THE LOCAL UNIVERSE                   

                     CENTRAL SUN (II)


                                CEDOMIL VUGRINCIC, M.D., Ph.D.
                                              February 2005
          PAPER 27






The pre-universe manipulations of space-force and the primordial energies are the work of

the Paradise Master Force Organizers; but in the superuniverse central sun domains, when

emergent energy becomes responsive to local (linear) gravity, they retire in favor of the

power directors of the superuniverse concerned.

These power directors function alone in the pre-material and post-force phases of a local universe central sun creation. There is no opportunity for a Creator Son to begin his local universe central sun organization until the power directors have effected the mobilization of the space-energies sufficiently to provide a material foundation--literal suns and material spheres--for the emerging universe.

The local universes are all approximately of the same energy potential, though they differ greatly in physical dimensions and may vary in visible-matter content from time to time. The power charge and potential-matter endowment of a local universe are determined by the manipulations of the power directors and their predecessors as well as by the Creator Son's activities and by the endowment of the inherent physical control possessed by his creative associate.

The energy charge of a local universe central sun is approximately one one-hundred-thousandth of the force endowment of its superuniverse great central sun of time and space. In the case of Nebadon local universe, the mass materialization is a trifle less. Physically speaking, Nebadon possesses all of the physical endowment of energy and matter that may be found in any of the Orvonton local universe central sun creations. The only physical limitation upon the developmental expansion of the Nebadon universe consists in the quantitative charge of space-energy held captive by the gravity control of the associated powers and personalities of the combined universe mechanism.




The nebular central suns with their mother wheels of the spheres of space, are initiated by Paradise force organizers; and following nebular evolution of gravity response, they are superseded in superuniverse function by the power centers and physical controllers, who thereupon assume full responsibility for directing the physical evolution of the ensuing  generations of stellar and planetary offspring.

All such evolutionary space bodies have evolved from the physical or third phase of the primary space energies. (1)

Suns are the stars of space existing in a thousand various stages such as solitary evolving space systems, double stars, contracting or disappearing planetary systems, suns emitting light with

heat, suns of light without heat etc.

The superuniverse of Orvonton is illumined and warmed by more than ten trillion of such

evolved sun systems and these are the stars of our observable astronomic system except of two trillion that are too distant and too small ever to be seen from the earth.


Suns or stars are the fireballs thrown-off from nebular mother wheels while planets are the evolutionary materializing spin-off aggregates of physical space force energy.

The Urantia’s star /sun system is recorded in cosmic registry as the Monmatia solar system.


Planets are the larger aggregations of matter which follow an orbit around a sun or some other

space body. The cold worlds which have been built up by the assemblage of floating space

material, when situated in proper relation to near-by sun, are more ideal planets to harbor

intelligent life. The dead suns are not, as a rule, suited to life.

An almost endless variety of creature life and other living manifestations characterizes the

countless evolutionary planetary worlds of space inhabited with intelligent life.


The physical supervision of the Nebadon local pre-universe was, upon the arrival of Michael Creator Son, immediately co-ordinated with his plan for his local universe central sun organization. Within the domain of this Paradise Son of God the Supreme Power Centers and the Master Physical Controllers collaborated with the later appearing Morontia Power Supervisors and others to produce that vast complex of communication lines, energy circuits, and power lanes which firmly bind the manifold space bodies of Nebadon into one integrated administrative central sun unit.

When energy-matter has attained a certain stage in mass materialization, a Paradise Creator Son appears upon the scene, accompanied by a Creative Daughter of the Infinite Spirit.

Simultaneously with the arrival of the Creator Son, work is begun upon the architectural sphere which is to become the headquarters world of the projected local universe.


For long ages such local central sun creation evolves, nebular suns become stabilized, planets form and swing into their orbits, while the work of creating the other architectural central suns and their worlds which are to serve as constellation headquarters and system capitals continues.



The morontial universe (ether phase # 2) local central sun creations are administratively organized in accordance with creative principles governing the segmentation of the total energy charge of its superuniverse great central sun of time and space, whereas their physical evolutionary central solar systems (ether phase # 3), i.e. the evolutionary spheres of space such as suns and their planetary off-spring, take origin primarily from the nebular matter.





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