In Creator’s Image (I)


                                CEDOMIL VUGRINCIC, M.D., Ph.D.
                                                 April 2006
         PAPER 41




The universe life does not appear spontaneously in the Universe.

Life patterns are configurations of the energies that have already fulfilled all of their mass-gravity response of either created or evolved life and they present the life energy “Thought Blueprints” within the Divine Reality Essence of God Absolute and as such constitute the animation of some pattern, configured or otherwise segregated system manifested in the Universe by its 1st S&C Universe Absolute God or the Universe Father 1st S&C God Absolute.

Therefore, the Universe 1st Source and Center (1st S&C) Creator Person is the First Creative Cause of all consequent created and evolved Universe life.





The meaning of the name GOD ABSOLUTE signifies the Absolute “I AM” SELF-conscious DIVINE ESSENCE of everything that WAS, IS and WILL BE in His Absolute harmonious stillness of NOW. In NOW all the God Absolute I AM-SELF Essence realizations are instant, thus in His instant Absolute mind of NOW He contains entire creations and evolutions that always were, are and will be.


The meaning of the name UNIVERSAL GOD ABSOLUTE - In His desire for Self-revelation of His I AM SELF Divine Essence, The God Absolute has revealed Him-Self through His CONCENTRATED (CONCENTRIC ACTION REALIZED) Thoughts of His SINGULARITY (SINGLE REALITY) universal Tai-Chi focus thus called - the 1ST Source and Center of the UNIVERSAL (UNI /single, continuous/ VERSE REAL) GOD ABSOLUTE ATON (ATOM). (Picture 1)




     Picture 1. Tai-Chi Absolute Divine Reality thought force flow from the 1st S&C (2,3)





From His 1st and CENTRAL SINGULARITY SOURCE & CENTER The Father has transformed Him-Self into the CENTRAL DUALITY S&C and then into the CENTRAL TRINITY S&C ATON or ALPHA SEPTON. The GOD ABSOLUTE’s Divine Thoughts have instantly extended, refracted and polarized His lines of Thought Force creating thus the “Septenary Paradise”.

Through this process The Father, the 1st S&C of the Universal Absolute God, has instantly differentiated His Qualified-SELF into the qualified Absolute upper Paradise Trinity (Father-Son-Conjoint Actor) Spirit Sources and Centers and, via the Absolute Divine Essence Karmic Reciprocity Laws of ACTION-REACTION, separated from the unqualified nether or lower/Mother/ Paradise centers. (Picture 2)




                            Picture 2. 1st S&C Septenary Aton and Paradise Centers


Life blueprints flow from the Paradise Father (the First Source and Center of the Universal Absolute God), through His Eternal Son (the Second Source and Center), then through the Infinite Spirit of Wholeness of the Conjoint Actor (the Third Source and Center), and these actualizing life pattern then begin to manifest through the local universes of time and space evolving back to the Paradise.





The term COSMOS  signifies the cause (COSa NOStra, our cause) of the whole universe life,

the UNIVERSALIZATION (UNIVERSe reALIZATION) of the whole (“Holly”) universe life (UNI-VERSE, unified verse of life), where the action-upper and the reaction-nether Paradise centers/chakras are wholly reflected through the Paradise Majeston reflectivity center in the space-force energy-matter creations and evolutions of time-space Grand universe which then return back to the Paradise Father.





Paradise Godheads (Spirit Trinity) have the dominion over the entire universe creation.

Therefore the Universe Father, the Paradise First Source and Center, is the initiator and the originator of everything that we know and understand to be the Grand Universe and beyond.


The upper Paradise Spirit Absolutes (Paradise Higher Absolute Self Spirit Trinity) and the nether Paradise Absolute reactive three center counterparts (Paradise Lower Absolute Self) are mirror images (enantiomorphs) as it has been presented in the Picture 3.





                   Picture 3. Cosmic Tai-Chi interchange between Upper Paradise

                                    (Father action  Alpha) and Nether Paradise Absolutes

                                    (Mother reaction-Omega) (4,modif.)


They reflect their action-reaction karmic enantiomorphic relationship, through the Paradise Majeston center, into the space-force energy-matter of the Grand universe (Picture 4)





                         Picture 4. Alpha-Omega Male-Female Cosmic Interchange (5,modif.)


