In Creator’s Image


                            CEDOMIL VUGRINCIC, M.D., Ph.D.
                                          October 2009


In the September’s Paper #82 has been stated that the term “genergetics” has been coined to explain the principles of the underlying energy dynamics involved in the evolution of the cellular genetic material (chromosomes) which would hopefully afford the reader with the better understanding of the underlying gene energy mechanics and the better understanding of the role of the Male and Female energy forms involved in this process.

The “genergetics” is based on the Physical UltiMate Atom (PUMA) vortex energy cosmic clock/calendar interference principles as already discussed in the previous Papers and Q-A Papers posted on

Let us therefore revisit some of these Male and Female vortex types of energy manifestations as they manifest in the human evolutionary life. (Picture 1A-E)








                                              Male                       Female



In the above Male-Female vortex interference patterns there are readily noticable two main types of spindle rotations - A. vertical/longitudinal and B. horizontal/latitudinal.

        A.          B.

    Vortex spindle- vertical/longitudinal            -horizonal/latitudinal

A. The vertical vortex interference pattern has within its rotating vortex the two verticaly rotating halves (having their origin in the Andronover nebula N-S initiation (in-niche-realization) by MFOs). (Picture 2A-F)


         2A  2B  2C NGC 1300, viewed nearly face-on. Hubble Space Telescope image.  



        2D  2E  2F

      Picture 2 A-F. Universe energy differentiation into the male-female patterns

The two vortex vertical halves are the mirror images of each other, one has the male and the other one the female vortex orientation separated by the N-S interference line. When one terminates the other one begins. (Picture 1D)

The example of the vertical vortex spindle mater-realizations is the human body with its two different sides, one dominant male and the other non-dominant female, i.e. the yang and yin energy vertical vortex body halves.

The human body two mirror imaged halves are separated along the cerebral-sternal-abdominal linea alba axis at the front and the spine at the back.

Each of the two mirror image body sides has its own set of organs, each originating in its vortex half, such as - the right brain and left brain, the right lung and left lung, right heart and left heart etc. They might appear similar but they have a different origin and often they have a different function (for instance different functions of the left and right heart chambers).

B. The horizontal vortex interference plane separates the upper/higher energy centers from the lower ones.

In the human body the diaphragm is separating the higher active organs from the lower reactive energy centers. (Pictures 3A&B)




        3B                              Male                            Female

         Upper half              


          Lower half            


While discussing the genergetics in more details, it will become apparent that the upper and lower vortex halves of the male and female sex cells are the mirror image halves with different charges and polarities. (Pictures 4A-C)


        4A 4B  4C


The genergetic vortex energy model, with respect to the currently used XY gender version, more accurately delineates the energy charge and polarity difference between the haploid chromosomes derived from the upper and lower halves of the male and female sex cells as the two mirror imaged halves sets (enantiomorphic haploids). 

Therefore, instead of the currently used nomenclature for male Y and X and the female X and X chromosomal haploid sets, the genergetics proposes the nomenclature change to reflect this mirror image energy vortex relationship such as for the male vortex spindle y and x and for the female vortex spindle x and y haploid chromosomal sets, i.e. M(y+x) and F(x+y).

Such mirror image vortex model will be more useful in better understanding of  the different energy charges and polarities between the male and female genders and also in better understanding of the minority sex variants psychology (when compared to the dominant hetero-sexual reproductive M-F energy pattern psychology), such as the homo-sexualism (M-M, F-F), Trans Gender Identity Phenomena (TGIP, feeling male in female body or vice versa feeling female in male body) etc.



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