In Creator’s Image (XXIV)


                            CEDOMIL VUGRINCIC, M.D., Ph.D.
                                            March 2008



“The Earth Plane is the most amazing plane in which to co-create. It is a School where you can Learn the Most Diverse Lessons in any plane of existence. In this plane you have come to harness the energies of a true master. Mastering the material plane is THE most important initiation any soul will undergo in the entire evolution of a soul’s consciousness. In order to master the material plane, Beloved Ones, YOU MUST BE ANCHORED IN YOUR PHYSICAL BODY…

Many Light Workers reject the physical body; reject the physical life, seeing financial wealth as a root of evil. Seeing living a blissful life as an easy life, one that would perhaps distract them from the journey into the spiritual realms.”…

“This is part of breaking out of the old paradigm where old paradigm consciousness believed that if you sacrifice your entire life you are considered to be saintly. You are considered to be worthy of God’s Love. This is no longer a part of this “New Reality of New Age.”...

“You see, Beloved Ones, you have to move away from the old paradigm of thinking and creating. You are living in a modern world but what has happened is that humanity’s consciousness has chosen to come through you re-creating all the old ways of being, re-hashing all the old systems.

ONE MUST GROW WITH THE FLOW. The flow is moving to a new system of co-creation, therefore, you automatically must move with that flow into more Bliss (Bless)-full spiritual life.

When you move into the new flow, you are creating the new energy. You are in alignment with the new energy, synchronicity manifests and the harmony that comes from that synchronicity relieves you of whatever stress you are experiencing.”… (1, edit/modif.)







In previous Papers has been stated: ‘The “body” of God’s Universe Supreme is in it-Self a giant macro-holographic vortex of purposeful energy of unified intelligent Self stemming from the Paradise center. The Universe and all of its Creations and Evolutions of time and space are therefore of the Intelligent Design and so are you as the solar micro-holographic vortex of actualizing Supreme’s time-space potentials.   

Each soul, within this Supreme’s universal macro-holographic vortex of the universal Oneness of time and space, manifests it-self as the Male or Female PUMA micro-holographic wave-particle vortex evolving its-self mindfully and purposefully "up".

The solar minds of such wave-particles evolve initially through the processes of their physical interferences with the Nebadonia’s local universe Adjutant Mind circuits of spirit anti-gravity from “above” and from the interferences with each other of the Physical UltiMate Atomic (PUMA) organic and inorganic matter gravity from “below”.

Each physical soul has inherent Paradise energy drive to actualize its God given potentials while thriving to ascend with other energy dispensations of its evolutionary “class” from its physical mortal realm toward the realms of immortality returning back to its original Paradise source. (see also the,

Therefore to ascend the human-self must spiritually uplift (In-Light-developed, Enlighted) its individual and collective PUMA vortex physical vehicle (body) by its energies interferences with the higher universe mind spirits in order to sympathetically attract and move up along the universe dimensionally higher or “new” energies. 









Male and Female vortex PUMA-selves, evolved from the Male and Female central ego-centric vortex PUMAs, have their DOMINANT energy charges and polarities as illustrated below in Pictures 1 and 2.






                                                     +                                         +


                                                       -                                        -



  Picture 1. Matter-realized Male and Female PUMAs vortex DOMINANT energy charges



                                                       +                                            +


-                                             -




          Picture 2. Animated M-F PUMA vortex DOMINANT energy charges and polarities







Male and Female vortex energy DOMINANT and  RECESSIVE CHARGES and POLARITIES are presented in Picture 3 below.





                                                            +                                          +                                                             


                                                             -                                          -



                       Picture 3. Human M-F vortex mirror images with their E-M energy fields






In previous Papers has been stated that the PUMA-vortex (PUMA-atom wave-particle) has three proper (independent) motions of its own:


-         It turns incessantly upon its own axis,

-         Has a regular pulsation (contraction and expansion), and

-         Has up and down wobble gyrations.


