In Creator’s Image (XXI)


                            CEDOMIL VUGRINCIC, M.D., Ph.D.
                                         December 2007





In PAPER 60 has been stated: ‘The “body” of God’s Universe Supreme is in it-Self a giant macro-holographic vortex of purposeful energy of unified intelligent Self stemming from the Paradise center. The Universe and all of its Creations and Evolutions of time and space are therefore of the Intelligent Design and so are you as the solar micro-holographic vortex of actualizing Supreme’s time-space potentials.   

Each soul, within this Supreme’s universal macro-holographic vortex of the universal Oneness of time and space, manifests it-self as the Male or Female PUMA micro-holographic wave-particle vortex evolving its-self mindfully and purposefully "up".

The solar minds of such wave-particles evolve initially through the processes of their physical interferences with the Nebadonia’s local universe Adjutant Mind circuits of spirit anti-gravity from “above” and from the interferences with each other of the Physical UltiMate Atomic (PUMA) organic and inorganic matter gravity from “below”.

Each physical soul has inherent Paradise energy drive to actualize its God given potentials while thriving to ascend with other energy dispensations of its evolutionary “class” from its physical mortal realm toward the realms of immortality returning back to its original Paradise source. (see also the,







                                                            Picture 1. Vortex top view





                                                   Picture 2. PUMA super-coiled vortex hologram



 In previous Papers has been stated that the PUMA-atom has three proper (independent) motions of its own:


-         It turns incessantly upon its own axis,

-         Has a regular pulsation (contraction and expansion), and

-         Has up and down wobble gyrations.


The rapid motions between the PUMA electric charge-polarities and the magnetic-mass of the PUMA wave-particles, seen as the PUMA vortex spin-pulsations and the expansion-contractions, represent the electric in/out-pulse action and magnetic expansion/contraction reactive interplay process of the evolving geo-magnetic, electro-magnetic and the electro-chemical physical universe.



                                                                      +                  -


  -                  +                                                                                                                 

                Picture 3. M-F UltiMate Atom of Physical matter (PUMA) vortex holograms



Schematic Male-Female PUMA vortex energy interactions are shown below in Picture 4 A-C.


                             +                               -                                +                               -


                             -                               +                               -                                +


                     Picture 4A. Male and Female PUMA Vortex energies directional flows 



                                 +                            -                             +                             -


                                 -                             +                             -                              +


Picture 4B. M-F PUMA Vortexes “COMBINED” DOMINANT Energy Charges and Polarities



                            +                              -                             +                             -


                            -                              +                             -                             +


Picture 4C. M-F PUMA Wave-Particle Electro-Magnetic Vortex Energy Relationship



As demonstrated above and below the M-F PUMAs have 90º out of phase relationship

in their electric and magnetic wave-particles interactions.





       Picture 5. 90º out of phase between the Electric and Magnetic Waves of Light (1)



D.Vogt & G.Sultan’s explanation of the Multi-Dimensional Reality (MDR) (Picture 5) is:

“We (authors) agree with Maxwell’s concept of light being an electromagnetic wave except for one point. The idea that the E (electrostatic field vector) and H (magnetic field vector) wave pulsate in phase is INCORRECT because it goes against all observations in electronics, from

the back electromotive force in a coil, to the fact that a current lags the magnetic field by 90º out of phase. To look at it logically, (Figure 4.8) the magnetic information must be present before the information of the electrostatic field. We perceive these oscillations as happening simultaneously only because the frequency at which it is oscillating is too rapid for our detection.”(1, edit/modif.)’


One point of disagreement with Vogt and Sultan’s above statement is that in the interactions between the electro-magnetic wave-particles the initial electric impulse (in-pulse) phase always precedes the magnetic-matter expansion-contraction response.

Electric in-pulse represents the qualitative/higher aspect (spirit active analog in live matter) while the magnetic reaction represents the quantitative/lower aspect (or matter re-active analog) in their action-reaction cosmic interplay.


In the in-organic matter these E-M interferences generate the mechanical non-teachable matter consciousness/awareness, while in the organic living organisms their interferences generate the non-mechanical spirit teachable MIND (Memory INDuction).


Through evolution many of these physical E-M action-reaction interferences have become automatic. The examples in humans would be the left heart electric action in-pulse followed by the left ventricular blood in-filling response, hunger in-pulse followed by food in-take etc.








                                                                       +                  -


   -                  +   




                         Picture 8. M-F UltiMate Atom of Physical matter (PUMA) Vortexes









                                                           +                                          -


                                                           -                                           +

                                                 Picture 9. Vortex central induction coil


                                                            +                                  -


                                                             -                                 +

                 Picture 10. Graphics of M-F vortex central coils and the induction fields



         Pictures 11 A-C. M-F PUMA vortexes electro-magnetic relationships


                                                             +                                  -


                                                           -                                  +


                          Picture 11 A. M-F PUMAs animated E-M interferences motions




                                                                +                          -


                                                               -                            +


                                   Picture 11 B. Human M-F PUMA E-M interferences


                                                                 +                          -                                                            


                                                                 -                            +



                          Picture 11C. Human M-F PUMA E-M auric fields interferences





The universe creation-evolution process is the process of sharing both ways by the holographic vortex interference Paradise patterns spiritual download and the evolutionary experiential life ascending mind upload.

In this process the time-space universe life contributes to the actualization of the God Supreme and the God Supreme contributes back to its time-space universe life.

This is a cyclical process of engagement and then release of the space energy through the holographic vortex interferences which continues throughout the entire actualization and ascension growth of the Supreme Being in Light and Life.

The connecting dimension that is usually transparent but very real--called spirit—is the dimension that is tying everyone and everything together no matter how disparate or unknown to each other they are.

The holographic vortex 1º causative action ripples and (-1º) re-active counter-ripples and 2º action ripples and (-2º) re-active counter-ripples etc. are all bouncing back and forth and influencing each other and only in the moments of stillness the observing subject can sense all these ripples bouncing around inside his/her mind--all a wonderful appreciation of the inter-connectedness and oneness (wholeness) of the universe life.

With the formation of the Physical UltiMate Atomic (PUMA) vortices, their indwelling forces bring many of spin combinations of ultimate atoms into play mainly through their forces of attraction or repulsion within surrounding undifferentiated space forming walls of separation of each combination of sub-group or aggregate formed. PUMA vortex E-M expansions and contractions represent the pulse and breathing of its wave-particle within its environment.


Various electric and magnetic interferences between various PUMA wave-particles play role in the pre-mind evolution of the inorganic matter and the teachable mind evolution of the planetary organic life due to spirit (anti-gravity) and matter (gravity) interferences.  

These PUMA vortex electro-magnetic expansions and contractions represent the primordial IN- & OUT-PULSE and IN- & OUT-BREATH of PUMA wave-particles in the evolution of the inorganic matter mechanical pre-mind consciousness as well as the teachable mind 2ºto the spirit-matter interferences of the evolving organic life.





1. Douglas Vogt & Gary Sultan, Reality Revealed, Vector Assoc., 1977