CEDOMIL VUGRINCIC, M.D., Ph.D.
                                                July 2014                                            



 “The Word of God is Love. The enactment of the Word of God is service to your brothers

and sisters. Truly, if the Word of God is actively resident within your life, the Fruits of Spirit

are being produced in your life through the Service of Love.”

                                                                                                                Solonia, tml 5/2004





In the past several Papers was stated that planet Urantia, as the Andronover nebulaàMonmatia sunà planetary offspring, has a terminal destiny.

The Andronover nebula underwent its terminal breakup about 6 billion years ago after its quartan final stage during which the earth’s sun Monmatia was born. Monmatia sun was #1,013,572nd out of total of #1,013,628 Andronover delivered, i.e. ejected suns.

Just as Andronover nebula underwent its terminal breakup about 6 billion years ago, similar terminal destiny also awaits all of its born suns and their planets, including the Monmatia solar system (ref.1) and its planet Urantia, in about 5 billion years or so (ref.2).  

With a terminal break up of Monmatia sun and its entire solar system the planetary biological life, which requires sun’s “lower” (fire/air/water/earth) energies, will also have a terminal destiny. 

The “higher” planetary energies spheres (“midwayer’s etheric spheres”), on the other hand, are energetically encircuited with morontia local sector power center and life and these planetary spheres are not and will not be adversely affected by the loss of the physical sun’s light and heat. 

As described in UB and previous LTP Papers, the super universe’s (SU’s) constructed worlds form the SU mandala, comprising of 1 SUà10 major sectors/SU à100 minor sectors/each major sector à100 local universes/each minor sectorà100 constellations/each local universeà100 morontia local sectors/each constellation. Each morontia local sector has one Power Center of 6th order which, via physical controllers, energetically supports the “higher” (“midwayer’s etheric spheres”) of planetary life.

Therefore, while the Monmatia sun is still effectively supporting human life on Urantia’s “lower” (solid/water/air/fire) planetary spheres of life with heat and light, the humanity should make all the efforts to spiritually ascend into the “higher” /“midwayers etheric spheres”/ morontia energy encircuited and supported planetary spheres of life in order to continue with its evolutionary career toward the eternal final stages of Life and Light.

Considering present laggard status of Urantia’s humanity, the spiritual ascent of this spiritually backward world into the “higher” planetary etheric spheres of life will require truly a superhuman effort. For this reasons the Teaching Mission and Correcting Time programs have been organized by the super-planetary government in order to help this spiritually laggard world to spiritually advance and be in step with its other planetary peers.  

The Urantia world will have to demonstrate a sustainable global growth in quality, equality and sustainability of all planetary life. The perfection, intellectual attainment and spiritual development will serve here as a true indicators that this world is being transformed from sinful to sinless world ready to march into the advanced epochs of universe life (UB 55:5.1).

UB is stating the following:

55:5.2 The advanced stages of a world settled in light and life represent the acme of evolutionary material development. On these cultured worlds, gone are the idleness and friction of the earlier primitive ages. Poverty and social inequality have all but vanished, degeneracy has disappeared, and delinquency is rarely observed. Insanity has practically ceased to exist, and feeble-mindedness is a rarity.

55:5.3 The economic, social, and administrative status of these worlds is of a high and perfected order. Science, art, and industry flourish, and society is a smoothly working mechanism of high material, intellectual, and cultural achievement. Industry has been largely diverted to serving the higher aims of such a superb civilization. The economic life of such a world has become ethical.

55:5.4 War has become a matter of history, and there are no more armies or police forces. Government is gradually disappearing. Self-control is slowly rendering laws of human enactment obsolete. The extent of civil government and statutory regulation, in an intermediate state of advancing civilization, is in inverse proportion to the morality and spirituality of the citizenship.

55:5.5 Schools are vastly improved and are devoted to the training of mind and the expansion of soul. The art centers are exquisite and the musical organizations superb. The temples of worship with their associated schools of philosophy and experiential religion are creations of beauty and grandeur. The open-air arenas of worship assembly are equally sublime in the simplicity of their artistic appointment.

