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                            CEDOMIL VUGRINCIC, M.D., Ph.D.
                                          August 2009


In the last Paper 80 (July) we have discussed the cosmic zodiac-solar-earth relationship by discussing the earth-sun calendar with its 12 sectors of the earth 360º ecliptic around the sun naming them the 12 astronomical months of the cosmic year. (Picture 1A-C)


                                                  1A File:Ecliptic path.jpg 


1A. The Earth in its orbit around the Sun causes the Sun to appear on the celestial sphere moving over the ecliptic (red), which is tilted on the earths equator (blue).

                              1B 1C                                      

The earth’s 360º ecliptic hemispheric interference plane circle around the sun’s hemispheric interference plane has, as indicated above, the inherent N-S and E-W directional lines of the master force dividing it into the four energy quadrants of 90º each. (Pictures 2 A-D)                                                          





2A                                                                                               2B                                                                              

2C West    East                2DCompass rose with north highlighted and at top                                              SUNset                       S                     SUNrise

This four lines of the directional force relative to the earth orbit around the sun the astronomers have named - the winter (N) and summer (S) solstices  (North-South), and - the spring (E) and fall (W) equinoxes (East-West).

The four generated energy sectors by these four lines of the universe directional forces have been named, relative to the counter-clockwise rotation of the earth around the sun the winter, spring, summer and fall seasons.

We read further from the Urantia Book:

36:2.4  The number ten—the decimal systemis inherent in the physical universe but not in the spiritual. The domain of life is characterized by three, seven, and twelve or by multiples and combinations of these basic numbers. There are three primal and essentially different life plans, after the order of the three Paradise Sources and Centers, and in the universe of Nebadon these three basic forms of life are segregated on three different types of planets….” (excerpt)

In the case of the earth ecliptic around the sun, the sun’s vortex hemispheric interference plane with its four compass points and their four seasons sectors is further energetically interfered within by the three spirit energy forces stemming from the three primal Paradise Source Centers as presented below in the Picture 3.

This divides the earth’s ecliptic into four season of three month each and the 12 energy 30º sectors known as the twelve months of the calendar year (year = 360º of the earth ecliptic around the sun).


                         Picture 3  


Each of the above twelve cosmic 30º months are further divided into the 1º segments which are known as the earth DAYS.

It is important to recognize that the cosmic geometrical division of the earth ecliptic is different  from the popular Gregorian calendar and its intercalary, i.e. the insertion of the extra day or month in order to make better correlation of the Gregorian 365/366 days/year calendar with the solar-earth ecliptic 360 x 1º day cosmic year.

It has been stated in the previous Papers that the Nebadon local universe has been over-pattern fine-tuning the physical Andronover nebula birthed suns and their planets to the circular ecliptics by the Salvington’s architectural “Four Beings” and the series of Power Centers and Physical Controllers under the “As Above So Below” morontia-physical vortex energy principles.

The fine-tuning toward the circular correction of the Monmatia sun system and its planets, which includes the Urantia planet, toward their circular ecliptic has been accomplished in the Local System of Satania via its Jerusem headquarters directed Power center of the 6th order as already stated in the previous Papers.

In the Paper 78 the following reference has been made to that process:

Monjoronson:.. To envision the architectural spheres of the local system, one would have to envision the largest and brightest stars that are near to your planet and one would have to have the ability to map these stars. If one had the ability to map these stars one would begin to notice that there is a pattern, an almost circular pattern of bright stars with a large space in the center of them. The large space in the center would be where the architectural spheres are. Since they are not suns, they necessarily cannot be seen yet because of their tremendous gravitational presence they do not go unnoticed as far as energetic systems viewed in the universe go. If you took this mapping a step further you would begin to see that these small circles begin to connect like a pattern in a crocheted lace piece and that they would again form a large circle of these small circles of stars. In the center of this large circle you would have the constellation architectural spheres. If you could still further map you would notice that these large circles formed out of these various smaller circles of stars would form one gigantic circle of one hundred circles and in the center of that giant circle would be the universe capitol architectural complex.” (1)                              

In this Paper(# 81) the sun-planet relationship will be discussed further now discussing the earth’s own 360º rotation around its axis while on its ecliptic path around the sun.

