CEDOMIL VUGRINCIC, M.D., Ph.D.
                                                March 2012                                             



“The Word of God is Love. The enactment of the Word of God is service to your brothers

and sisters. Truly, if the Word of God is actively resident within your life, the Fruits of Spirit

are being produced in your life through the Service of Love.”


                                                                                                                Solonia, tml 5/2004




                      SOLAR MULTI-DIMENSIONALITIES – The Human Vortex



The history of developmental biology uses imaginative thinking and experimental designs to explain the composition of billions of cells with different structures functioning and developing in an orderly progression.

The molecular genetics has itself added more to the theories of the embryonic development.

Today, it is generally accepted that the beginning of a human life begins with fertilization, the union of mother’s egg and father’s sperm each carrying haploid number of chromosomes (Pictures 1A,B). The union initiates a series of events that convert a single zygote, now chromosomally diploid cell, into a new living organism.

After fertilization, zygote undergoes multiple rounds of divisions (mitosis), eventually producing many small cells which converts egg zygote into a ball (blastula) composed of several hundred and eventually a billions of cells with different structures which function and evolve in an orderly fashion.

       P1A       P1B

One can now ask - how can just a simple union of egg and sperm into zygote explain initiation of a new life which evolves in such an orderly progression.

The answer here is that the new life begins with a central PUMA initiation by Nebadonia’s life spark after the union of a sperm and egg into a zygote when haploid number of egg and sperm chromosomes are deposited within the cell nucleus.

It was previously stated in Papers that PUMAs (Physical UltMate Atoms) are the elemental vortex energy particles involved in the formation of all inorganic and organic matter and that it was the central PUMA (of the initiated electro-chemical vortex circuit in the sea water) through which the planetary life was originally initiated on this planet Urantia.

The life on this planet was initiated by an energy impulse that has initiated a central PUMA “mind-birth” as described below:

A) Life impulse - In the April’s Paper #89 it was stated that the Puma vortexes are the basic vortex energy constituents of the physical elements, i.e. the chemical atoms, and that these elements or atoms represent the inorganic elemental matter which then subsequently participates in the formation of the organic matter of the living organisms. (Hence the name in-organic). 

The Life Carriers (LCs) have initiated the electro-chemical germinating vortex spindle circuits at the three ocean bay locales into which the sympathetic 1st to 2nd chakra bridging energy frequency “life spark/impulse” have been initiated by Mikaela’s (Nebadonia’s)   through the Life Carriers as the conduits of these impulses. (1)

The Life Carrier initiated vortex energy spindle was of the Male PUMA vortex 24 hour 15º cosmic clock pattern into which the “spark of life” was introduced and the evolution of the organic life was i(g)nitiated (ignition realized). From this first Male PUMA vortex (Adamic Father) type and its progenitor sub-units the other Male and Female PUMA vortex pro-genetic patterns have been born. (There is a biblical saying that the Eve was born from the Adam’s rib).

The LC’s Urantia life concept projection into the three ocean bay waters was of the MALE PUMA vortex 24 hours cosmic clock circuit projection. (see Paper 89 - “The  Male PUMA vortex down-ward N-S axial CHARGE action with CW spin is the Male dominant  CHARGE-POLARITY… “ (Pictures 2 A-C)

 2A   à 2B   2C


The Nebadonia’s 2nd chakra sympathetic“spark of life/impulse” has “opened the door” for the Nebadonia’s 2nd Adjutant Mind Spirit (AMS) teachable circuit to begin interacting with the already active 1st non-teachable mechanical AMS 1st chakra circuit (allowing the mechanical non-teachable circuit of 1st AMS of the local universe electro-magnetic N-S and E-W inherent sense of Intuition to begin interacting with the 2nd  AMS of Understanding) in the process of the evolution and propagation of the planetary mind (a-mind/e-m ind/electro-magnetic induction) up-ward along the spinal chakras of these primordial vortex energy spindles.

As stated in the Q’A Paper # 82, the Life Carriers have been since these evolutionary beginnings projecting and guarding the designed life energy patterns of these germinating primordial vortex energy spindles via their PUMA type vortex nuclear heart center equatorial plane and its cosmic clock twenty-four (24) lines of energy pattern distribution. It is that these 24 vibrational lines of force of the cosmic clock equatorial plane have begun to precipitate the “double helix” chromosomal matter.