55:5.6 The provisions for competitive play, humor, and other phases of personal and group achievement are ample and appropriate. A special feature of the competitive activities on such a highly cultured world concerns the efforts of individuals and groups to excel in the sciences and philosophies of cosmology. Literature and oratory flourish, and language is so improved as to be symbolic of concepts as well as to be expressive of ideas. Life is refreshingly simple; man has at last co-ordinated a high state of mechanical development with an inspiring intellectual attainment and has overshadowed both with an exquisite spiritual achievement. The pursuit of happiness is an experience of joy and satisfaction.

55:6.1 As worlds advance in the settled status of light and life, society becomes increasingly peaceful. The individual, while no less independent and devoted to his family, has become more altruistic and fraternal.

55:6.2 On Urantia, and as you are, you can have little appreciation of the advanced status and progressive nature of the enlightened races of these perfected worlds. These people are the flowering of the evolutionary races. But such beings are still mortal; they continue to breathe, eat, sleep, and drink. This great evolution is not heaven, but it is a sublime foreshadowing of the divine worlds of the Paradise ascent.

55:6.3 On a normal world the biologic fitness of the mortal race was long since brought up to a high level during the post-Adamic epochs; and now, from age to age throughout the settled eras the physical evolution of man continues. Both vision and hearing are extended. By now the population has become stationary in numbers. Reproduction is regulated in accordance with planetary requirements and innate hereditary endowments: The mortals on a planet during this age are divided into from five to ten groups, and the lower groups are permitted to produce only one half as many children as the higher. The continued improvement of such a magnificent race throughout the era of light and life is largely a matter of the selective reproduction of those racial strains which exhibit superior qualities of a social, philosophic, cosmic, and spiritual nature.

55:6.4 The Adjusters continue to come as in former evolutionary eras, and as the epochs pass, these mortals are increasingly able to commune with the indwelling Father fragment. During the embryonic and pre-spiritual stages of development the adjutant mind-spirits are still functioning. The Holy Spirit and the ministry of angels are even more effective as the successive epochs of settled life are experienced. In the fourth stage of light and life the advanced mortals seem to experience considerable conscious contact with the spirit presence of the Master Spirit of super-universe jurisdiction, while the philosophy of such a world is focused upon the attempt to comprehend the new revelations of God the Supreme. More than one half of the human inhabitants on planets of this advanced status experience translation to the morontia state from among the living. Even so, “old things are passing away; behold, all things are becoming new.”

55:6.5 We conceive that physical evolution will have attained its full development by the end of the fifth epoch of the light-and-life era. We observe that the upper limits of spiritual development associated with evolving human mind are determined by the Adjuster-fusion level of conjoint morontia values and cosmic meanings. But concerning wisdom: While we do not really know, we conjecture that there can never be a limit to intellectual evolution and the attainment of wisdom. On a seventh-stage world, wisdom can exhaust the material potentials, enter upon mota insight, and eventually even taste of absonite grandeur.

55:6.6 We observe that on these highly evolved and long seventh-stage worlds human beings fully learn the local universe language before they are translated; and I have visited a few very old planets where agondonters were teaching the older mortals the tongue of the superuniverse. And on these worlds I have observed the technique whereby the absonite personalities reveal the presence of the finaliters in the morontia temple.

55:6.7 This is the story of the magnificent goal of mortal striving on the evolutionary worlds; and it all takes place even before human beings enter upon their morontia careers; all of this splendid development is attainable by material mortals on the inhabited worlds, the very first stage of that endless and incomprehensible career of Paradise ascension and divinity attainment.

55:6.8 But can you possibly imagine what sort of evolutionary mortals are now coming up from worlds long existing in the seventh epoch of settled light and life? It is such as these who go on to the morontia worlds of the local universe capital to begin their ascension careers.

55:6.9 If the mortals of distraught Urantia could only view one of these more advanced worlds long settled in light and life, they would nevermore question the wisdom of the evolutionary scheme of creation. Were there no future of eternal creature progression, still the superb evolutionary attainments of the mortal races on such settled worlds of perfected achievement would amply justify man’s creation on the worlds of time and space.



  1. The Urantia Book,





”Let us behold the Light, that through the forgiveness, finds its way into the great darkness

of this world. Perceive the Light in all your brothers and sisters by fully forgiving each other,

because it is only then that you will see their Light, know the higher Truth, and achieve the

happiness of Brotherhood.”

                                                                                   Michael of Nebadon, tml 5/2004