CEDOMIL VUGRINCIC, M.D., Ph.D.
                                             February 2006
         PAPER 39







5 billion years ago the planet Urantia’s solar system was a comparatively isolated blazing orb, having gathered to itself most of the near-by circulating matter of space, remnants of the recent upheaval which attended its own birth.

Today, Urantia’s sun has achieved relative stability, but its eleven and one-half year sunspot cycles betray that it was a variable star in its youth. In the early days this sun has continued to contract and consequent gradual increase of temperature initiated tremendous convulsions on its surface. These titanic heaves required three and one-half days to complete a cycle of varying brightness. This variable state, this periodic pulsation, rendered Urantia’s sun highly responsive to certain outside influences which were to be shortly encountered.

Thus was the stage of local space set for the unique origin of Monmatia, the Urantia sun's planetary family, the solar system to which this world belongs. Less than one per cent of the planetary systems of the Orvonton superuniverse has had a similar origin.

Creation of the Orvonton #7 superuniverse Spirit- and Morontia- worlds of time and space has been covered in The Urantia Book in more details, and in the next two Papers only the evolution of the Andronover galaxy and the Urantia planet and its life will be briefly discussed.

Let us now examine in this Paper the evolution of the Andronover’s galactic life.



200,000,000,000 years ago witnessed the progression of contraction and condensation with enormous heat generation in the Andronover’s central cluster, or nuclear mass. Relative space appeared even in the regions near the central mother-sun wheel. The outer regions were becoming more stabilized and better organized; some planets revolving around the newborn central suns had cooled sufficiently to be suitable for life implantation. The oldest inhabited planets of Nebadon date from these times.

From here the completed Nebadon’s local universe mechanism first begins to function, and Michael's creation is registered on Orvonton’s superuniverse headquarters Uversa as a local universe of inhabitation and progressive mortal ascension.

75,000,000,000 years ago Andronover had attained the height of its sun-family stage. This was the apex of the first period of sun losses. The majority of these central suns have since possessed themselves of extensive systems of planets, satellites, dark islands, comets, meteors, and cosmic dust clouds.

50,000,000,000 years ago this first period of sun dispersion was completed; the nebula was fast finishing its tertiary cycle of existence, during which it gave origin to 876,926 sun systems and their planetary life. This is the period when Nebadon’s morontial Archangelic Lords of Light were brought into the Andronover’s physical galaxy in vast multitudes.

25,000,000,000 years ago witnessed the completion of the tertiary cycle of nebular life and brought about the organization and relative stabilization of the far-flung starry systems derived from this parent nebula. But the process of physical contraction and increased heat production continued in the central mass of the nebular remnant.

10,000,000,000 years ago the quartan cycle of Andronover began. The maximum of nuclear-mass temperature had been attained; the critical point of condensation was approaching. The original mother nucleus was convulsing under the combined pressure of its own internal-heat condensation tension and the increasing gravity-tidal pull of the surrounding swarm of liberated sun systems. The nuclear eruptions which were to inaugurate the second nebular sun cycle were imminent. The quartan cycle of nebular existence was about to begin.

8,000,000,000 years ago the terrific terminal eruption began. Only the outer systems are safe at the time of such a cosmic upheaval. And this was the beginning of the end of the Andronover nebula. This final sun disgorgement extended over a period of almost two billion years.

7,000,000,000 years ago witnessed the height of the Andronover terminal breakup. This was the period of the birth of the larger terminal central suns and the apex of the local physical disturbances.

6,000,000,000 years ago marks the end of the terminal breakup and the birth of Monmatia sun, the fifty-sixth from the last of the Andronover second solar family. This final eruption of the nebular nucleus gave birth to 136,702 suns, most of them solitary orbs. The total number of suns and sun systems having origin in the Andronover nebula was 1,013,628. The number of the Monmatia solar system is 1,013,572.