B) Birth Life Line - Since the evolutionary beginnings the planetary life was/is initiated by and through the central PUMA vortex it will be important to examine the underlying PUMA vortex mechanisms involved in this process. (Pictures 3 & 4)

                      P3    P4   

As presented in P2 the PUMA vortex consists of “from within ßà to without” (multi-dimensional) sub-vortices. (see also previous Papers)

In each PUMA vortex there are recognizable two interfering, above and below, enantiomeric vortex sub-units forming in between the equatorial plane (Picture 4) where the energy characteristics of their lines of force are projected down onto the cosmic clock (cc) hemispheric interference disc (HID)/equatorial plane. (Pictures 5-9) 

         P5 P6P7


   P8     P9                                                            


The main Male and Female equatorial interference disc, formed by the two interfering (upper and lower) vortexes, do carry their (upper and lower vortex) characteristics and genergetic patterns of their 24 upper and 24 lower enantiomeric (mirror image) vortex equatorial disc lines of force mater-realize in-between themselves the 24 enantiomeric intertwined (double helix) pairs of chromosomes. (Picture 10)

                                Male                                     Female

                                  00                                           00(12)




                                   12                                           12 (00)

  Picture 10. Vortex upper and lower 24 interfering HID lines of force

The equatorial 00/12 line on the central interference disc, upon the initiation of organic PUMA life by the Mikaela’s (Nebadonia’s) spark through the Life Carrier, is considered to be this PUMA vortex life “initiation” or “birth” line. (Think of a new day 00/12 or a new calendar year 00/06 “birth” line)

Any newborn creature has its own birth line on the cosmic clock equatorial disc, i.e. each central PUMA has different ”00-12 initiation/birth” line frequency and different initiatory “spark” frequency is required to initiate each new life’s birth line on the central PUMA rotating equatorial disc. (The topic of “choice” of which vortex birth-line, i.e. new life, will be initiated is the spiritual decision which will be discussed in later posts.)

The conception (“conception” = concept realization) consists of initiatory spark and spiritual stimulation of the cosmic clock lines of force from which the 22 + y,x chromosomes eventually mater-realize.

The “00-12 initiation” line has the first exposure of the new PUMA organism to the Nebadonia’s life spark and the 2nd Adjutant Mind Spirit stimulation, and the cosmic physical energies, and therefore signals the “birth of a new mind”, i.e. birth of a newly born evolutionary ascending creature.

The “00-12 initiation” line (birth line) is also the y,x chromosomal gender line and is the (Male or Female) sex determinant of this new organism depending upon the Male or Female “gender type” of its original central PUMA vortex.


In recapitulation, the new central PUMA life and its mind are initiated by  Mikaela’s (Nebadonia’s) “spark of life” transmitted via the Life Carriers (LCs) activating the central PUMA vortex 2nd chakra of the newly birthed central PUMA which opens this newly birthed PUMA life to Nebadonia’s Adjutant Mind Spirits (AMSs) stimulation in its mind and body ascending evolution. (see also previous Papers on this subject)

After the “initiation” of life by the Nebadonia’s “life spark” the life impulse begins its journey from its initial “00 birth line” loop around projecting its interfering patterns between the upper and lower hemispheric vortex sub-units onto the hemispheric equatorial interference plane thus beginning to gradually evolve the mind and body of a new evolutionary creature.

Central PUMA vortex serves therefore not only as the initiator of a new life but is also the initial determinant of a gender of a new human life based on “inner arrangement” of its (upper and lower) sub-units within.

Once a new zygote life is initiated (through the nuclear central PUMA) the cell undergoes an orderly progression through the cells aggregation, organization and systematization resulting in a fetal growth and its mind evolution.



”Let us behold the Light, that through the forgiveness, finds its way into the great darkness

of this world. Perceive the Light in all your brothers and sisters by fully forgiving each other,

because it is only then that you will see their Light, know the higher Truth, and achieve the

happiness of Brotherhood.”

                                                                                   Michael of Nebadon, tml 5/2004