THE SUPERUNIVERSE                   

                 GREAT CENTRAL SUN


                                CEDOMIL VUGRINCIC, M.D., Ph.D.
                                             DECEMBER 2004
          PAPER 25





In Paper 24 the etiology and meaning of the terminology used to describe the created

and evolved “central suns” has been discussed.

The universe created “central suns” are constructed and fine-tuned  headquarters of

government and education, while the physical “central sun” systems are the nebular

spin-offs which need to gradually evolve their planetary life as they stabilize in the

Supreme’s Light and Life.


While the administrative organization of the Grand universe discloses a clear-cut

division between the “central sun” governments of the central, super-, and local

universes, and while these divisions are astronomically paralleled in the space

separation of Havona and the seven superuniverses central suns, no such clear lines

of physical demarcation set off the local universe creations. The major and minor

“sun” sectors of Orvonton are distinguishable, but it is not so easy to identify the

physical boundaries of the local universe suns. This is because these local universe

creations are administratively organized in accordance with creative principles

governing the segmentation of the total sun energy charge of a superuniverse,

whereas their underlying physical evolutionary components, the evolutionary “suns”

and their spheres of physical space, take origin primarily from nebulae.




Ten major sectors of superuniverse space constitute a superuniverse Great Central

Sun of time and space.

The superuniverse Great Central Sun government headquarters are near the center

of its space segment of its evolutionary universe.

The superuniverse headquarters, as all other universe headquarters, are architectural

spheres or space bodies designed and constructed for their special purpose, being

independently lighted and heated. The headquarters spheres of the superuniverses

central suns are so constructed to function as the efficient power-energy regulators for

their various sectors, serving as the focal points in directing of the energy to their

component local universes and powerfully influencing the balance and control of the

physical energies circulating through the organized space. With respect to Uversa’s

headquartes of the Orvonton superuniverse, over 968 million years were required to

complete its encirclement with the physical energy circuits, administered by the Power

Centers of Uversa.

Uversa is immediately surrounded by the seven central suns, each having seven clusters

of sun spheres, each consisting of seventy specialized worlds dedicated to the universe

training and spirit culture for the training of the ascending pilgrims. 




One major sector is divided into one hundred minor sector headquarters central suns. 

Our major sector is Umajor the fifth. Its headquarter is Splandon surrounded by the

seventy spheres of the advancing intellectual training of the superuniverse.




One hundred local universes central suns constitute a minor sector of the superuniverse


Uminor the third is our minor sector. Its headquarter Ensa is surrounded by seven

spheres of the higher physical studies of the ascendant life.




Local universes are organized basic working units or cells of the superuniverses and

each local universe embraces exactly one one-hundred- thousandth part of the total

energy charge of a superuniverse irrespective of their physical nebular relationship.

One hundred constellations central suns constitute a local universe.

Our local universe of Nebadon with all of its morontial and physical worlds is ruled

from its headquarters by the co-ordinate Creator Son of God of the order of Michaels,

the Christ Michael of Nebadon. 

Salvington, the capital of Nebadon is surrounded by ten university clusters of forty-

nine spheres each, teaching man spirituality following his constellation socialization





One hundred local systems central sons make up one constellation.

Our constellation is Norlatiadek, with its capital Edentia surrounded by seventy

satellites of socializing culture and training of ascending sojourners.




This is basic unit of local universe supergovernment consisting of  about one thousand

of inhabited or inhabitable worlds adapted to support life.

Our local system is Satania. Its headquarter is Jerusem surrounded by seven worlds

of transition culture, each of which is encircled by seven satellites, among which are

seven mansion worlds of morontia detention for ascending personality mobilization,

unification and realization in the completion of the Jerusem regime of training.

Man’s first postmortal translation residence is the first mansion world, also called by

man the first heaven, and so seven mansion worlds are also called the first “seven

heavens” of man’s morontial translation.


The superuniverses sub-dimensional architectural central suns are distributed within

the three phases and their sub-phases of the superuniverse great central sun primary

space energy “ether” according to the following scheme:


The superuniverse first primary energy “spiritual” phase with its three subphases:


Superuniverses                                 7 /  1 superunivese (  10 major sectors )      1 trillion worlds

Major sectors                                  70 /  1 major sector  (100 minor sectors )  100 billion worlds

Minor sectors                             7,000 /  1 minor sector ( 100 universes )            1 billion worlds


Second primary energy “morontia” (quasi-material) phase with its three subphases: 


Local universes                      700,000 /  1 universe        ( 100 constellations )  10 million worlds

Constellations                   70,000,000 /  1 constellation  ( 100 local systems )     100,000 worlds

Local systems              7,000,000,000 /  1 local system          has approx. 1,000 inhabited worlds


Third primary energy “physical” phase is evolutionary and has about 1 trillion worlds.


The above phases of the superuniverse Great Central Sun with its created and evolutionary

spheres within can be also presented as in Picture 2.




      Picture 2. The organization of superuniverse within its dimensional etheric phases






In this Paper the creation of the Great Central Sun government administrative and

education headquarters within the space ethers of the superuniverse has been examined.


It has been also stated that the physical suns and their planetary worlds are of the nebular

origin, and therefore are not directly related to any created administrative “sun” units of

either morontia or spirit organized superuniverse Great Central Sun’s phases of time and


The origination of the physical nebulae and their sun systems are not directly related to

any created administrative units of space within the organized superuniverse great central

sun, such as minor sectors or local universes.

The third primary space energy evolutionary physical phase with its three subphases

has about 7,000,000,000,000 inhabited planets of nebular origin per 7 superuniverses of

time and space, or about 1,000,000,000,000 inhabited planets per one superuniverse.





The Urantia Book, The Urantia Foundation