In Creator’s Image (VI)


                                CEDOMIL VUGRINCIC, M.D., Ph.D.
                                            September 2006
         PAPER 46







In has been stated in previous Papers that the Male and Female Physical UltiMate

Atoms (PUMAs) energy patterns in the organic and in-organic planetary matter always

thrive to maintain their organizational overall +/- polarity energy stability within the

organized energy unit whether planet or its life, such as human.






                  Picture 1. Planetary PUMA Male & Female energy patterns






                  Picture 2.  Human PUMA Male and Female energy patterns





There are seven main PUMA involutionary stages density subdivisions of physical

inorganic matter formed as observed by clairevoyant Theosophists, and they were given

the following names:


- atomic (PUMA), sub-atomic, super-etheric, etheric, gaseous, liquid and solid. (1)


Various aggregations of PUMAs make the chemical atoms of the physical worlds,

and the physical chemical elements are the principal energy units of the inorganic

and organic planetary matter, and as such the physical chemical atoms are the “building

blocks” of the evolutionary inorganic physical non-life forms  where they have only

mechanical or non-teachable consciousness, while in the evolving organic living forms they

have teachable minds with potential for their mind expansion.


Chemical atoms are the end products of the process of various ultimate atom aggregations

and they have been classified according to their atomic weights into periodic system of

physical chemical elements.

Periodic system of chemical elements begins with the hydrogen atom (H) as its first member.

Seven stages of involution aggregations for Hydrogen element are shown below in Picture 5.






         Picture 3- Seven involutionary stages of hydrogen- E1,E2,E3,E4,gas,liquid and solid



Hydrogen atom (H) as the first element of periodic element system was given atomic weight

of 1.

Clairvoyant theosophists have observed that H-atom is composed of 18 ultimate atoms

(PUMAs) arranged in a complex aggregate which, in the above nomenclature for the first

chemical element H in periodic system of chemical elements, means that the physical

ultimatonic weight of 18 PUMAs equals (=) the weight of one H (hydrogen) chemical atom.

Oxygen (O) chemical atom was observed to have 290 physical ultimate atoms (PUMAs),

which divided by 18 H-PUMAs (O/H=290/18), gives the O-chemical atomic weight of 16.11.

Similarly derived was the nitrogen’s atomic weight of 261. (Picture 4)




  Picture 4. Seven involutionary PUMA stages of Hydrogen, Oxygen and Nitrogen



In the below table the authors  have listed also the other chemical elements examined;


The First column gives the names, the asterisk affixed to some indicating that they have

not yet been discovered by orthodox chemistry.


The Second column gives the number of ultimate physical atoms (PUMAs) contained in

one chemical atom of the element concerned.


The Third column gives the weight as compared with hydrogen, taken as 18, and this is

obtained by dividing the calculated number of ultimate atoms (PUMAs) by 18.


The Fourth column gives the recognized “weight-number”, mostly according to the latest

list of atomic weights, the “International List” of 1905, given in Erdmann’s “Lehrbuch der Unorganischen Chemie”. These weights differ from those hitherto accepted, and are

generally lighter than those given in earlier text-books.

It is interesting to note that authors accounting endorses the earlier numbers, for the most part, and time will prove if the later observations will endorse the last results of orthodox chemistry,

or confirm those of the theosophical authors.





             Picture 5. “Theosophical List” of Physical Chemical Elements





It has been previously discussed in Papers on that the Absoluton

is the primary energy unit or the“ATOM” (Alpha sepTON) of the Paradise Absolute reality,

the SU Ultimaton is the primary atom of the created superuniverses of time and space,

the Electron is the primary atom of morontial local universes, and the Physical UltiMate Atom (PUMA) is the primary atom of the elements of the physical evolutionary worlds.


Physical elements, as the end product of the various physical PUMA aggregations, have been classified into the periodic system of chemical elements according to their atomic weights.

Physical chemical elements as such are the principal factors in the formation of the inorganic

and organic matter, and are the prerequisite forms of matter necessary for the formation of

the mechanical (non-teachable) mind, pre-life mind, and the teachable (non-mechanical) mind

 in the evolution of the planetary life.





1. Occult chemistry, A. Besant and C. W. Leadbeater, The Theosophical Publishing House