing counterclockwise (CCW) currents within male PUMA are of omega type and

they represent negative, non-dominant polarity currents in a male type PUMA.


- In “FEMALE” type the energy currents flow in from the pointed end and exit at the

flattened top in a COUNTERCLOCKWISE (CCW) direction.

Incoming currents are of the omega (CCW) type and they represent positive or

dominant polarity currents within this female enantiomorphic (mirror image) PUMA.

Clockwise (CW) currents within female type PUMA are of non-dominant alpha type

and they represent negative, non-dominant polarity currents in a female type PUMA.






                   Picture 3.  ”Male” and “Female” type PUMA’ s energy currents


Two types of PUMA’s have each three types of detected motion:


-          spinning (of the whole PUMA form about its central axis),

-          pulsations (with periodic expansion and contraction of the outer spirals),

-          precessional circling rotation of the axis in a wobble “spinning top” style.


Various aggregations of PUMA’s make the chemical atoms of the physical worlds and

physical chemical elements, are the principal energy units of the inorganic and organic

planetary matter.

Physical atoms are the “building blocks” of the evolutionary inorganic physical non-life

forms and have only mechanical or non-teachable consciousness, while the organic life,

in the evolving living forms has teachable mind with potential for its expansion.





Through the universe inter-connectivity, the structure and lines of forces of absolutons appear reflected within the PUMA’s energy structure as presented in Picture 4 (Pictures 1 and 2).






                 PUMA’s Male (Musculine)             PUMA’s Female (Feminine)


                                                              Picture 4.


In the future papers the basic energy currents of male and female PUMA’s and their

significance relative to the evolution of the organic planetary life will be discussed.





Through the universe inter-connectivity the Paradise presence is reflected within PUMA’s,

the ultimate atom of physical inorganic matter and organic planetary life.


Better understanding of the Paradise Universal I AM Absolute presence will help in better understanding of  the physical worlds and planetary life, and vice versa, better understanding

of the energy forces of the ultimate atoms of the physical worlds or PUMA’s will help in better understanding of the mechanisms of Paradise I AM Absolute.





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