The Living Cell and its Soul

                                     Part II                                        

                                CEDOMIL VUGRINCIC, M.D., Ph.D.
                                               March 2004
         PAPER 16





In Paper 15 it was indicated that physics and chemistry alone cannot explain how the physical

life has evolved first cells out of the primeval protoplasm of the early seas.


First primordial biological units of life were electrochemical protoplasmic cells communally

associated with various chemical, electrical and other basic energies of inert elements of

the material order of existence, catalyzed by the Life Carriers into living existence.


First protoplasmic circuits have evolved into primordial animated solar living cells with

very primitive minds.


From these first protoplasmic units of life, all other living forms have evolved.

Such cells continue to be initially wholly responsive only to physical, chemical and

electrical environment, however later on, they also became increasingly more sensitive to

the inner spirit stimuli. In continuous struggle to select and choose in their response between

outer environmental and inner spirit stimuli cellular souls have further advanced their minds.

Under the mind ministries of the seven adjutant mind spirits, the souls and their minds

became increasingly more creative, adjustable, coordinated and dominative.


The purpose of Paper 16 is to integrate some of the already revealed informations while 

analyzing further the evolution of the planetary life in the universe.




First primordial cells were simple and undifferentiated electrochemical circuits, established

only from the reactive inorganic atomic-molecular components into which the life plasma

was introduced.

Such first biological unit of material life initiated was the function of Life Carriers revolutions

of physical electrochemical energy circuits within material particles created by Physical

Controllers and initiating this primordial unit into living existence by Holly Spirit indwelling

of the Divine Minister.

When in accordance with the approved formulas, the physical patterns have been provided,

then the Life Carriers do catalyze this lifeless material, imparting through their persons           

the vital spirit spark, and forthwith the inert physical patterns become living matter.

The vital spark, the vital mystery of life, is bestowed through the Life Carriers, not by them.

The Life Carriers do formulate the life plasma and supervise the life spark implantation itself,

but it is the Local Universe Mother Spirit who supplies the essential life spark to the lifeless

cosmic plasma substance that evolves into living physical patterns.                           


The first biological unit of material life created was the protoplasmic cell which communally

associated various chemical, electrical and other basic energies, and the Life Carriers are

always there to initiate the primordial reactions of the material life as the catalytic instigators

of the energy circuits of living matter.


In Paper 11 it was stated that each living cell has at its center the ultimate atom of the physical

realm or PUMA, which is in the teachings of the ascended planetary masters also called the

central atom in the secret chamber behind the heart”.

Physical ultimatons or PUMAs are graphically presented below in the Picture 1.




                      Picture 1 - The male and female physical ultimatons (PUMAs)


The structure of very simplified protoplasmic cell and its central physical atom has been

presented graphically in Paper 15 and below in the Picture 2.




                            Picture 2 -THE PRIMORDIAL CELL with central PUMA




In Paper 15 it has been stated that each living cell evolves its own soul and mind gradually

through its differential choosing between the “inner” spirit and “outer” matter stimuli.


SOUL represents the animating vital principle of the unit form of life, being the carrier

of its evolutionary mind.

The name SOUL is derived from the root SOL (SUN) hence its name- SOLAR.


The soul represents the conscious learning aspect of the living form of life. This separates

the consciousness of the living soul from the non-living reactive responses of the elemental

energy-matter, which some also call- the elemental consciousness.

Living soul has the spark of life and life plasma, necessary for the evolution of its teachable

cell-mind, able to learn under the influence of the seven adjutant mind spirits assisted by

the Life Carriers and by the angelic host, while the mechanical matter-nature has only

reactive vibratory sympathetic non-teachable consciousness which is influenced, manipulated

and controlled by the physical (energy) controllers (PC’s) of the planetary realms.


Each evolutionary cell-soul develops it’s form IDENTITY and character PERSONALITY

through the process of it’s free-willing choosing.

IDENTITY represents the material identifying characteristics of soul’s entity, i.e. the outer

form appearance, therefore physical ID-ENTITY attainment of a soul.

PERSONALITY represents the soul’s inner or higher spiritual form qualities, therefore

PERSONA-quaLITY character attainment of a soul.


Living soul has EGO as the center of its immediate awareness of “higher” and “lower” self.

EGO has at its CENTER the physical ultimate atom or PUMA, the center of its physical

and spiritual teachable mind and learning, which in human becomes soul’s  permanent

ultimatonic center of the individualized physical SELF.


The SOLAR CENTRAL / PERMANENT ATOMS are the solar PUMA’s which have

through their evolutionary process experientially “earned” their permanency at the

central ego-position of the soul. These permanent atoms have developed the highest

degree of “vibratory sympathy” among their peers through their evolutionary process,

i.e. the other ultimate atoms of the same dispensation of energy released within the

same period of time (same “age”), and they become the permanent SOUL (SOLAR)

EGO-CENTERS of their individualized humans.