The mechanisms and types of the evolutionary planetary life are discussed in The Urantia Book and in the Papers on (Ref. 1, 2)

25,000,000 years ago the Andronover’s special organization of physical life, The Alliance of the Legions of the Light, was first created in a region near the Constellation of Gemini. The divine purpose of this first confederacy was to act as the mediator for the various known forces of Light in the Milky Way Galaxy in transforming the ignorant dark worlds, involved in endless evolutionary galactic wars, into the enlighted (in-light-developed) planetary systems.

During the next 20 million years of the great galactic conflict, the forces of Light and the forces of dark moved around the galaxy as if they were playing at a gigantic game of musical chairs. 

Over the next 15 million years, the legions of God’s Light took their places on many home-worlds in a great number of solar systems, where they were repeatedly attacked by  the dark forces.

The dark forces have enslaved the physical minds of the Urantia’s humanity into the fear and guilt over 12 million years ago, and still today the planetary cabal’s over-mastermind has been using this methods to condition and dominate the human planetary consciousness.

Urantia’s human souls originated, as Physical UltiMate Atom (PUMA) “star-seeds”, mostly from many other solar systems throughout this galaxy and all volunteered to participate in their total solar immersion into the limited Urantia’s consciousness in order to bring also this planet into the Supreme God’s Light. 

About 5 million years ago, the divine thoughts of mercy and grace began to manifest a new and wide-ranging set of allies who banded together under the banner of Light with their main concern of fulfillment of prophecy under the umbrella of the Christ Michael’s local universe governments educational programs.

The Galactic Federation of Light (GFL) was founded about 4 million years ago with the intentions of Light forces to establish and maintain Creator’s Love, Grace and everlasting Compassion of pure and balanced thoughts of the Supreme’s Divine Light in this galaxy.

The Galactic Federation of Light represents itself the organic union of freely associated star-nations and inter-galactic emissaries which includes an impressive spiritual liaison mission formed by these various intergalactic emissaries. They have all joined together to create a natural network, enabling the free flow of Light in all of its magnificence throughout the Milky Way Galaxy. (Ref. 3)

Presently GFL is now at the Urantia’s doorstep, awaiting for an appropriate moment to make their first official and visible contact with the people of this planet. (Ref. 4)


Creator moves His divine thoughts within the realm of Spirit. This process sets the divine plan into motion. With each such clear intention, He has also brought forth the realms of the physical. Creators sacred intent has lead to the revelation of the essential duality of this Creation and its cosmic “ground rules” of manifestation. Within its rules it allows this Creation to accomplish its sacred purpose: to evolve within stronger and more intense spiritual Light. This necessitates interaction and transformation of the evolutionary dark forces. Ever since the first inception of the planetary life, the evolving Andronover’s nebular dark worlds have been continuously purified by the Creator’s forces of Light on their ascension path to the Supreme’s Life and Light. The shift into the higher consciousness of Light has been now accelerating the Monmatia solar system and its planet Urantia through the Christ Michaels Teaching Mission in this planetary Correcting Time.

Creation of the evolutionary planetary life has provided physicality with myriad of lessons and experiences that have enabled evolving physical Angels (physical-morontial humans) to better understand the needs of the evolving physical planetary systems, their environment and life.

Thus the divine plan provides many co-creative opportunities by which the physical creation’s potential can unfold. The evolutionary dark side’s reflective or dissonant energies give Light an opportunity to refine itself as it grows in the Supreme God‘s wisdom.

Case in point are the Urantia’ planetary wars which have allowed the Light to produce creative solutions to free this evolutionary planet from its still present dark forces in order for planet and its humanity to ascend into the higher dimensions of Light. Presently, the Urantia’s predominant three dimensional (3D) consciousness with its dark side ignorance and instincts is in the process of transformation, under the influence of the collective forces of Light’s Divine Wisdom, into the fifth dimensional (5D) state of the awaken planetary consciousness.



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