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                            CEDOMIL VUGRINCIC, M.D., Ph.D.
                                             JuLY 2009


In the Paper 79 has been stated: “Four planetary compass directional points of the cosmic vortex interference hemispheric plane are the basis of the planetary 12-24 calendar/clock which reflects the earth’s vortex orbit reationship relative to its zodiac and solar system vortex electro-magnetospheric inluences.”

Since the Andronover nebula, its suns and their planets are all vortexes let us review the energy mechanics of the earth’s cosmic calendar vortex hemispheric interference plane from the macro-perspective in order to later better understand the cosmick clock and the micro-perspective of the PUMA (Physical UltiMate Atom) vortex energy mechanisms involved in the human genetics and the PUMA based genetics of life in general. (1)

In the Urantia Book we find: UB 34:4.10 “The four points of the compass are universal and inherent in the life of Nebadon. All living creatures possess bodily units which are sensitive and responsive to these directional currents. These creature creations are duplicated on down through the universe to the individual planets and, in conjunction with the magnetic forces of the worlds, so activate the hosts of microscopic (PUMA/ANU) vortex bodies in the animal organism that these direction cells ever point North and South. Thus is the sense of orientation forever fixed in the living beings of the universe. This sense is not wholly wanting as a conscious possession by mankind.” (2)

In the past Papers posted on we have discussed the North-South direction of the Andronover nebula initiation (in-niche-realization) by the two mirror image (enantiomers) positioned Male and Female MFOs and have stated that this North-South (N-S) initial directional force vortex electro-magnetic currents has been passed down to its birthed suns, their planets and all PUMA based planetary life. (Pictures 1A-2F)

1A    1B


      2A 2B 2C NGC 1300, viewed nearly face-on. Hubble Space Telescope image.  

      2D 2E 2F

         1A-2F. Two, Male and Female MFOs initiate their nebular spin


We have further stated that the Andronover’s nebular vortex has been since and is currently “over-patterned”, i.e. fine-tune time-corrected by the Salvington’s “Four Beings” and the series of the frequency down-stepping Nebadon’s energy Power Centers and Physical Controllers in order to synchronize the Andronover’s evolutionary planetary worlds and their physical life on their ascension path to the Supreme’s Light in Life stage. Thus, as we will see further, the Andronover nebula is being fine over-tuned by the Nebadon’s “Four Beings” points of the vortex compass.

Andronover’s N-S initiation electro-magnetic directional currents have generated the respective reactive E-W sub-vortex lines of directional force. All four together generate the four directional energy points and their respective quadrants on the hemispheric interference vortex “sun-dial” disc as presented below in the Pictures 3A-F.









Or 3A-C presented differently as in 3D-F:







         3 A-F. Four directional compass points of the interference vortex plane

This four vortex lines of the manifested directional universe force are presented in the Picture 4A as the four points of the traditional compass view.

                                        4ECompass rose with north highlighted and at top

Therefore, as presented in the Pictures 3&4 the N-S lines of the initiatory in-coming and out-going directional forces have divided the vortex hemispheric plane into the two semesters (two Male and Female semi-master planes) and then together with the E-W reactive directional forces further into the four quarters/sectors of the hemispheric interference plane.

Let us now translate all the above into the sun (Monmatia) – earth (Urantia) cosmic “calendar” vortex energy system.

As presented in the below Pictures 5 A-C the earth in its ecliptic circling around the sun is energetically influenced by its zodiac star systems and the sun and its planets via their respective electro-magnetospheric forces.

            5AFile:Ecliptic path.jpg  5B  


The earth’s 360º ecliptic of the earth-sun hemispheric interference plane has, as indicated before, the inherent N-S and E-W directional lines of the master force dividing it into the two 180º semesters (N-S) and/or four energy quadrants of 90º each (N-E-S-W).

The four points of the earth-sun directional force of the earth ecliptic relative to the earth orbit around the sun have been named - the winter (N) & summer (S) solstices, and the spring (E) & fall (W) equinoxes.

The four sun vortex generated energy sectors by these four compass points have been named, relative to the counter-clockwise rotation of the earth around the sun, the- winter, spring, summer and fall seasons of the year.

We read further from the Urantia Book 36:2.4: The number ten—the decimal systemis inherent in the physical universe but not in the spiritual. The domain of life is characterized by three, seven, and twelve or by multiples and combinations of these basic numbers. There are three primal and essentially different life plans, after the order of the three Paradise Sources and Centers, and in the universe of Nebadon these three basic forms of life are segregated on three different types of planets….” (excerpt)

In the case of the above sun-earth vortex hemispheric interference plane with its four compass points, the four sectors are energetically interfered within by the three primal life plans energies after the order of the three Paradise Source Centers as presented below in the Picture 6.

This divides the earth’s ecliptic into the 12 different energy sectors of 30º each, and they are known as the twelve MONTHS of the calendar year.


                                          6    (3)



Each of the twelve cosmic 30º months are further divided into the 1º segments which are known as the earth DAYS.

It is important to recognize here that the Cosmic geometrical 360º division of the earth ecliptic differs from the Gregorian 366 days/year calendar and its intercalary, i.e. the insertion of the extra day or month in order to make the Gregorian 365/366 days/year calendar compatible with the solar-earth ecliptic 360 x 1º day cosmic calendar year.



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