The relationship between the soul and its ego-center of the living creature self is

presented graphically below in Picture 3.




                          Picture 3 - Living soul’s ego-self and PUMA at its ego-center


In Paper 12 the relationship between the Paradise absolute atoms (absolutons) and

PUMA’s has been discussed, where through universe interconnectivity, the Paradise

atoms are reflected through PUMA’s into the physical life of the evolutionary worlds.

The structure and lines of forces of absolutons appear reflected within the PUMA’s “twin” enantiomeric energy structure as presented in the Picture 4.

Dispensationally released PUMA’s through the evolutionary actualization of their potential

eventually develop their male and female TWIN-SOULS under the influence of the male-female TWIN-SPIRITS absolute life personality pattern released by the Paradise Father Godhead.




           Picture 4.  Absoluton-PUMA masculine and feminine energy forms


The integration of the graphics 1,2,3 and 4, therefore, results in the appearance of two similar

but polarity mirror imaged types of primordial PUMA solar cells, the PUMA masculine and

feminine “twin-souls”(determined by the energy structure of absolutonic Paradise-twin atoms).

These first such primordial organic living solar cells (Picture 5) were the first ancestors of all evolutionary planetary life species from which, with their mind evolution and recognizing their evolutional energy differences during the process of further cellular differentiation, the outer

male or female physical sex characteristics have gradually developed manifesting “outwardly” their inner enantiomorphic PUMA structural energy polarity differences.




              Picture 5.  Solar cell of masculine (with male type central PUMA)

                                or feminine (with female type central PUMA) polarity







In the Papers 1-9 the origin of the inorganic matter has been discussed.

In this group of papers (Papers 10-16) the origin and formulation of the organic planetary

life has been discussed.

The endowment of the evolutionary organic planetary solar cellular life and its mind with

ability to learn, the cellular memory and its differential responses, is the result of its

cellular ego-centric nuclear response, selecting between the “inner” influences of the

adjutant mind spiritual ministry, and the “outer” influences of the surrounding planetary

material environment gradually “molding” its cellular organism’s personality and identity.


Pre-intelligent organisms can only react to environmental stimuli, but more intelligent

organisms which are reactive to spirit mind ministry can adjust and manipulate the

environment itself through the adaptation of their advancing mind.

Organismal mind, therefore, learns from it’s cellular experiential exposures and from it’s

reactive behavioral habits developed in response to the “inner and outer” stimuli.

The evolving lower life intellect with it’s functional physical brain and its associated nervous

system has the innate capacity to respond to adjutant spirit mind ministry, and the evolving

minds of higher organic life possesses an innate receptivity capacity for higher spirits.


Through it’s plasma cell content, the evolutionary organism has all the necessary ascending

potentials for it’s intellectual, social, moral, and spiritual progress and attainment requiring

it’s appropriate responses and choices choosing between the mind ministry of adjutant spirits,

and later, their higher super-physical associates, and the influences of the outer surrounding

material environment and its planetary life, if it desires to survive and evolutionary ascend.


Once individualized into human form, the same principles apply to evolutionary human soul.

Man’s soul free-willingly chooses, through the spiritual evolutionary strive of it’s faith and

wisdom, to better understand the God as the creator of the universe and life, if it desires the

ascension from the planetary realms and the eternal salvation in the “Kingdom of Heaven”.


It is very important to understand the above cosmic principles about the differences between

the man/male and woman/female energy forms, and good understanding of the above

Paradise concepts should help humanity to clear their confusion about the cosmic meaning of

human gender and reproductive process as related to the existence of normal biological human

family, and the discussion on this topic will continue in the forthcoming future papers.

Nevertheless, it should become clear by now, that the individualized man has male-PUMA and

the woman has female-PUMA as their ego-centers.

As directed by the flow of the Paradise energies through the male and female PUMAs, the

MAN has individualized and biologically differentiated, through the evolution of the planetary

life’s reproductive process, from the “male PUMA energy form” and therefore should be, in the

evolution of the normal biological family and it’s reproductive process, the father polarity figure

and the male sexual partner, and the WOMAN, which has individualized from the “female

PUMA energy form” should be, therefore, the female sexual partner and the mother polarity

figure of such “PUMA-energy form” predetermined, and biologically normally evolved human

evolutionary family nucleus.


However, by God’s grace, evolutionary human physical souls have been given free-will to make

their own individual and collective moral choices during their short evolutionary planetary lives, including their moral preferences in their physical sexual orientation and human family planning.

It is, after the physical transition, when the individual and collective solar judgment is due,

that the soul’s individually and collectively accepted alternatives to God’s laws of the

universal scheme of life will be judged according to the unchangeable cosmic standards of the

universe morality, ethics and truth.


And so it is: “The evolutionary human solar dispensations always were, are, and will be judged

by the maturity of their ethical and moral conducts in their dominion over the planetary nature

and life, relative to the God’s absolute laws of the universal (universe) truth.”





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