In Creator’s Image


                            CEDOMIL VUGRINCIC, M.D., Ph.D.
                                         November 2008


Before we continue further with a more detailed discussion about the Andronover physical nebula-suns-planets-evolutionary life holographic vortex energy patterns (Picture 1 A-H), let us review in the next several Papers some of the topics covered by the recent Papers posted on www.LighttoParadise.com , such as:

- The evolutionary developmental “mind-age” of the Monmatia sun - Urantia planet as compared to the other Andronovers evolutionary suns and their planets of time and space thrown off the Andronovers nebular wheel after its initiation by the universe Master Force Organizers (MFOs).

- The principles of translation of the “As Above So Below” spirit-2nd energy phase patterns from the Salvington headquarters of the Nebadon created morontial local universe wheel onto the Andronover evolutionary 3rd phase physical energy universe vortex wheel via the Salvington’s “Four Beings” Power Center interference with the Andronover physical universe power center. ( Energy phases, Papers 4 & 25 on www.LighttoParadise.com )

- The principles of the physical energy phase (“oneness”) differentiation and separation into the Male-Female vortex patterns being spun off the Andronover’s nebular hemispheric disc after its initiation by the M-F MFOs.


     A  B  CNGC 1300, viewed nearly face-on. Hubble Space Telescope image.  

    D  E  F

            G  H

 Picture 1 A-H.  From the evolutionary nebular vortex to the planetary M-F life

In this Paper (# 72) we will be discussing the Monmatia sun – Urantia planet “mind-age” as compared to the other Andronover nebula evolutionary suns & planets. (1)



The term “mind-age” used here relates to the mind age of the Andronover planets settled in time and space responding to, i.e. sympathetically interfering with, the Nebadonia’s seven Adjutant Mind Spirits (Picture 2 A-C), beginning with the First Adjutant Mind Spirit of INTUITION, which are Electro-Magnetically INDucing (E-M-IND) the sympathetic responses in the central chakras/vortexes of the physical energy PUMA (Physical UltiMate Atom) bodies.

Nebadonia has stated the following regarding her 1st Adjutant Mind Spirit circuit of INTUITION:“You understand it as your connection to certain things in the universe, the directions, magnetic poles, the instincts of animals, and even some in humans. ( SOCO #41, www.TMarchives.com )


2A   2B 2C  (2)

              Picture 2 A-C. Seven central coil/spine Chakras-Spirit Adjutants inter-play



Here is what has been stated in Q-A Paper 66 posted on www.LighttoParadise.com :

“There is a popular saying that all matter-realized energy has its mind (E-M-IND, awareness, consciousness).

Indeed, this statement is fundamentally correct because if we revisit the recent Papers posted on www.LighttoParadise.com we find that all matter in the Andronover universe holographic vortex, as spun by the Master Force Organizers, has the intuitive mind potential that requires sympathetic activation through the process of spinal chakras “awakening” of its evolutionary central PUMA vortex. (Known in the Eastern teachings as the awakening of the Kundalini serpent/spiral)

The Urantia Book is also stating:

UB 34:4.9 “But it was of Salvington that John wrote: " And out of the throne proceeded lightnings and thunderings and voices "—the universe broadcasts to the local systems. He also envisaged the directional control creatures of the local universe, the living compasses of the headquarters world. This directional control in Nebadon is maintained by the four control creatures of Salvington, who operate over the universe currents and are ably assisted by the first functioning mind-spirit, the adjutant of INTUITION, the spirit of "quick understanding."  

UB 34:4.10 “The four points of the compass are universal and inherent in the life of Nebadon. All living creatures possess bodily units which are sensitive and responsive to these directional currents. These creature creations are duplicated on down through the universe to the individual planets and, in conjunction with the magnetic forces of the worlds, so activate the hosts of microscopic bodies in the animal organism that these direction cells ever point north and south. Thus is the sense of orientation forever fixed in the living beings of the universe. This sense is not wholly wanting as a conscious possession by mankind. These bodies were first observed on Urantia about the time of this narration.”



In the Urantia Book we read further the following regarding the morontia phase Nebadon local universe and its physical phase over-controlled Andronover nebula:

UB 57:3.8  The Nebadon’s morontia local universe headquarters Salvington (with its “Four Beings” power center) and its surrounding 100 constellations were constructed about 400 billion years ago and 475 billion years from the inauguration of the Andronover physical nebula. (UB 57:1.6). Afterwards the Nebadon’s 10,000 (100x100) local sectors were constructed.

