In Creator’s Image


                            CEDOMIL VUGRINCIC, M.D., Ph.D.
                                       September 2009


With this September’s Paper (#82) the principles of the gene energetics will begin to be discussed.

The term “Genergetics” is composed to explain the principles of the underlying gene energy dynamics involved in the evolution of the cellular genetic material (chromosomes).

This will hopefully afford the reader with the better understanding of the underlying gene energy mechanics and the better understanding of the role of the Male and Female energy forms involved in this process.

The genergetics is based on the vortex energy hemispheric clock/calendar principles as already discussed in the previous Papers and Q-A Papers posted on

In the Paper 75 has been stated:

“…the uni-verse holographic vortex one-ness has been discussed as the source of all spirit-energy non-life and life concepts and manifestations. (Pictures 1 A & B)



       A   B

                      1A&B. The interference plane of the “out” and “in” uni-verse vortex

The universe vortices, in general, are represented by the two dominant  energy patterns (male and female, M-F)  which are shown as in previously demonstrated case of the Andronover nebula initiation by the universe Master Force Organizers (MFO’s). (Picture 2 A-F, see also Paper #71)

           A  BC NGC 1300, viewed nearly face-on. Hubble Space Telescope image.  

         D  E  F

Picture 2 A-F. Universe energy differentiation into the male-female patterns

The above M-F energy patterns, as also shown in the Paper #74, are manifested all the way down to the planetary non-life descending PUMAs and then evolutionary life ascending differentiating energy forms (along the axis of the Nebadonia’s initiation mind spark-Adutant Mind Spirit circuits-Life Carriers-organic evolution). (Picture 3 A-E)






                                           E   (1)


                           Pictures 3. A-E. Male-Female human energy patterns


Therefore, the connectiong link between the two, the mechanical (non-life, inorganic) and the living (organic) M-F energy patterns is the Nebadonia’s spark of life initiation, Life Carriers germ plasma and Nebadonia’s Adjutant Mind Spirit circuits that initiate and propagate the planetary evolutionary life’s mind on its way back to Paradise. (see Picture 4 A&B)

                            4A  (2)

                 4B   (2)


     Picture 4 A-B. Successive mater-realizing in-organic to organic life-waves


Since all nebula-sun-planets and their life share the same male-female vortex energy concept this subject will be explored further in the upcoming Papers.”



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