In Creator’s Image


                            CEDOMIL VUGRINCIC, M.D., Ph.D.
                                             May 2009


In the Paper 77 we have examined the significance of Zodiac and Cosmic Clock on the earth’s electro-magneto sphere and its evolutionary life.

The influence of the Zodiac physical energies on the planet Urantia is real. (Pictures 1 A-C) 

A File:Ecliptic path.jpg B C  

(1A)The Earth in its orbit around the Sun causes the Sun to appear on the celestial sphere moving over the ecliptic (red), which is tilted on the equator (blue).

 Picture 1A-C. The graphic presentation of the earth’s astrological zodiac


Wikipedia is stating the following describing the earth’s zodiac (edit/modif.):

“Zodiac denotes an annual cycle of twelve (30º) stations along the ecliptic, the apparent path of the Sun across the heavens through the constellations that divide the ecliptic into twelve equal zones of celestial longitude. The zodiac is recognized as the first known celestial coordinate system…”

Yahoo’s Live Science has stated the following in their recent article:

“… the gravitational tug of the other planets, constantly changes our planet's orientation to the sun …” (1, edit/modif.)

The above statement should be expanded further to read:… the gravitational action-reaction tug of the other suns and planets of the earth’s zodiac and the beyond Andronover’s sun systems, constantly changes our planet’s orientation to the sun

Regarding the Cosmic Clock, the Morontia Spirit guidance of the local universe physical life via the Cosmic Clock has been discussed in the previous Papers and Q-A Papers posted on the www.LighttoParadise.com.

The Paper 77 has stated that the main focus of the astrological Zodiac is the celestial energy influences on the physical aspects of the human planetary life, while the Cosmic Clock also accounts for the influences of the universe morontia spirit on the evolution and ascension of the planetary life.

In other words, the physical Andronover nebular vortex, in its ascension toward the Supreme’s Light in Life, is guided by the Nebadonia’s Adjutant Mind Spirit Circuits via the Salvington’s “Four Beings” morontia vortex power-center (see Papers 69-70).

In this dynamic tune-up process the Nebadonias’s spirit of wholeness (“Holy Spirit) has the spirit anti-gravity de-mater-realizing ascension prompting effect, while the Andronover’s physical sun-planet energies have the decelerating mater-realizing descending gravity properties . The materializing “gravity” and spiritual “anti-gravity” interferences are superimposed on each other.

The morontia Nebadon is encircuiting the “below” Andronover’s physical realms by its morontia-physical interference vortex wheel, strengthening its Local Sectors anti-gravity electro-magnetic influence over the evolutionary planetary life guiding its ascension toward the Supreme Life and Light. (2)

The Urantia Book is stating the following regarding the Nebadon’s Creative Spirit (Nebadonia’s Spirit of Wholeness, Holy Spirit):

“41:0.1 The characteristic space phenomenon which sets off each local creation from all others is the presence of the Creative Spirit.

All Nebadon is certainly pervaded by the space presence of the Divine Minister of Salvington, and such presence just as certainly terminates at the outer borders of our local universe.

That which is pervaded by our local universe Mother Spirit is Nebadon; that which extends beyond her space presence is outside Nebadon, being the extra-Nebadon space regions of the superuniverse of Orvonton—other local universes.

41:0.2 While the administrative organization of the grand universe discloses a clear-cut division between the governments of the central, super-, and local universes, and while these divisions are astronomically paralleled in the space separation of Havona and the seven superuniverses, no such clear lines of physical demarcation set off the local creations. Even the major and minor sectors of Orvonton are (to us) clearly distinguishable, but it is not so easy to identify the physical boundaries of the local universes. This is because these local creations are administratively organized in accordance with certain creative principles governing the segmentation of the total energy charge of a superuniverse, whereas their physical components, the spheres of space—suns, dark islands, planets, etc.—take origin primarily from nebulae, and these make their astronomical appearance in accordance with certain precreative (transcendental) plans of the Architects of the Master Universe.

     57:1.6 875,000,000,000 years ago the enormous Andronover nebula was duly initiated. Only the presence of the force organizer and the liaison staff was required to inaugurate the energy whirl which eventually grew into this vast cyclone of space. Subsequent to the initiation of such nebular revolutions, the living force organizers simply withdraw at right angles to the plane of the revolutionary disk, and from that time forward, the inherent qualities of energy insure the progressive and orderly evolution of such a new physical galactic central sun system. The physical supervision of the Nebadon local universe was, upon the arrival of Michael Creator Son, immediately co-ordinated with his plan for its organization. Within the domain of this Paradise Son of God the Supreme Power Centers and the Master Physical Controllers collaborated with the later appearing Morontia Power Supervisors and others to produce the vast complex of communication lines, energy circuits, and power lanes which firmly bind the manifold space bodies of Nebadon into one integrated administrative local universe Central Sun unit. 

