CEDOMIL VUGRINCIC, M.D., Ph.D.
                                             December 2005
          PAPER 37




It has been stated previously that from the planetary perspective the secular planetary physicists and chemists are trying to understand better the origin of planetary life, but they will never be able to explain alone, without spiritual insights, either the creation of the universe life or the evolution of the physical life as related to its universal source.





The presence of the Paradise absolute force is reflected in its Paradise atom, the absoluton.

Absolutons, via universe energy inter-connectivity, are positioned behind Havona atoms, and those are behind Grand superuniverse ultimatons of time and space. Ultimatons are behind morontial electrons, electrons behind the Physical UltiMate Atom of man’ s seven planetary realms and these are behind the PUMAs of man’s physical realm.

PUMAs are behind the chemical atoms of inorganic and organic molecules of the planetary nature and life.


Paradise absolutons out-picture the Paradise forces “architectural” presence all the way down to the physical worlds.

PUMAs are therefore, through cosmic time-space intervals, the “without” microcosmic energy manifestations and extensions of the Paradise Absolutes reflected within Paradise absolutons. 


Therefore, better understanding of the Universal I AM Absolutes helps to better understand PUMAs of the “without” physical realms and vice versa, better understanding of the MICROCOSMic PUMAs structure and the manifestation of their lines of forces, will enable us to understand better the forces and manifestations of the “within” Paradise Absolutes of the Universal Absolute I AM Presence of the universe MACROCOSM.





In Paper 36 the energy “anatomy” of the Paradise Universal I AM presence, and its relationship to the macro- and micro-universe, has been discussed. It has been stated that the same Paradise principles, because of the universe inter-connectivity, are applicable to all phases of the universe including PUMAs of the evolutionary worlds.


The Paradise absolutonic action-reaction forces are therefore visible in the macroscopic and microscopic universe through the extensions of their absolutonic lines of forces.





Through the universe inter-connectivity, the structure and lines of forces of absolutons appear reflected within the PUMAs energy structure as presented in Picture 1. (see also Paper 36)





   Picture 1. “Male” PUMA (Musculine)         “Female”PUMA (Feminine)



The Supreme’s Grand Male and Female Tai-Chi energy forces are presented in Picture 2.




      Picture 2. Grand Universe Tai-Chi I AM Male/CW and Female/CCW forces



The manifestation of Supreme’s  male and female Tai-Chi energy forces “behind” or “within” PUMAs has been demonstrated by combining Pictures 1 and 2 into Picture 3.




                 Picture 3. God Supreme’s Tai- Chi Male/CW and Female/CCW forces






Through the universe energy inter-connectivity the Paradise absolute atoms, the absolutons, reflect their forces all the way “down” to the Physical UltiMate Atoms (PUMAs) of the physical inorganic and organic matter of the “outer” or “without” worlds.


For these reasons, better understanding of the Paradise Universal I AM absolute forces within the absolutons is helpful in better understanding of the physical worlds and planetary life.

Vice versa, better understanding of the energy forces of the ultimate atoms of the physical worlds (PUMAs) will enable us to better understand the mechanisms and manifestations of the Paradise I AM absolute forces.





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