THE LOCAL UNIVERSE                   

                      CENTRAL SUN  ( I )


                                CEDOMIL VUGRINCIC, M.D., Ph.D.
                                               January 2005
           PAPER 26






The decimal system as found inherent in the energy of the material creations, could be traced

to its origin in the decimal constitution of the post-Paradise primary energy charge, while

number seven represented in the sevenfold electronic organization of pre-matter, reflects

pre-matter spiritual origin and overcontrol by the Seven Master Spirits of Paradise in the

material affairs of the superuniverses of time and space.


The decimal primary energy constitution is visible in the sevenfold division of the grand space,

where as many as ten different forms of materialized nebular phases of primary universe

evolution exist, with their vast energy wheels being of the same origin as those from which the

entire seven superuniverses were created.


Energy of superuniverses is not organized by nebulae but by the universal distribution of the

Paradise three-phased primary energy charge in the sevenfold division of the Grand space.




While the administrative organization of the grand universe discloses a clear-cut division between the governments of the central, super-, and local universes, and while these divisions are astronomically paralleled in the space separation of Havona and the seven superuniverses, no such clear lines of physical demarcation set off the local universe creations.

The major and minor sectors of Orvonton’s created Great Central Sun are distinguishable, but it is not so easy to identify the physical boundaries of the local universes. This is because these local universe central sun creations are administratively organized in accordance with creative principles governing the segmentation of the total energy charge of a superuniverse, whereas their physical evolutionary components, the spheres of space--suns, dark islands, planets, etc.--take origin primarily from nebulae.

Nebular cyclones vary greatly in size and in the resulting number and aggregate of the

material  mass of their stellar and planetary offspring, where some of the larger nebulae of

outer space are giving origin even to as many as one hundred million suns.


Physical nebulae and their sun systems are not directly related to any administrative units of organized space in the superuniverses such as minor sectors or local universes central suns.


Local universes are organized basic working units or cells of the superuniverses and each

local universe embraces exactly one one-hundred- thousandth part of the total energy charge

of a superuniverse irrespective of nebular relationship.


Confusion of Urantia’s planetary astronomers about the creation of universe, arises primarily

from the illusions derived from observing relative distortions of multiple revolutionary

movements in space such as:


  1. The movement of Orvonton superuniverse and six other superuniverses Great Central

    Suns of time and space around central universe of Havona in counterclockwise

    procession of superuniverses space level.

  1. The whirl of ten major sectors, the so-called “star drifts” about the Uversa

    headquarters of the # 7 superuniverse of Orvonton’s Great Central Sun.

  1. The rotation of 100 minor sectors, including Sagittarius, around the major sector

    “star drift”.

  1. The swing of local universe central sun of Nebadon around the Sagittarius central sun

    center of its minor sector.

  1. The rotation of Andronover physical stellar family about the composed star cloud of


  1. The circuit of Monmatia physical solar system about the physical nucleus of former   Andronover nebulae.
  2. The revolution of planet earth (Terra,Urantia,Gaia) around its Monmatia central sun.


The absolute counterclockwise motion of our # 7 superuniverse Orvonton is also inherent,

i.e. made according to the architectural plans of master universe.

But, the intervening motions are of composite origin derived in part from the constitutive

segmentation of matter energy into the superuniverses, and in part produced by the

intelligent and purposeful action of the Paradise force organizers.

The bulk of mass contained in the suns and planets of a superuniverse originates in the

nebular wheels and all of these space bodies have had an evolutionary origin, evolutionary in

the sense that they have not been brought into existence by creative act of God, while on the

other hand all architectural spheres were constructed by the direct action of power directors.


All evolutionary space bodies have evolved in the physical or third phase of the primary space energy. Physical suns or star systems are the fireballs thrown-off from nebular mother wheels

while planets are the evolutionary materializing spin-off aggregates of physical space force

energy. The space paths of earth and its Monmatia solar system are inherent in origin.


Suns are the stars of space existing in a thousand various stages such as solitary evolving

space systems, double stars, contracting or disappearing planetary systems, suns emitting

light with heat, suns of light without heat etc.

The superuniverse of Orvonton is illumined and warmed by more than ten trillion suns and

these are the stars of terra-observable astronomic system except of two trillion that are too

distant and too small ever to be seen from the earth.


Planets are the larger aggregations of matter which follow an orbit around a sun or some other

space body. The cold worlds which have been built up by the assemblage of floating space

material, when situated in proper relation to near-by sun, are more ideal planets to harbor

intelligent life. The dead suns are not, as a rule, suited to life.




It is important to realize the differences in origin between the super-physical and the

physical central sun realms.

The super-physical realms are governed by certain creative principles of the total energy

charge segmentation of the superuniverses, whereas their evolutionary physical components,

such as suns and planets, take origin primarily from nebulae.

An almost endless variety of creature life and other living manifestations characterizes the

countless planetary worlds of universe space inhabited with intelligent life.






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