41:0.3 One or more—even many—such nebulae may be encompassed within the domain of a single local universe even as Nebadon was physically assembled out of the stellar and planetary progeny of Andronover and other nebulae. The spheres of Nebadon are of diverse nebular ancestry, but they all had a certain minimum commonness of space motion which was so adjusted by the intelligent efforts of the power directors as to produce our present aggregation of space bodies, which travel along together as a contiguous unit over the orbits of the superuniverse.

41:0.4 Such is the constitution of the local star cloud of Nebadon, which today swings in an increasingly settled orbit about the Sagittarius center of that minor sector of Orvonton to which our local creation belongs.”

Let us therefore examine the Nebadon’s holographic interference wheels further on a basis of the vortex principles already discussed in the previously posted Papers and Q-A Papers.

As indicated above, the Andronover stellar family and its associated clusters revolve about the composite rotation-gravity star cloud center of the morontia energy local universe of Nebadon.

Our planetary Monmatia solar vortex system was originated and revolves around the nuclear origin of former Andronover nebula and the Urantia planetary vortex revolves around its Monmatia mother sun.

The Andronover’s physical nebula suns and their planets are governed and electro-magnetically guided by the morontia local universe of Nebadon anti-gravity, as the local universe Supreme’s spiritually higher or “above”, universe energy aspect.

The “above” morontia’s electronic phase and the “below” physical atomic phase of Nebadon interfere creating in between the e-m induction (E-M IND,A MIND) interference vortex plane.

Here is what has been stated in the recent dictation (2, edit/modif.):

Monjoronson:.. To envision the architectural spheres of the local system, one would have to envision the largest and brightest stars that are near to your planet and one would have to have the ability to map these stars. If one had the ability to map these stars one would begin to notice that there is a pattern, an almost circular pattern of bright stars with a large space in the center of them. The large space in the center would be where the architectural spheres are. Since they are not suns, they necessarily cannot be seen yet because of their tremendous gravitational presence they do not go unnoticed as far as energetic systems viewed in the universe go.


If you took this mapping a step further you would begin to see that these small circles begin to connect like a pattern in a crocheted lace piece and that they would again form a large circle of these small circles of stars. In the center of this large circle you would have the constellation architectural spheres. If you could still further map you would notice that these large circles formed out of these various smaller circles of stars would form one gigantic circle of one hundred circles and in the center of that giant circle would be the universe capitol architectural complex.” (2, excerpt)

The evidence of the vortex hemispheric interference principles are inherent within the PUMAs. These PUMA M-F energy patterns were initiated by the MFOs  in the creation of the Andronover nebula (see previous Papers), and are passed down and evident within the Andronover’s solar systems and their planets.

In the Paper 77  the following statement was made regarding the planetary hemispheric interference wheels, the cosmic clock mind wheels:

As not so obvious from the above graphic presentations, but as discussed in the previous Papers, there are also the Andronover nebula MFO inherent upper and lower earth halves opposite (hemi-spheric bi-directional) vortex energy flows which form the earth’s equatorial energy interference plane. The Urantia Book is stating the following regarding this bi-directional electro-magneto-hemispheric (nebula-sun-planet) bi-directional vortexes phenomena:

UB 58:2,7-9: ”(Planetary) auroral phenomena are directly related to SUNspots, those SOLAR CYCLONES which whirl in opposite directions above and below the solar equator, even as do the terrestrial tropical hurricanes. Such atmospheric disturbances whirl in opposite directions when occurring above or below the equator. The power of sunspots to alter light frequencies shows that these solar storm centers function as enormous magnets. Such magnetic fields are able to hurl charged particles from the sunspot craters out through space to the earth's outer atmosphere, where their ionizing influence produces such spectacular auroral displays. Therefore you do have the greatest auroral phenomena when sunspots are at their height—or soon thereafter—at which time the spots are more generally equatorially situated. Even the compass needle is responsive to this solar influence since it turns slightly to the east as the sun rises and slightly to the west as the sun nears setting. This happens every day, but during the height of sunspot cycles this variation of the compass is twice as great. These diurnal wanderings of the compass are in response to the increased ionization of the upper atmosphere, which is produced by the sunlight.” (Picture 5 A-D)


B C  D

    Picture 5 A-C.  Earth’s vortex hemispheric bi-directional vortex interference plane

It is the Cosmic Clock (superimposed Morontia spirit-mind upon the material-mind) electro-magnetic vortex with its hemispheric vortices that is playing the role in the planetary life and its evolution. This topic wil be discussed further in the upcoming Papers.


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