CEDOMIL VUGRINCIC, M.D., Ph.D.
                                                  July 2005
          PAPER 32





Archangel Michael has been quoted in Paper 31:“The great ongoing controversy regarding

the theories about the EVOLUTION versus CREATION are a third-dimensional exercise in

futility. Both theories are true, but certainly not in the way they have been presented by the

scholars and historians of your past. We know it is disconcerting when you look around at the

chaos of this world and at the animalistic acts, pains and suffering that are being wrought by humanity. That is the reality of the lower third-dimensional experience and when you focus on

that reality, your consciousness moves into it and you are adding to the broadcast spectrum of polarity and duality consciousness. The further you move into density the more pronounced

your dual nature becomes and more likely you are to become polarized and “narrow-minded”

in your thinking.


On the other hand, when you learn to maintain a focus of centeredness and harmony, it is not

that you are unaware of what is happening in the world of duality, but your will-power, energies

and desires are totally focused on the power of the moment allowing your God-Self to radiate

forth through you the healing of transmuting vibrations of love and transformation, allowing

you to be in this world but not of this world.” (1)


In this series of Papers some of the previously examined facets of the creation and evolution,

as its aspect, will be examined in more details.




In Paper 10 has been stated:” Non-evolutionary cosmic life is the 1st cause of all evolutionary planetary life. It has been previously stated that the life does not appear spontaneously in the universe. Life patterns are configurations of the energies that have already fulfilled all of their

mass-gravity response of life. They are the life energy “blueprints” within the God Absolute

Divine Reality Essence. Life as such constitutes the animation of some pattern, configured or otherwise segregated system manifested in the universe within the Person of the Universal God.”


THE GOD – The Geometry Of the Divine Absolute Reality


The meaning of the word GOD signifies the Geometry Of Divine.


The GOD ABSOLUTE- signifies the Absolute “I AM” SELF-conscious DIVINE ESSENCE

of everything that was, is and will be in His absolute harmonious stillness of NOW. In NOW all

the God Absolute I AM-SELF Essence realizations are instant, thus in His instant Absolute

mind of NOW He contains entire creations and evolutions that always were, are and will be.


The UNIVERSAL GOD ABSOLUTE- The God Absolute in His desire for Self-revelation of His

I AM SELF Divine Essence, has revealed His CONCENTRATED (CONCENTRIC ACTION REALIZED) thoughts first through the SINGULARITY (SINGLE REALITY) universal focus   which instantly became the 1ST Source and Center of the UNIVERSAL (UNI /single, continuous/ VERSE REAL) GOD ABSOLUTE Father of Paradise. (Picture 1)





Picture 1. Tai-Chi Absolute Divine Reality thought force flow from the 1st S&C Singularity

Central Aton  (2,3)






ATON, or ALPHA SEPTON, the GOD ABSOLUTE’s Divine Thoughts have instantly

extended, refracted and polarized His lines of thought force creating the septenary Paradise.

The Father, the 1st S&C of the Universal God, has instantly differentiated Him-SELF, from His

first nuclear thought focus atom (ATON) into the qualified Absolute upper Paradise Trinity

(Father-Son-Conjoint Actor) Spirit Sources and Centers and, via His Absolute Divine Essence Karmic Reciprocity Laws of ACTION-REACTION, into the unqualified nether

(lower or Mother) Paradise centers. (Picture 2)




                                Picture 2. 1st S&C Septenary Aton and Paradise Centers


And this is the way the GOD ABSOLUTE’s  DIVINE ESSENCE “I AM” has realized Him-

Self, as the 1st Cause in all Universe manifestations, through the PARADISE heart nucleus

of the UNIVERSAL GOD ABSOLUTE as the “I AM that I AM”.




In this Paper 32, the basic principles of the of the “I AM” and the “I AM that I AM” Divine

Reality  SELF manifestations have been discussed.


Within the Geometry Of Divine Absolute (The God Absolute) and through the Person of the Universal God, the Divine thoughts with the actual life blueprints, flow from the Paradise

Father-the First Source and Center, through His Eternal Son-the Second Source and Center,

and through the Conjoint Actor-the Third Source and Center into the peripheral universes of

time and place as the absolute space force potentialized, i.e. the Absolute Divine Reality life

thought forms to be potential energy-matter realized in time and space. The actualized life

blueprint potentials, as the Divine fragments of the God Absolute, then return back through

the Paradise 1st Source and Center origin to the Absolute God’s Divine Reality Essence.


The word COSMOS (COSa NOStra, our cause), therefore, reveals the Paradise Father- the

1st Source and Center as the 1st Source and Center of the Absolute God’s Divine Reality

Essence of the whole universe life and its realizations and manifestations, the UNI-VERSE- REALITY- MANIFEST-ACTIONS.

Another way to understand this is to think about the living conscious Absolute (Eternal and

Infinite) Reality Essence of the GOD ABSOLUTE as the aura of  the UNIVERSAL GOD ABSOLUTE, manifesting His living “I AM” presence through the Paradise S&C’s, beginning

with the 1st S&C, in all Universe creative and evolutionary realizations as the “I AM that I



“The goal in life is to be the Alpha/Omega, yin/yang balance. Unless man maintains a balanced flow of the yin and yang energies in his four lower bodies, he leaves himself open to disease, decay, unhappiness, and the symptoms of old age. Moreover, he is incapable of drawing and holding abundant supply to meet his spiritual and material needs. These signs of incompleteness are the result of man’s inability to maintain the balance of the Father-Mother God in his thoughts, feelings, words and actions. Balance and harmony can be restored when one is centered in the heart and has the stability of the Christ.” ( Pearls of Wisdom - Vol. 48 No.  18 – May 1, 2005 – Mark L. Prophet and Elizabeth Clare Prophet – Paths of Light and Darkness, Book 6 of Climb the Highest Mountain series (Notes)






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