PUMA and Physical Life Formulation


                                CEDOMIL VUGRINCIC, M.D., Ph.D.
                                             December 2003
          PAPER 13




The elementary forms of physical matter are called the physical ultimatons or PUMAs.

PUMAs are fundamental, indivisible constituents of physical chemical atoms with very

defined inner structure.

To clairvoyant theosophists PUMAs appeared as the “points of light” consisting of ten channels of energy currents flowing in a separate, closed continuous curves.

The paths taken by these currents spiral down over the surface of a sphere, making

two and half revolutions, and return to the top of the sphere in an inner spiral about the central axis. Three of the whorls appear to be “thicker” and “brighter” than the other seven. The top of the PUMAs are open and slightly depressed inwards, giving it a “heart-shaped” outline. (1)


A.Bessant and C.W.Leadbeater have clairvoyantly detected two types of PUMA’s, structurally existing as the enantiomorphic forms or mirror image of each other:


- “MALE” type, in which energy currents flow in from the flattened top and exit at

the pointed end in a CLOCKWISE (CW) direction.

Incoming currents are of alpha (CW) type and therefore represent positive or dominant

polarity currents within male type PUMA .

Outgoing counterclockwise (CCW) currents within male PUMA are of omega type and

they represent negative, non-dominant polarity currents in a male type PUMA.


- “FEMALE” type, in which energy currents flow in from the pointed end and exit at the

flattened top in a COUNTERCLOCKWISE (CCW) direction.

Incoming currents are of the omega (CCW) type and they represent positive or

dominant polarity currents within this female enantiomorphic (mirror image) PUMA.

Clockwise (CW) currents within female type PUMA are of non-dominant alpha type

and they represent negative, non-dominant polarity currents in a female type PUMA.




                     Picture 1.  ”Male” and “Female” type PUMAs energy currents


Various aggregations of PUMAs make the chemical atoms of the physical worlds and

physical chemical elements, are the principal energy units of the inorganic and organic planetary matter.

Physical atoms as the “building blocks” of the evolutionary inorganic physical non-life forms have only mechanical or non-teachable consciousness, while the organic life, i.e. evolving living forms have teachable mind with potential for its expansion.


In the formulation of the teachable pre-mind planetary life, the Physical Controllers work in conjunction with the life-impartation ministry of the Seven Master Spirits through the

adjutant mind spirits of the local universe Mother Spirit, and the active ministration of the

ordained planetary Life Carriers.


As the result of this threefold co-ordinate creative function the organic life on the inhabited worlds evolves with the organism capacity for mind, i.e. mechanisms for intelligent reaction to the external environmental stimuli, and later on, to the internal spiritual influences.


Pre-intelligent primordial organisms react only to environmental stimuli, but more intelligent mind organisms, reactive to adjutant spirit mind ministry and as well to the external stimuli, can adjust and manipulate environment itself.




Life does not appear on the barren physical worlds spontaneously.

Life planetary patterns are studied and developed on headquarters worlds of the morontia local universes of their Creator Sons (Christ Michael, representing God the Father, in Nebadon worlds for Urantians), and these life plasma patterns are than used by the Life Carriers to initiate life in the inorganic environment of the “life ready” evolutionary planet.

Life Carriers are, therefore, the carriers and disseminators of planetary life and also its guardians once it appears on the evolutionary worlds of time and space, and for these reasons the origin and nature of LCs will be explored here in more details.




Life carriers are distinct type of universe Sons, being the only group of intelligent life in a local universe in whose creation the rulers of a superuniverse also participate.


Life Carriers worlds are located in the fourth group of seven primary architectural spheres

in the Salvington circuit and on this worlds universe life is studied and planned, creatures minds are studied and correlated with their physical and spirit life associated with their living forms and organisms.


There are some very important points to remember with the presence of Life Carriers worlds.


Life Carrier’s (LC’s) world # 1 is the headquarter sphere which together with its six satellites is devoted to the study of all phases of manifestation of universal life.

On this sphere seven central emplacements of the adjutant mind-spirits are situated.


On the world #1 the universe life manifestation is studied and planned according to the following:


- The number ten, the decimal system (Greek. deka =10), is inherent in the energy-matter of

   the time-space universe but not in the Paradise spiritual universe.

- The spiritual domain of life is characterized by three (3), seven (7) and twelve (12) or by

   multiples and combinations of these basic numbers.


There are three (3) primal and essentially different life plan manifestations, after the order of the three Paradise Sources and Centers, and in the local universe of Nebadon these three basic

life forms are segregated on three different types of planets.


There are seven (7) architectural types of life design, fundamental arrangements of the reproducing configurations of living matter.


Originally there were twelve (12) distinct and divine concepts of transmissible life, and

this number twelve, with its subdivisions and multiples, runs throughout all basic life patterns

of all seven superuniverses.