The Universal Absolute I AM of the Divine Absolute God’s Reality Essence has, therefore, within His Paradise heart nucleus, three Spirit Higher Self Centers (God the Father, the Eternal Son, and the Conjoint Actor) as the three Spirit Absolute Deity Aspects- The Godheads; the Paradise Majeston Center at the nexus of the “Upper” Paradise of the Absolute Trinity Spirits and three nether or “Lower” Paradise Absolute reactive centers; and three reactive Paradise “Lower” Self Centers as the three Almighty Absolute Unqualified Nether Paradise Aspects through which the primary space potentials are initially transformed into space force, the precursor of the primary space energies of the time-space universe. (Picture 5)





                  Picture 5. Upper Paradise Spirit Trinity, Paradise Majeston Center and

                                   the Nether Paradise Almighty Trinity Absolutes of the Universal

                                   Absolute I AM GOD’s Presence


Therefore, the Paradise upper Spirit (Father, Alpha) and lower Almighty (Mother, Omega) “mold” all space-force energy-matter form manifestations. Paradise spirit is the source of all life thought-form actuals while Paradise Almighty is the reactive absolute force of all form-potential manifestations in the universe. Vast stream of Father/Alpha spirit and Mother/Omega Unqualified Almighty “stamped” space-force of potentialized life blueprints proceeding from the Isle of Paradise has never lapsed proving the everlasting existence of the Universal Absolute God of the Absolute God’s Divine Reality Essence.

Creation of pure spirit energy and the bestowal of spirit light and life are the prerogatives of personal will and all-wise mandate of the Universal Father, the personal God and the Paradise First Source and Center of all creation.

The Eternal Son, the Second Source and Center modifies this pure spirit energy by his co-ordinate acts and decisions, and conjoint spiritual purposes of Father and Son then become executed by the Conjoint Actor, the Third Source and Center.

As stated previously all three absolute spirit centers and sources (the Father, the Son and the Conjoint Actor) have the permanent abode in the upper Paradise.


The universe free space has the energy-matter forming potential. Free space and space potency is under the personal control of Universal Father while its modification is in totality the operating function of the Unqualified Absolute of nether Paradise. This process indigenous to the nether side of Paradise embraces three concentric zones of absolute space force presence and performance: the central zone of the Unqualified Absolute, zone of the Paradise itself and the intervening compensating and harmonizing or equalizing zone, all three constituting the center of the Paradise cycle of cosmic energy-matter reality.


The gravity responding Paradise primary space energy charge carries the potential of the universe energy power and becomes the active ancestor of all universe matter resulting from the pressure-presence and the tension- trends of the catalytic property of the Secondary or the Associate Paradise Master Force Organizers.

Passing from the Puissant to the gravity stage, this primary energy charge becomes rapidly responsive to the circular absolute Paradise gravity disclosing certain potential for the sensitivity to the linear gravity pull inherent in the soon appearing material mass of the electronic and post- electronic stages of the superuniverse energy. Upon the appearance of the linear gravity response, the Associate Master Force Organizers retire from the energy cyclones of space as soon as the Universe Power Directors are assigned to that field.

Although all energy is circulating the Paradise, the Universe Power Directors direct the force- energies of nether Paradise for modifications in the space functions of the central and super- universes, converting and directing these energies into channels for useful application.





Within the Geometry Of Divine Absolute (The God Absolute) and through the Person of the Universal God, the Divine thoughts with the actual life blueprints, flow from the Paradise Father-the First Source and Center, through His Eternal Son-the Second Source and Center, and through the Conjoint Actor-the Third Source and Center into the peripheral universes of time and place as the absolute space force potentialized, i.e. the Absolute Divine Reality life thought forms to be potential energy-matter realized in time and space. The actualized life blueprint potentials, as the Divine fragments of the God Absolute, then return back through the Paradise 1st Source and Center origin to the Absolute God’s Divine Reality Essence.


The word COSMOS (COSa NOStra, our cause), therefore, reveals the Paradise Father- the 1st Source and Center as the 1st Source and Center of the Absolute God’s Divine Reality Essence of the whole universe life and its realizations and manifestations, the UNI-VERSE- REALITY- MANIFEST-ACTIONS.

Another way to understand this is to think about the living conscious Absolute (Eternal and Infinite) Reality Essence of the GOD ABSOLUTE as the aura of  the UNIVERSAL GOD ABSOLUTE, manifesting His living “I AM” presence through the Paradise S&C’s, beginning with the 1st S&C, in all Universe creative and evolutionary realizations as the “I AM that I AM”.





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