Solar Ego-Centric Selfhood

                                      Part V           


                                  CEDOMIL VUGRINCIC, M.D., Ph.D.
                                            September 2004
          PAPER 22






Physical life is a process taking place not so much within the organism as between the organism

and the environment in which every process tends to create and establish organismal patterns of reaction

to such environment. All such DIRECTIVE PATTERNS (of lines of force) are highly influential in self-goal

choosing. It is through the mediation of mind that the self and the environment establish their meaningful

contact. The ability and willingness of the organism to make such significant contacts with environment

(response to a drive), represents the ATTITUDE of the whole solar individual or collective personality.

The attitude of personality has evolved from individual and collective solar personalities reactions of PUMA

ego-centric self (selves) to the responses of the “inner” spiritual and “outer” surrounding stimuli (social,

economic material, environmental or others).






In the Paper 21 the Paradise the Tai-Chi masculine and feminine forces and their chakra centers have been demonstrated in 2D/3D to be compatible with the current perceptions of the human mind. (Picture 1)







Picture 1. Tai-Chi clockwise (masculine) and counter-clockwise (feminine) Paradise                   

                forces with their central energy wheels (chakras) shown in 2D/3D



The same Paradise forces present within the Paradise absolute atom (absoluton) are shown below within

the male (masculine, CW) and female (feminine, CCW) physical ultimate atoms (M and F PUMAs). (Picture 2)






   Picture 2.  Masculine and feminine absolutons with their chakras within PUMA’s male

                   (CW) and female (CCW) energy forms shown in 2D/3D



The Paradise male and female absolutonic lines of forces projected within male and female PUMAs,

and through the extension of their cellular solar lines of force into the developed human energy forms

are presented below in Pictures 3 and 4.






          Picture 3.  Masculine/male or feminine/female PUMA solar ego-centric cells







       Picture 4. Absolutonic-PUMA ego-centric male and female projected solar forms


Finally, Paradise I AM God presence, with the upper Paradise Spirit Trinity centers, central Paradise with 

Majeston Reflectivity Person at its heart nexus, and three nether Paradise Centers project themselves

through the energy body of the human male and female PUMA’s. Such radiating human aura with its

absolutonic-PUMA peripheral body and its central caduceus with chakra energy centers is presented below

in the Picture 5, and male and female with their mirror image central caduceus channels in Picture 6.








Picture 5. Absolutonic Paradise centers behind   Picture 6. Male and female energy forms

the PUMA aura and its central energy channel    with their central electromagnetic coil (2)

of the human body (1, edit/ modif.)                         


Three central energy channels in caduceus of man and woman are of mirror (enantiomeric)  image and

the clairvoyant theosophist C. W. Leadbeater has described their relationship in the following words:

“ IDA energy channel starts from the base of the spine just on the left of the central SUSHUMNA energy

channel in a man (right of spectator), and the PINGALA energy channel on the right of sushumna; but in

a woman these positions are reversed.” (3, edit/ modif.) 





The above graphic sequence indisputably demonstrates the presence of the creative force behind the

evolutionary process of all biological species finally completing its cycle in the individualization of man

and woman, the two biologically pro-creative human species of the opposite but complementary energy

creative polarities.








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