The rapid motions between the PUMA electric charge-polarities and the magnetic-mass of the PUMA wave-particles, seen as the PUMA vortex spin-pulsations and the expansion-contractions, represent the electric in/out-pulse action and magnetic expansion/contraction reactive interplay process of the evolving geo-magnetic, electro-magnetic and the electro-chemical physical universe. (Pictures 4, 5, 6)                                                                




                                         Picture 4. Clairvoyant PUMA super-coiled vortex hologram




                                          Picture 5. Vortex top/CENTRAL COIL view illustration



                                                                    +                      +


                                                                     -                      -   



                 Picture 6. M-F PUMA mirror image vortexes with their central induction coils






Djwal Kul has made the following statement about the human central energy coil:

“The (central electro-magnetic) coil…approximately ten inches in diameter… (is) rising from

the base of an imaginary sundial upon which you stand…The coil is an electrode…the coils

being placed three inches apart…from beneath your feet to the top of your head, this coil

is pulsating white fire (of energy). (2, edit./modif.) 


The below presented medical caduceus of human energy flows reaffirms the PUMA vortex

central induction coil of the human body as the central spinal energy column. (Picture 7) 





        Picture 7. The medical caduceus of human body with its central/spine energy coil (3)



“The spine is called in India the Brahmadanda, the stick of Brahma.

Two snakes symbolize the Kundalini or serpent-fire which is set in motion along

the spinal energy channels and the wings typify the power of conscious flight through

higher planes, which the development of that fire confers.

Within Kundalini …there is mingling of positive and negative energy qualities… which

can be described as male and female…the section rising through the Pingala channel

being …almost wholly masculine, whereas the rising through channel Ida is almost wholly

feminine. At the intersections of the three the roots from which chakra centers or the energy

wheels appear.

The second differentiation which takes place during the passage of Kundalini force up the

spine is that it becomes intensely impregnated with the personality of the man.

It seems that Kundalini enters at the bottom as very general force, and issues at the top

being definitely impregnated  by the personality of the man with his qualities.” (3, edit/modif.)


“The human caduceus (Picture 8) indicates that the light energy-consciousness of the Divine Mother rising upon the spine as the caduceus in a figure-eight flow. The Kundalini’s Pingala (blue), Sushumna (yellow) and Ida (pink) intertwine and converge at each of the seven major chakras.” (4)                                           





       Picture 8. Male and Female mirror imaged central column Ida, Pingala and Sushumna







In Paper 63 has been stated: ”Since the human embryo evolves from the central PUMA, and the human physical Male and Female bodies and the mother Earth are made from PUMAs, they all manifest the same holographic vortex wave-particle properties.”


Let us, therefore, examine the relationship between the planetary and human central PUMAs energy relationships further, now first focusing on better known planetary central PUMA vortex interference equatorial “cosmic clock” plane and then examine its relationship to the human one serving and functioning here as the genome creating central interference plane.


The in-coming and out-going radiating energy exchanges with the interfering source (person, sun etc.) through the equatorial plane vortex portals (gates, stations) creates, as with the human chakra/vortex centers, four basic in-coming and out-going energy interference “segments” or “quadrants” as shown below in the sun-dial view. (Picture 9 A-C) ( Please do not forget that we are discussing here the spinning vortex dynamics and for these reasons the visualization of the PUMA vortex animations shown in the Picture 2 should be kept in your minds eye)



          A        B       C   


               Picture 9. Sun-dial view of the PUMA vortex interference plane “quadrants”



It is possible to visualize any of the two opposite energy coils of the spinning PUMA top or

any of the presented “quadrants” 1 and 3, and 2 and 4 as the spinning opposites or mirror

images of each other. (Pictures 10 B)

                                                                     4                1

         A             B         C    


3                                2


     Picture 10. Vortex interference plane always represents two mirror image opposite forces


The four “quadrants” energy properties of the vortex interference plane are each defined by

the three incoming and outgoing 3 Fold Flame (3FF) energies. (Pictures 11 A-C)


