In Creator’s Image (IX)


                                CEDOMIL VUGRINCIC, M.D., Ph.D.
                                            December 2006
         PAPER 49






It has been previously discussed in Papers on that the Absoluton

is the primary energy unit or the“ATOM” (Alpha sepTON) of the Paradise Absolute reality,

the SU Ultimaton is the primary atom of the created superuniverses of time and space,

the Electron is the primary atom of morontial local universes, and the Physical UltiMate

Atom (PUMA) is the primary atom of the physical evolutionary worlds.


The PUMA energy form is shown below in Picture 1.




                                 Picture 1. Physical UltiMate Atom (PUMA)


TWO TYPES OF PUMAs (The Physical UltiMate Atoms)

Not one but two ultimate types of the corpuscular physical energy units were described by

the clairvoyant Theosophists.

All physical chemical atoms, as observed, were constituted of one or the other of these two

PUMA energy forms. (Picture 2)









Picture 2. Male (Positive; Clockwise) and Female (Negative, Counter-clockwise) PUMAs





In has been stated in previous Papers that the Male and Female PUMA energy patterns in

the organic and in-organic planetary matter always thrive to maintain their organizational

overall +/- polarity energy stability within the organized energy unit such as the evolutionary







Picture 3. PUMA Male=Female energy polarity patterns within the planetary matter



PUMAs are present within the planetary matter evident through the so called “Platonic

Solids” matter geometry. (Picture 4A and 4B) (1)




                                                    Picture 4A. Five Platonic solids


                               Picture 4B.  3D shapes of five Platonic Solids


The Five Platonic solids are visible within the elemental matter geometry as presented

below in the Periodic System of Elements (Periodic Law after Crookes).  (Picture 5)




         Picture 5. Periodic System of Chemical Elements grouped by Crookes according to

                          their Platonic Solids Geometry


Chemical elements appear in the ladder of the planetary evolutionary succession of

life-waves, according to the Theosophical teachings, evolving from the elemental nature

through minerals, vegetable, animals and finally human kingdom, as presented below in

Pictures 6 and 7 (2):



                                   Picture 6. The Path of the evolutionary Life-waves


In the Urantia Book we find informative paragraphs about the evolution of planetary life (3):


P.561 - §15 It is quite impossible for you to envisage the environment which prevails during the early ages of some worlds. These unusual conditions make it necessary for the evolving animal life to remain in its marine nursery habitat for longer periods than on those planets which very early provide a hospitable land-and-atmosphere environment. Conversely, on some worlds of the superbreathers, when the planet is not too large, it is sometimes expedient to provide for a mortal type which can readily negotiate atmospheric passage. These air navigators sometimes intervene between the water and land groups, and they always live in a measure upon the ground, eventually evolving into land dwellers. P.562 - §0  But on some worlds, for ages they continue to fly even after they have become land-type beings.

P.562 - §1 It is both amazing and amusing to observe the early civilization of a primitive race of human beings taking shape, in one case, in the air and treetops and, in another, midst the shallow waters of sheltered tropic basins, as well as on the bottom, sides, and shores of these marine gardens of the dawn races of such extraordinary spheres. Even on Urantia there was a long age during which primitive man preserved himself and advanced his primitive civilization by living for the most part in the treetops as did his earlier arboreal ancestors. And on Urantia you still have a group of diminutive mammals (the bat family) that are air navigators, and your seals and whales, of marine habitat, are also of the mammalian order.

P.562 - §2 In Satania, of the elemental types, seven per cent are water, ten per cent air, seventy per cent land, and thirteen per cent combined land-and-air types. But these modifications of early intelligent creatures are neither human fishes nor human birds. They are of the human and prehuman types, neither superfishes nor glorified birds but distinctly mortal.





             Picture 7. Life wave evolutionary path from mineral to Super-Human sphere of




The PUMA auric presence of the human ( Picture 8) to superhuman will be discussed in the future Papers on  .





                  Picture 8.  Human PUMA Male and Female energy patterns






Physical elements, as the end product of the various physical PUMA aggregations, have

been classified into the periodic system of “Platonic Solids” geometry of chemical elements.

Physical chemical elements as such are the principal factors in the formation of the inorganic

and organic matter, and are the prerequisite forms of matter necessary for the formation of

the mechanical (non-teachable) mind, pre-life mind, and the teachable (non-mechanical) mind

of the planetary life evolving, by the extensions of the life force through it, through the planetary physical life-wave stages from the basic elemental reactive consciousness to its actualized

ascending super-human mind potentials.





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