In Creator’s Image (IV)


                                CEDOMIL VUGRINCIC, M.D., Ph.D.
                                                  July 2006
         PAPER 44





Absoluton is the primary energy unit or the“atom”of Paradise Absolute reality, ultimaton is the

primary atom of the created superuniverses of time and space, electron is the primary atom

of morontial local universes and the ultimate atom of physical matter or physical ultimaton

(PUMA) is the primary atom of the physical evolutionary worlds.

Paradise absoluton, as the building energy unit, is in the center and “behind” the Grand

universe ultimaton, and so is the superuniverse ultimaton “behind” the electron by its cosmic frequency interval, and similarly the electron “behind” the physical ultimaton of matter.

The energy form of the ultimate atom of the physical matter (or physical ultimaton) is

shown below in the Picture 1.



                                           Picture 1. Physical UltiMate Atom (PUMA)





As stated above, through the universe energy inter-connectivity the Paradise absolute atoms,

(the absolutons or ATONs /Alpha Septons/), reflect their forces all the way “down” to the

Physical UltiMate Atoms (PUMAs) of the physical inorganic and organic matter of the “outer”

or “without” worlds.


Primordial space energy as the force potential of cosmos Alpha/Omega are always inseparably

intertwined in every atom of matter form thus always indicating presence of the Divine Life

within physical matter manifestations. The cycling process takes place correspondingly in all the

lesser cycles and on all planes.


In “A textbook of Theosophy” (1),p.18-20, the following excerpts relate to the formation of matter:

“.…mighty breath…. of a Being…. has formed within this aether incalculable number of tiny

spherical bubbles ( i.e. “tiny holes dug in space aether”), and these bubbles are the ultimate atoms

of which what we call matter is composed. They are not the atoms of the chemist… and what we

call ( chemical ) atoms are composed (later) of vast aggregations of these bubbles….When the

Solar Deity begins to make his system, he finds ready ….the infinite mass of tiny bubbles which can

be built up into various kinds of matter as we know it. He commences by defining the limit of his

field of activity….the sphere….and sets up the gigantic vortex of bubbles.

Into this vast revolving sphere he sends forth successive impulses of force, gathering together

the bubbles into ever more and more complex aggregations, and producing in this way seven

gigantic interpenetrating worlds of matter of different degrees of density, all concentric and all

occupying the same space.

Through seven main combinations, seven density subdivisions of physical inorganic matter were

formed, and they were given the following names:

- atomic(PUMA), sub-atomic, super-etheric, etheric, gaseous, liquid and solid. (Picture 2)


Various aggregations of PUMAs make the chemical atoms of the physical worlds, and physical chemical elements are the principal energy units of the inorganic and organic planetary matter.

Physical atoms are the “building blocks” of the evolutionary inorganic physical non-life forms  where they have only mechanical or non-teachable consciousness, while in the evolving organic living forms they have teachable minds with potential for their mind expansion.


Chemical atoms are the end products of the process of various ultimate atom aggregations and

they have been classified according to their atomic weights into periodic system of physical


Periodic system of chemical elements begins with the hydrogen atom (H) as its first member.

Seven subdivision aggregations of H-element formation have been shown below in the Picture 2.




           Picture 2- Seven subaggregate forms of hydrogen- E1,E2,E3,E4,gas,liquid and solid



Hydrogen atom (H) as the first element of periodic element system was given atomic weight of 1.

Clairvoyant theosophists have observed that H-atom is composed of 18 ultimate atoms (PUMAs)

arranged in a complex aggregate, which together with the above nomenclature for the first

chemical element H, means that the physical ultimatonic weight of 18 PUMAs = weight of one H

(hydrogen) chemical atom.

Oxygen (O) chemical atom was observed to have 290 physical ultimate atoms (PUMAs), which

divided by 18 H-PUMAs (O/H=290/18), gives the O-chemical atomic weight of 16.11. (2, p.98).


TWO TYPES OF PUMAs (The Physical UltiMate Atoms)

Not one but two ultimate types of the corpuscular physical energy units were described by the Theosophists.

A.Bessant and C.W.Leadbeater have clairvoyantly detected two types of PUMAs structurally existing as the enantiomorphs, i.e. mirror image of each other. In their ultimate states of physical matter they were alike in everything save the direction of their whorls and of the force which pours through them. (3)


The above Theosophists have called the atoms from which force comes out POSITIVE or MALE; those through which it disappears, NEGATIVE or FEMALE. All physical chemical atoms, as observed, were constituted of one or the other of these two forms. (Picture 3 – Physical UltiMate Atoms, PUMAs)




Picture 3. Male (Positive; Clockwise) and Female (Negative, Counter-clockwise) PUMAs





In Paper 43 has been stated that the Male and Female PUMA patterns in the organic and

in-organic planetary matter always thrive to maintain their overall +/- polarity energy stability.






Picture 4. PUMA Male=Female patterns energy polarity equilibrium within the planetary matter


In previous Papers on  have also been discussed existence and

similar relationship of the Male and Female PUMA patterns within the living physical solar cells which through the extension of their lines of force from their ego-centers then differentiate their cell sex patterns into either male or female characteristics. (Picture 5 - Human PUMA ego-centric Male and Female sex differentiation)




                     Picture 5.  Human PUMA Male and Female physical energy patterns





The ultimatons are the primary measurable energy units of the three phases of Paradise space

energies which are processed further from the superuniverse headquarters “downwards” to the

planetary levels by the superuniverse Power Centers and their associates.

Sevenfold ultimatonic-electronic current is decelerated into seven-phased morontial or

quasi-physical matter and then further “down” into seven-phased physical evolutionary matter.

The space energy ultimaton is the primary atom (aton= alpha septon= 10 septenary/sevenfold

unit of energy) of the spiritual phases of the superuniverses of time and space, while the electrons

and physical ultimate atoms are the primary energy units of their respective morontial and

physical phases.

As the superuniverse sevenfold ultimatonic-electronic-physical atomic energy is decelerated,

the elemental matter is continusly formed in each of the superuniverse “inert” space energy phase

(space blanket or “ether”).

Ultimatons are therefore elemental energy units used in the formation of the electronic matter,

and the electrons likewise in the formation of the physical matter, each being separated from each

other only by the 7-fold space or “cosmic” interval.

Physical ultimate atom (“physical ultimaton”) is further manipulated through seven physical

subphases, making in each subphase recombinant type of aggregations, with final result being the

formation of the chemical atoms of physical matter.

Physical elements, as the end product of the various physical ultimatonic aggregations, have been

classified according to their atomic weight into the periodic system of chemical elements.

Physical chemical elements are the principal factors in the formation of the inorganic and organic

matter, as the prerequisite forms of matter necessary for the formation of the mechanical

(non-teachable) mind, pre-life mind, and the teachable (non-mechanical) mind in the evolution of

the planetary life.






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