                                                                         3FF                                4                1                          


              A         B            C           


                                                                                                                3                 2


                         Picture 11 A-C. PUMA vortex “Four Quadrants” with their 3FFs



Each point of earth’s equatorial plane of interference, in their position relative to the sun from the earth’s geo-magnetic North (+)–South (-) PUMA vortex-top bird’s eye view, is presented in the Picture 12A. This can be also presented as the earth’s geo-magnetic compass-view (12 B) where North (+) represents one of the earth’s four cardinal directions of 3FF energies being also the primary geo-magnetic positive direction used in the Western culture to define all other earth’s orientations. (5)



                                       North  ( + )

         A.  West        East      B.  Compass rose with north highlighted and at topSUN-rise


                                        South  ( - )



                       Picture 12. Earth’s four main geo-magnetic (compass view) directions




The earth with its own geo-magnetic axis rotates counter-clockwise (CCW) around it-self and around the sun. The earth’s four basic equatorial interference plane positions of its geo-magnetic North-South pole energy charge, relative to its central Sun are presented below in the Picture 13.




                                                        12 AM  Mid-Night ( + )

   Mock mirage sunset in San Francisco 6 PM   6 AM Mock mirage sunset in San Francisco  

                SUN-set                            12 PM  Mid-Day ( - )                             SUN-rise




Picture 13. Four basic Earth-vortex 3FF energy equatorial interference plane positions relative

                   to the Sun-rise (~ 6 AM) and Sun-set (~ 6 PM)





Therefore, the earth’s vortex 3FF equatorial plane of interference relative to the Sun-rise position can be presented as in the Picture 14 below,






                                                              +                            North (+)                      North (+)

  A    B C    D   SUN-

                                                               -                                                                                         rise

                                                                                               South (-)                        South (-)



              Picture 14. Earth’s equatorial plane CCW rotation positions relative to the Sun-rise



and relative to the internal rotation of earth’s 3FF energy upper and lower internal sub-vortex halves as presentede in the below Picture 15 A & B –






To understand better the energy forces as presented in the below Picture 15 A & B it will be important to always remember that:


-         The Male PUMA DOMINANT direction of the 3FF energy POLARITY & CHARGE is CW & DOWN, i.e. from PUMA’s top (North Pole as +) to PUMA’s bottom (South Pole as -).

(Male PUMA’s Recessive POLARITY is CCW with the UP +/- CHARGE)


-         The Female PUMA DOMINANT direction of the 3FF energy POLARITY & CHARGE is CCW & UP, i.e. from Female’s PUMA bottom (South Pole as - /Male’s -/) to Female’s PUMA top (North Pole as + /Male’s +/.

(Female’s PUMA Recessive POLARITY is CW with the DOWN +/- CHARGE)


-         The Earth’s geo-magnetic NORTH on the Earth’s Female PUMA DOMINANT (Female PUMA CCW polarity & UP charge) rotating equatorial interference plane, formed by the Earth’s Female PUMA active-upper and re-active-lower PUMA-halves, is positioned LEFT to the SUN-rise and represents the MID-NIGHT (24/00 AM point on the equatorial clock).


-         The EAST has been named the Earth’s interference equatorial plain facing the SUN(-rise) and represents the DAWN (6AM point on the equatorial clock).


-         The WEST has been named the Earth’s interference equatorial plane of the SUN-set also called the DUSK (6PM point on the equatorial clock).


-         The SOUTH is on the equatorial plane opposite to the Earth’s geo-magnetic NORTH and

is also called the MID-DAY (12 PM point on the equatorial clock).







