CEDOMIL VUGRINCIC, M.D., Ph.D.
                                         November 2004
      PAPER 24






At times the reader comes across the various metaphysical literature mentioning the

“Great Central Sun”, the “Central Sun”, the “Sun behind the suns” etc.


The common human understanding of the term “sun” is usually synonymous with the fiery

physical source of radiant energy supporting the life in the domain of its influence.


Metaphysically, the Great Central Sun as the “Sun behind the other suns”, and all other

suns of their respective domains, have been always considered to be the vortices of energy,

central to the systems of worlds that they thrust from or gather unto themselves by their

central sun magnet.


Through the Urantia Book the reader has learned about the creation and the evolution as

its aspect, and that the created universe government headquarters have their own suns

as the heating elements, as compared to the physical suns of the evolutionary nebular origin.

To complicate this further, if the universe government headquarters with their power centers

are called the Central Suns of Light and Life, than of course the meaning of their function will

be altogether different from the created suns functioning only as their heating elements, or

the physical suns of nebular origin.

Central Suns are named after the Central universe Father’s Sons which reside within the

created universe headquarters and are the central magnetic source of Life and Light within

their segments of universe.

The central suns of nebular origin are meant to function in the “image” of the created

universe Central Suns.


In the following Papers the meanings of these and other terminologies will be examined in

more details.





The Paradise is the non-time/non-space First Great Central Sun of the Grand universe. 


The Paradise, as the spiritual First Cause in the universe creation, is the Great Central

Sun behind the physical effects we see such as the physical stars and star systems.

Whether in the microcosm or the macrocosm, the Paradise as the Great Central Sun is

the principal originator and the spirit-energy source of the universe of all universes.


The Paradise Great Central Sun is the center of the Grand universe cosmos; the point of

integration of the Spirit-Matter cosmos; the point of origin of all physical-spiritual creation;

the nucleus or white fire core of the Cosmic Egg whose out- and in-flowing energies have

the appearance and the counter-clockwise movement of the “hub with seven spokes” of

the revolving Grand-clock wheel.


The Paradise Seven Master Spirits radiate their influence out from the central Isle of Paradise,      

thus constituting the created vast one gigantic wheel, the hub being the eternal Isle of Paradise,

the seven spokes the radiations of the Seven Master Spirits, the rim the outer regions of the

Grand universe. (ref. 1, Picture 1)






                          Picture 1. Grand universe seven-spokes cosmic clock wheel





The seven superuniverses are the time and space Great Central Suns of the Grand universe.      


Early in the materialization of the universal creation, the sevenfold scheme of the Grand

universe organization and government was formulated and the first post-Havona creation was

divided into seven stupendous segments, and the headquarters worlds of these Superuniverses governments were designed and constructed.


These seven superuniverses centers are the Great Central Suns of time and space which

traverse a great ellipse, a gigantic and elongated circle, and are engaged in an orderly,

well-understood, and perfectly controlled processional, swinging in majestic grandeur around

the Paradise non-time/ non-space Great Central Sun.


As far as the Paradise Spirit Trinity is concerned, outside Havona central universe there

are just seven inhabited superuniverses of time and space, the seven Great Central Suns

which hold jurisdiction over the circle of the first post-Havona space level. 

In this age and as direction is regarded on Urantia, superuniverse number one Great Central

Sun center swings almost due north, approximately opposite, in an easterly direction, to the

Paradise residence of the Great Central Sun Sources and chakra Centers and the central

universe of Havona. This position, with the corresponding one to the west, represents the

nearest physical approach of the spheres of time to the eternal Isle of Paradise.

Superuniverse number two Great Central Sun is in the north, preparing for the westward

swing, while number three now holds the northernmost segment of the great space path,

having already turned into the bend leading to the southerly plunge. Number four is on the

comparatively straightaway southerly flight, the advance regions now approaching opposition

to the Paradise Great Central Sun Center of Centers. Number five has about left its position

opposite the Center of Centers while continuing on the direct southerly course just preceding

the eastward swing; number six occupies most of the southern curve, the segment from which

our #7 superuniverse has nearly passed.

Orvonton, the seventh superuniverse Great Central Sun center to which the Monmatia physical sun system sun system belongs is pursuing a definite and well-understood counter-clockwise course around the vast swing that encicrcles the central universe. This cosmic path is well charted and is just as thoroughly known to the superuniverse star observers as the orbits of the planets constituting the Monmatia solar system are known to Urantia astronomers.

Salvington as the Nebadon’s created morontial Central Sun headquarter center is in immediate proximity and behind the original Andronover’s physical central sun galaxy center and its numerous partially completed physical creations to which Monmatia and Urantia belong. The local morontial central sun of the Nebadon’s universe behind the Andronover’s original physical central sun galaxy, and the Monmatia solar system within the arm of the Andronovers galaxy all belong, within their time-space realms of existence, to the Orvonton, the seventh Great Central Sun superuniverse galaxy, which swings on between superuniverses one and six, having not long since turned the southeastern bend of the superuniverse space level.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

The Urantia star system is following, with other star systems, the orderly and predetermined

path of the Orvonton superuniverse Great Central Sun’s space level now passing through the

very same space that its planetary system, or its predecessors, traversed ages ago; and some

day in the remote future this system, or its successors, will again traverse the identical space

through which this system is now so swiftly plunging.

Today, the Monmatia solar system, to which Urantia belongs, is a few billion years past the

swing around the southern curvature so that Urantia is now advancing beyond the southeastern

bend and is moving swiftly through the long and comparatively straightaway northern path.

Physical Monmatia solar system with planet Urantia belongs to Andronover’s physical galaxy,

and also to morontial Satania’s local sun system which is well out towards the borderland of its

Nebadon local central sun universe, and is also at present traversing the periphery of Orvonton

superuniverse Great Central Sun galaxy.

Beyond Urantia there are still others, but this planet is far removed in space from those

physical systems which swing around the great circle in comparative proximity to the non-

time/non-space Paradise Great Central Sun Source and Center, the First Cause of the Grand

universe creation.





The entire Paradise created and evolved Grand universe represents the coordinated counter-clockwise procession of all of its “parts” in the universal and unified coordinated body-oneness

of the Universal Absolute God.


Each aspect of the universe was/ is created or has/ is evolved from its predecessor component.

The Paradise is the First Great Central Sun, and the First Cause of all creation.

The seven Great Central Suns of time/ space superuniverses and all divisional aspects of their galaxies, except physical, are all planned and constructed.

The superuniverses physical Great Central Sun and their Central Suns are all of the nebular  evolutionary origin.


Through the interconnectivity of the realized and aggregated Great Central Sun organs of its

body, the wholeness (Holiness) of the Grand organ-ization (organ-real-ization) sings its eternal

uni-verse song while heading toward its realization in the Supreme Life and Light.





1.The Urantia book, The Urantia Foundation