The Orvonton life patterns are configured as twelve (12) inheritance carriers.

The differing orders of will creatures are configured as 12, 24, 48, 96, 192, 394 and 768.

On planet Urantia there are forty-eight (48) units of pattern control-trait determiners in the sex cells of physical human reproduction.


Life Carrier’s (LC’s) world # 2 is the life designing sphere; here are all new modes of life organization worked out.


There are over one million (106) fundamental or cosmic chemical formulas which constitute the parent patterns and the numerous basic functional variations of physical life manifestations.

Planetary life, therefore, while similar in some aspects, differs on each evolutionary world.


Satellite #1, of Life Carrier’s (LC’s) # 2 worlds group, essential units of energy are captured, organized, manipulated and employed, by the universe physicists and electrochemists, in building up the material vehicles of physical life transmission - so called GERM PLASM.

(Dictionary; GERM- Biol. A small organic structure from which a new organism may develop; PLASMA – Latin- image; Greek- mold, “anything formed or molded”; Physics- electronic conducting medium consisting of electrically neutral particles maintaining neutral electro-magnetic plasma field; Physiology- Communicating portion of blood fluid in which blood cells and other blood components are suspended).


On satellite # 2, of LC’s # 2, the life-planning laboratories are situated. Here the life formulas are modified and improved for implementation on the decimal planets of Nebadon. 

The life now evolving on Urantia was planned and partially worked out on this world, for

Urantia is a decimal planet, a life-experiment world. On one (experimental) world in each ten

a greater variance in standard deviation of life designs is permitted than on the other nine

(non-experimental) worlds.


LC’s world # 3 is devoted to conservation of life. Here various modes of life protection and preservation are studied and developed.

On evolutionary planets, such as Urantia, the highest form of life (human), is reproduced by a

life-carrying cosmic “germ plasma” bundle which possess twenty-four (24) pattern units.

Since the intellectual life grows out of, and upon the foundation of the physical, there come into existence the four and twenty (24) basic orders of physical psychic (soul) organization.


LC’s world # 4 and its tributary satellites are devoted to the study of the evolution of creature

life in general and to the evolutionary antecedents of any one life level in particular.

The original life plasma of an evolutionary world must contain the full potential for all future developmental variations and for all subsequent evolutionary changes and modifications. The provision for such far-reaching projects of life metamorphosis may require the appearance of many apparently useless forms of animal and vegetable life form manifestations.

Such by-products of planetary evolution, foreseen or unforeseen, appear upon the stage of action only to disappear, but in and through all this long process there runs the thread of the wise and intelligent formulations of the original designers of the planetary life plan and species scheme.

The manifold by-products of biologic evolution are all essential to the final and full function of the higher intelligent forms of life, notwithstanding that great outward disharmony may prevail from time to time in the long upward struggle of the higher creatures to effect the mastery of the lower forms of life, many of which are sometimes so antagonistic to the peace and comfort of the evolving will creatures.


LC’s world # 5 is concerned wholly with life associated with mind. Each of its satellites is devoted to the study of a single phase of creature mind correlated with creature life.

Mind, such as man comprehends, is an endowment of the seven adjutant mind-spirit agencies of

the Infinite Spirit superimposed upon the non-teachable/ mechanical levels of reactive pre-minds.

The life patterns are variously responsive to these adjutants and to the different spirit ministries operating throughout the universe of time and space.

The capacity of material creature to effect spirit response is entirely dependent on the associated mind endowment, which in turn, has directed the course of the biologic evolution of these same mortal creatures.


LC’s world # 6 is dedicated to the correlation of mind with spirit as they are associated with

living forms, organisms and creature co-ordination.


LC’s world # 7 is dedicated to the unrevealed domains of evolutionary creature life as it is

related to the cosmic philosophy of the expanding fact realization of the Supreme Being of the universal time and space in the Grand Universe.





The prerequisites for the life appearance on any barren planet are the existence of the  pre-mindal inorganic physical elements organized from PUMAs by the Physical Controllers, which work in conjunction with the active life ministration of the ordained Life Carriers and the mind impartation ministry of seven adjutant mind spirits of Holy Spirit of the local universe Divine Minister, the daughter of the Infinite Spirit of Paradise Conjoint Actor of the 3rd Source and Center.


It is the integrated function of the Physical Controllers, Life Carriers and the adjutant mind spirits that has conditioned the organic life evolution on barren planets and the purposeful course of the planetary life procreation.

This is certainly contrary statement to the postulated theory of the secular science about the “accidental” Big-Bang evolution of planetary life in the universe, bending the entire purposeful existence of the universe creation and evolution of life to secular materialistic reasons and purposes.








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