In Creator’s Image


                            CEDOMIL VUGRINCIC, M.D., Ph.D.
                                             March 2009

In the previous Papers the universe holographic vortex energy concepts and their presence within spirit-energy non-life and life forms have been discussed. 

It has been stated that the universe vortices, in general, are represented by the two dominant energy patterns (Male and Female, M-F)  which are shown as in previously demonstrated case of the Andronover nebula vortex initiation by the universe Master Force Organizers (MFO’s). (Picture 1 A-F)

A  BC NGC 1300, viewed nearly face-on. Hubble Space Telescope image.  

D  E  F

Picture 1 A-F. Universe energy differentiation into the male-female patterns

Because there is the derived vortex energy relationship between the initiated M-F Andronover nebula and its birthed 1st and 2nd generation suns, there is also the derived relationship between these suns and their birthed planets which serve as the cradles of the evolutionary ascending planetary life. (see Papers 68-70)

The above M-F vortex energy patterns manifest all the way down to the planetary electro-magnetic intuitive non-life descended PUMAs and then the evolutionary life mind ascending different energy forms (along the axis of the Nebadonia’s initiated mind spark - Life Carriers - Adutant Mind Spirit circuits - organic carbon based DNA evolution). (Picture 2 A-C)





             Picture 2 A-C.  Human Male-Female vortex life forms

From the perspective of the Andronover nebula-suns-planets energy interactive relationships we are deriving here to the concept of the various celestial bodies influence on the planet Urantia and its evolutionary life.

The “heavenly bodies” interactive energy concept has been widely used by astrologists in their astrological zodiac charts.

However, it is important to keep in mind that the universe evolution and the human ascension is based on the free-will based spiritual concepts, i.e. the spirit influence mind ascending evolution, while the astrology only interprets the nebula - sun - planets physical energy influence on the evolution of the human psyche.

In other words what is missing in astrology is that the human psyche is evolving by its God given free-will choices, choosing between the material and spiritual influences. The spiritual prompting is provided by the Nebadonia’s Adjutant Mind Spirit Circuits, via the Salvington’s “Four Beings” morontia vortex power-center, spiritually prompting the “below” Andronover nebula material evolutionary life, such as Urantia’s, to ascend toward the “above” morontia worlds. (see Papers 69-70)

In this dynamic tune-up process the Nebadonias’s spirit of wholeness (“Holy Spirit) has the spirit anti-gravity de-mater-realizing ascension prompting effect while the physical sun-planet energies have the decelerating mater-realizing descending gravity properties.

The relationship between the materializing “gravity” and spiritual “anti-gravity” interferences have been already briefly discussed in the previous Papers where the references have been made to their “cosmic clock” vortex hemispheric interference relationship.

Keeping this in mind, let us now examine the cosmic Male-Female vortex interactive energy dynamics occurring between the two “astrological” heavenly bodies, such as between the planet Urantia and its Monmatia sun. This phenomena has been known as the sun-planet electro-magneto-spheric vortex dynamics. (Picture 3A-D) (1)






   C    D

3 A-D. The sun-planet planetary magneto-spheric dynamics

The above planetary magnetosphere dynamics reveals within it-self the presence of the Male and Female vortex energy forms. (Pictures 4 A-C)



                               Male                                          Female


                                Male                                     Female

Pictures 4 A-C. Magnetospheric vortex Male-Female energy patterns


The planetary magnetospheric male-female “wave-particle” vortex energy patterns and their vortex Cosmic Clock hemispheric interference plane influence on human evolutionary life genetics (gene energetics, “genergetics”) will be discussed further in the upcoming Papers.




1.  Wikipedia, the Magnetosphere