                                 Earth’s globe (as Female PUMA DOMINANT vortex)




                                         * Earth’s globe PUMA vortex + pole charge*



      Earth’s Upper half North pole (Fem CCW) / Earth’s Upper half North pole (Fem CCW)


                                      +  (Male -)                                                               + (Male -)


                                       - (Male +)                                                               - (Male +)


                                North (+)                                                                  North (+)

    A.      West   East             /   B.        West   East  SUN

                                 South (-)                                                                   South (-)



                                     - (Male +)                                                                  - (Male +)


                                     + (Male -)                                                                  + (Male -) 



           Earth’s Lower half South pole (Fem CW)/  Earth’s Lower half South pole (Fem CW) 



Earth’s globe Female PUMA vortex - pole charge*





Picture 15. Earth’s equatorial upper and lower interference plane sub-vortexes energy charges








The universe creation-evolution process is the process of sharing both ways by the holographic vortex interference Paradise patterns spiritual download and the evolutionary experiential life ascending mind upload.

In this process the time-space universe life contributes to the actualization of the God Supreme and the God Supreme contributes back to its time-space universe life.

This is a cyclical process of engagement and then release of the space energy through the holographic vortex interferences which continues throughout the entire actualization and ascension growth of the Supreme Being in Light and Life.

The connecting dimension that is usually transparent but very real--called spirit—is the dimension that is tying everyone and everything together no matter how disparate or unknown to each other they are.

The holographic vortex 1º causative action ripples and (-1º) re-active counter-ripples and 2º action ripples and (-2º) re-active counter-ripples etc. are all bouncing back and forth and influencing each other and only in the moments of stillness the observing subject can sense all these ripples bouncing around inside his/her mind--all a wonderful appreciation of the inter-connectedness and oneness (wholeness) of the universe life.

With the formation of the Physical UltiMate Atomic (PUMA) vortices, their indwelling forces bring many of the spin combinations of ultimate atoms into play mainly through their forces of attraction or repulsion within surrounding undifferentiated space forming walls of separation of each combination of sub-group or aggregate formed.


PUMA vortex E-M expansions and contractions represent the pulse and breathing of its wave-particle within its environment.


The PUMA vortex super-cell’s outer coil with its energy latitudes (parallels) and longitudes (meridians) flows represents the creature mater-realized “outer” energy body while the “inner” energy induction coil represents the vortex body matter-realized central or spinal energy column.


Various electric and magnetic interferences between various PUMA wave-particles play role in the pre-mind evolution of the inorganic matter and the teachable mind evolution of the planetary organic life due to spirit (anti-gravity) and matter (gravity) interferences.


The entire Supreme God's Grand Universe and down to its micro-cell aspects (down to the Physical UltiMate Atoms of the human body) are based on the holographic vortex principles and the interference phenomenas between the two different interfering vortex realms. 


Interference between the two different interfering energy realms precipitate in-between-the-two an induction plane of interfering energy awarenes or consciousness also known in the living systems as the MIND (electro-Magnetic INDuction).


By reviewing the PUMA graphics you can imagine the Physical UltiMate Atom with its primary, secondary, tertiary spirals as the multi-dimensional interference multi-mind-planes holographic wave-particle vortex.


Since the human embryo evolves from the central PUMA, and the human physical Male and Female bodies and the mother Earth are made from PUMAs, they all manifest the same holographic vortex wave-particle properties.


We begun to examine this relationship between the planetary and human central PUMAs energy relationships further, focusing here on the planetary central PUMA vortex interference equatorial plane and then compare it afterwards to the human central interference “cosmic clock” plane.


The human vortex and the planetary vortex and their evolving planes of interfering minds, in order to transcend from their lower interfering mind-matter realm into the higher, the evolving human and planetary ANU-mal (PUMA-mal) mind must succesfuly complete all of its ANU-mal lower-self mind requirements before advancing into the higher dimension.


These are the principles of evolution from the lower ANU-mal basic 5-vortex/chakra mind into the HUMAN (Higher Universe MANifestation) basic 7-vortex/chakra ANU-mal mind by awakening and transiting gradually from the 1st basic (“root”) vortex/chakra interference mind upward to the 7th (crown) vortex/chakra mind by the Seven Adjutant Mind Spirits-matter/nature interferences.  





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