CEDOMIL VUGRINCIC, M.D., Ph.D.
                                              January 2006
         PAPER 38




The gravity responding Paradise primary energy charge carries the potential of the universe energy power and becomes the active ancestor of all universe matter resulting from the pressure-presence and the tension- trends of the catalytic property of the Secondary or the Associate Paradise Master Force Organizers.

Passing from the Puissant to the gravity stage, this primary energy charge becomes rapidly responsive to the circular absolute Paradise gravity disclosing certain potential for the sensitivity to the linear gravity pull inherent in the soon appearing material mass of the electronic and post- electronic stages of the superuniverse energy. Upon the appearance of the linear gravity response, the Associate Master Force Organizers retire from the energy cyclones of space as soon as the Universe Power Directors are assigned to that field.




Although all energy is circulating the Paradise, the Universe Power Directors direct the force- energies of nether Paradise for modifications in the space functions of the central and super- universes, converting and directing these energies into channels for useful application.




      Picture 1. Directed Paradise energies into seven superuniverse channels


This channeled power charge presently consists of three currents of energy of ten segregations each and these three phases of post- Paradise space- energy charge are spread throughout the space of the grand universe representing the three basic platforms for the building of the phases of super-creations of space, i.e. superuniverses with local universes and physical universes within.


This present energy system of three currents of ten energy segregations each, represents the domain of the God Sevenfold functioning under the time- space over-control of the God Supreme.




           Picture 2. God Supreme over-control of the God Sevenfold energies                                    


At the designated center for the superuniverse headquarters this three space currents of primary energy, of ten segregations each, begun to be processed by the Superuniverse Power Centers, where they manipulate and assume the control of only twenty- one of thirty phases of this primary energy or seven ultimatonic energy segregations per each of the three currents of primary energy.


Now, these seven energy segregations continue further, from the seats of the Power Centers, as the united specialized directed currents of organized electronic energy power responding to the needs of the local/ linear gravity of matter universe, serving as the specialized directed currents of  localized energies of time and space for the specific purposes of the local universe centers, their constellations and local systems.


Such directed path of energy as the “river of life”, continue to be streamlined through the subdivisions of the superuniverse space as the individualized currents of the energy- power, from one Power Center to another, or from one Physical Controller of energy to the other, and all within the phases and subphases of undifferentiated space energy, similar to the presence of the currents of the gulf-stream within the various depth segments of the vast ocean waters. (1)




                                  Picture 3. Superuniverse central nebulae





The superuniverses sub-dimensional architectural worlds are distributed within

the three phases and their sub-phases of the superuniverse primary space energy “ether”

according to the following scheme:


The superuniverse first primary energy “spiritual” phase with its three subphases:


Superuniverses                                 7 /  1 superunivese (  10 major sectors )      1 trillion worlds

Major sectors                                  70 /  1 major sector  (100 minor sectors )  100 billion worlds

Minor sectors                             7,000 /  1 minor sector ( 100 universes )  1 billion worlds


Second primary energy “morontia” (quasi-material) phase with its three subphases: 


Local universes                      700,000 /  1 universe        ( 100 constellations )  10 million worlds

Constellations                   70,000,000 /  1 constellation  ( 100 local systems )     100,000 worlds

Local systems              7,000,000,000 /  1 local system          has approx. 1,000 inhabited worlds


Third primary energy “physical” phase is evolutionary and has about 1 trillion worlds.


The above phases of the superuniverse Great Central Sun with its created and evolutionary

spheres within can be also presented as in Picture 4.(3)




 Picture 4. The organization of superuniverse within its dimensional etheric phases                                                                




In this Paper the streamlining of the Paradise energies and the superuniverse created

time-space worlds scheme within the sub-superuniverse space ethers have been examined.


It has been stated that the physical suns and their planetary worlds are not created but are

of the nebular evolutionary origin, and are therefore different in this respect from the

morontia and spirit created and organized architectural worlds of time and space.


The originations of the physical nebulae and their sun systems are not directly related to

any created administrative units of space within the organized superuniverse great central

sun, such as minor sectors or local universes.


The third primary space energy evolutionary physical phase with its three subphases has

about 7,000,000,000,000 inhabited planets of nebular origin per 7 superuniverses of time

and space, or about 1,000,000,000,000 inhabited planets per one superuniverse.





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