Each of earth’s 360º turns around its axis represents the one (1) earth’s day.

The 15º divisions of this 360º circle around its axis make 24 energy sectors known as the 24 hours of the day. (Picture 4)

                                                                         24/0 (North)

                                          Picture 4           

                                                                                                 12 (South)                                                                   

This 24 divisions of the 15º hours of the day circle are below projected on the earth’s hemispheric equatorial vortex plane as shown in Pictures 5A-E.

                 5A   5B

              5C 5D 5E


It is worthwhile to notice that the earth rotation around its axis is CCW (counterclockwise) while the human clock dials are made to rotate clockwise.

As we have discussed in the previous Papers the earth’s CCW equatorial rotation is the female vortex energy dominant while the CW rotation would be the non-dominant or recessive female vortex energy variant.

The earth’s vortex equatorial interference plane is formed by the interferences between the two earth’s hemispheric sub-vortexes, each spinning in the opposite directions from each other. (Picture 6)

                                5D     6

This inherent sub-vortex principles have been already discussed in the previous Papers.

The reference to this phenomena has been also made in the: UB 58:2,7-9 (excerpt): ”(Planetary) auroral phenomena are directly related to SUNspots, those SOLAR CYCLONES which whirl in opposite directions above and below the solar equator, even as do the terrestrial tropical hurricanes. Such atmospheric disturbances whirl in opposite directions when occurring above or below the equator.”

In his recent dictation Thoth has also made reference about this universe vortex propulsion system (2, excerpts):

“…Hidden from your physical eyes are 2 vortices that spin clockwise and counter clockwise. Think of 2 cones of energy, the top one is north and slightly west leaning, the bottom cone is south and slightly east leaning. The tips of the cones touch and your Earth is superimposed at the ‘touching tips’ of these energetic cones. Where the cones touch is where the earth’s core is situated. The energetic tips swivel on a magnetic ‘ball joint’ which is located at the earth’s core...                                             

Now these vortices are a part of an elaborate energetic system of spirals that maintain the appearance of a structure of your galaxy. Creation spirals out and there are spirals within spirals and the spiraling of energies creates vortices that build ‘pressure.’ These pressures create a ‘Force’ and the force produces a velocity that ‘hold’s the energetic patterning of anything be it a planet or an energy being into place.

We are speaking of your Earth now, and how she is held in place by these 2 vortices which are a part of a network of spiraling energy bands that also provide the same support of other planetary bodies as you perceive them in your galaxy…” 

There is important energy relationship between the earth’s equatorial 24 hour lines of the day and the twenty four lines of the reproductive energy patterns of life. The UB and LTP are stating the following:

36:2.9 (UB, excerpt) “On Urantia there were twenty-four such custodian commissioners, two for each fundamental or parent pattern of the architectural organization of the life material. On planets such as yours the highest form of life is reproduced by a life-carrying bundle which possesses twenty-four pattern units. (And since the intellectual life grows out of, and upon the foundation of, the physical, there come into existence the four and twenty basic orders of psychic organization.)

Paper 79 (LTP, excerpt) “As stated above, there are 48 trait determiners in the human reproductive sex cells which were inherent in the reproducing life vortex bundle giving origin to 24 basic solar (psychic) evolutionary mind physical intellectual orders.

It is that these 48 trait pattern determiners of 24 basic life patterns were introduced via PUMA vortex interference hemispheric wheel(s) by the Life Carriers and then carefully guarded by their morontia custodians.”

This topic will be discussed further, in the context of the planetary evolution of life, in the upcoming Papers.



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