UB 57:3.9 About 300 billion years ago Michael’s staff arrived on Salvington and it was at that time recognized by the Uversa government of Orvonton.

The oldest inhabited Andronover physical planets, positioned around its mother-sun central wheel space, date back as much as 200 billion years. (UB 57:3.10)

Therefore, the oldest “mind-age” of the inhabited planets by UB dates back 200 billion years ago and 100 billion years after Michael & Nebadonia’s arrival (with her 7 Adjutant Mind Spirit circuits). 

Afterwards, the 1st Andronover suns dispersion occurred about 50 billion years ago and gave birth to 876,926 sun systems. (UB 57:4.3)

The 2nd Andronover suns dispersion occurred 6 billion years ago and gave birth to 136,702 sun systems. (UB 57:4.8)

The total number of suns and sun systems having their origin in the Andronover nebula was therefore 1,013,628 (876,926 + 136,702).

The Urantia’s sun Monmatia was the off-spring of the final Andronover’s terminal break-up about 6 billion years ago where the final eruption of the nebular nucleus gave birth to 136,702 suns (and eventually their planets of inhabitation), with Monmatia being 1,013,572 or the 56th counting from the last one of the Andronover solar family. (UB 57:4.8)

On the basis of the above information it is not difficult to conclude that the Monmatia sun system, with its planet Urantia, is about 194 billion years “mind-age” younger then the oldest Andronover’s inhabited sun systems and their planets.

1 billion years ago was the recorded date of the actual beginning of the Urantia history, being placed about that time upon the physical registries of Nebadon and given its name of URANTIA. (UB 57:8.1)

It was about that time (199 billion years later after the oldest Andronover’s sun systems -planets inhabitation) that the planetary E-M-INDuction (E-M-IND) chakra/vortex interference with the Nebadonia’s circuits, beginning with her First Adjutant INTUITION Mind Spirit circuit-PUMA 1st chakra/vortex, have become active upon the Urantia planet.

About 400 million years later, i.e. 600,000,000 years ago, the Urantia was sufficiently geo-settled finally reaching its planetary sphere stability adequate for the life implantation (in the planetary seas) by the Life Carriers. (UB 58:1.1-4)

Such was the beginning of the life on the experimental (or decimal) planet Urantia, being about 200 billion years “mind-age” younger when compared to the oldest inhabited (Andronover nebula physical universe vortex sun systems) planets.


In addition, to the normal Andronover nebula vortex spin-off of the sun systems and their planets evolutionary “mind-age” lag, there were some other factors adversely delaying the normal development of the Urantia planetary minds.

The Planetary Prince Caligastia has defaulted on the social aspects of his planetary mission after his arrival on Urantia 500,000 years ago, followed by the Adam and Eve default on their biological upliftment mission about 38,000 years ago. (See UB, www.UrantiaBook.org/NewBook , Chapters 66- and 74- respectively)

As stated in the September 3, 2008 dictation, the 1950 Urantia Book was intended to be the Orvonton (the #7 Superuniverse of time-space) commission’s intent to raise the planetary awareness to a level which it ought to have attained at the time of coming of Adam and Eve. (www.Monjoronson.com , Q/A Session #18, Q#1)

Adam and Eve arrived on Urantia 37,848 years ago from the celestial initiation of the Urantia Book transmissions (A.D. 1934) or 37,922 years from today (2008) before they have defaulted on their mission. (UB, Chapter 74 Introduction)

Therefore, measuring by this Adam & Eve yardstick alone, the Urantians are running in their “mind-age” almost 38,000 years behind the other “normally mind evolved” planetary peers.



-  the Urantia’s human races are very young and still in the early stages of their mind

   development as compared to the oldest Andronover’s vortex spun-off sun systems and

   their planets (200 billion years of the evolutionary “mind-age”).


- the Urantia’s human races are, because of the Planetary Prince Caligastia and the 

  Material Son Adam and Daughter Eve defaults, about 38,000 years behind the others

  “normally developed” planetary peers when measured by this Adam & Eve “mind-age”

   yardstick alone.


- The maturity of the universe civilization is measured by the stages of its mind development

  in response to the interfering Nebadonia’s Spirit Mind Adjutants and not only by its

  techno or material achievements of its “lower-self” ego-centric planetary evolutions.


  This spirit-mind stimulation begins with the Nebadonia’s 1st Adjutant Mind Spirit of 

  Intuition (1st of her seven central spine chakra/vortex Adjutant Mind Spirits circuits).



1.    The Urantia Book; www.UrantiaBook.org/NewBook

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