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                            CEDOMIL VUGRINCIC, M.D., Ph.D.
                                            April 2009


In the Paper 76 we have mentioned the “astrological” influence of various celestial star systems energies on earth’s electro-magneto sphere and its life.

The sphere of various celestial systems influencing the earth is also known as the “earth’s zodiac” and its principles are shown below in Pictures 1A-C.


A File:Ecliptic path.jpg B C  

(1A)The Earth in its orbit around the Sun causes the Sun to appear on the celestial sphere moving over the ecliptic (red), which is tilted on the equator (blue).

 Pictures 1 A-C. The graphic presentation of the earth’s astrological zodiac


Wikipedia is stating the following describing the earth’s zodiac (edit/modif.):

“Zodiac denotes an annual cycle of twelve (30º) stations along the ecliptic, the apparent path of the Sun across the heavens through the constellations that divide the ecliptic into twelve equal zones of celestial longitude. The zodiac is recognized as the first known celestial coordinate system

The term zodiac may come from the Latin zōdiacus, from the Greek ζδιακός [κύκλος] (zodiakos kyklos), meaning "circle of animals", derived from ζδιον (zodion), the diminutive of ζον (zoon) "animal"…

However, the classical Greek zodiac also includes signs (also constellations) that are not represented by animals (e.g., Aquarius, Virgo, Gemini, and—for some—Libra)…

Astrologers understood the movement of the planets and the Sun through the zodiac as a means of explaining and predicting events on Earth.”    

The above zodiac “heavenly bodies” interactive energy influences on man’s life have been used by astrologists in formulating their astrological charts.

However, it is important to keep in mind that the universe evolution and the human ascension is based on the morontia spirit influencing the man’s mind, while the astrologists mainly focus on the celestial systems energy influences on the physical aspects of the human planetary life.

In other words, the physical Andronover nebular vortex, in its ascension toward the Supreme’s Light in Life, is guided by the Nebadonia’s Adjutant Mind Spirit Circuits via the Salvington’s “Four Beings” morontia vortex power-center (see Papers 69-70) where in this dynamic tune-up process the Nebadonias’s spirit of wholeness (“Holy Spirit) has the spirit anti-gravity de-mater-realizing ascension prompting effect, while the Andronover’s physical sun-planet energies have the decelerating mater-realizing descending gravity properties .

The relationship between the materializing “gravity” and spiritual “anti-gravity” interferences are superimposed. These principles were briefly discussed in the previous Papers while discussing the “cosmic clock”.

Let us now again examine the cosmic Male-Female vortex interactive energy dynamics between the two “Astrological” heavenly bodies, such as between the planet Urantia and its Monmatia sun. This phenomena is also known as the sun-planet electro-magnetospheric vortex dynamics. (Pictures 2A&B) (1)




Pictures 2 A&B. The sun-earth interactive vortex energy electro-magneto

                             spheric dynamics

Since the sun and its planetary offspring, such as earth, are all the energy vortexes, the above sun-earth interactive energy magneto-sphere dynamics can be also presented as in the below Pictures 3 A&B where the sun is shown as the active Male type vortex and the earth as the re-active Female vortex.




                          Sun’s Male vortex                    Earth’s Female vortex

Pictures 3 A&B. Sun as active Male and the Earth as the re-active Female

                            type vortexes

Each of the above shown celestial vortices (sun, earth) contain within their own globe vortex also the sub-vortices as shown above in Picture 3 and also below in Pictures 4 A-E)

      A    B          


                                                     /                          \



                       Male sub-vortex                             Female sub-vortex



Pictures 4 A-E. Earth’s female re-active (counter-clock-wise, CCW) vortex with its CCW and

                          CW sub-vortices


Also, as not so obvious from the above graphic presentations, but as discussed in the previous Papers, there are also the Andronover nebula MFO inherent upper and lower earth halves opposite (hemi-spheric bi-directional) vortex energy flows which form the earth’s equatorial energy interference plane. The Urantia Book is stating the following regarding this bi-directional electro-magneto-hemispheric (nebula-sun-planet) bi-directional vortexes phenomena:

UB 58:2,7-9: ”(Planetary) auroral phenomena are directly related to SUNspots, those SOLAR CYCLONES which whirl in opposite directions above and below the solar equator, even as do the terrestrial tropical hurricanes. Such atmospheric disturbances whirl in opposite directions when occurring above or below the equator. The power of sunspots to alter light frequencies shows that these solar storm centers function as enormous magnets. Such magnetic fields are able to hurl charged particles from the sunspot craters out through space to the earth's outer atmosphere, where their ionizing influence produces such spectacular auroral displays. Therefore you do have the greatest auroral phenomena when sunspots are at their height—or soon thereafter—at which time the spots are more generally equatorially situated. Even the compass needle is responsive to this solar influence since it turns slightly to the east as the sun rises and slightly to the west as the sun nears setting. This happens every day, but during the height of sunspot cycles this variation of the compass is twice as great. These diurnal wanderings of the compass are in response to the increased ionization of the upper atmosphere, which is produced by the sunlight.” (Picture 5 A-C)

A B  C

    Picture 5 A-C.  Earth’s vortex hemispheric bi-directional vortex interference


 The signs of the astrological zodiac can be now projected as the “heavenly bodies” celestial energy influence on the earth’s hemispheric interference clock-calendar vortex wheel as shown in the pictures 1 A-C and 6.

1A File:Ecliptic path.jpg 1B1C  


            Picture 6. The hemi-spheric vortex wheel of the astrological zodiac

However, as stated above, the planetary life is not only influenced by the mater-realizing celestial zodiac Andronover’s physical energies from “below” but also by the de-materializing morontia spiritual energies influencing the planetary life’s mind ascending evolution from “above”. Such planetary hemi-spheric interference vortex wheel is inclusive of the universe cosmic spirit-matter interactions and is for these reasons named the “cosmic clock”. Cosmic clock is inclusive of both Nebadon’s morontia spirit “as above” and the Andronover’s physical “so below” energies influences on the initiation and propagation of the ascending evolutionary planetary life.




1.  Wikipedia, The Magnetosphere