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                            CEDOMIL VUGRINCIC, M.D., Ph.D.
                                         February 2010

 In the past Papers the electro-magnetic over-control of the physical Andronover nebulae and its suns by the morontia Salvington’s “Four Beings” physical controller and one hundred (100) power centers of the 4th order has been discussed.

The Salvington’s “Four Beings” M-F controller vortex maintains the morontia-physical time-space N-S and E-W coordinates in the Andronover physical universe which are reflected within its hemi-spheric interference disc (HID) and its M-F lines of force. (Picture 1 A-C)

The Andronover’s universe vortex HID patterns are passed further down onto its suns and their planets as stated in the Urantia Book:

UB 58:2,7-9 (excerpt) ”… SOLAR CYCLONES whirl in opposite directions above and below the solar equator, even as do the terrestrial tropical hurricanes. Such atmospheric disturbances whirl in opposite directions when occurring above or below the equator.







                                         Male           S         Female


      Picture 1A-C. Andronover’s M-F vortexes with N-S coordinates

Within the equatorial HIDs are reflected the Paradise Trinity energy lines (3Fold Flame, 3FF) as previously discussed in the cases of the Male and Female Physical UltiMate Atom (PUMA) vortexes. (Picture 3A&B, 4C&F)                                     


                 Picture 3A. Male and Female PUMA vortexes

                            Male  PUMA           Female PUMA       



                                 Male                             Female                      

Picture 3B. 3FF within Male and Female PUMA N-S E-W 4 quadrants

The twelve 30º divisions of the hemispheric interference disc (HID) is the dynamic cosmic energy mechanism which is not only the basis of the 12/24 cosmic calendar/clock but also the gene energetics (genergetics) of the evolutionary planetary life. (Pictures 4 A-H)

                            4A Sun   Earth




    4B                                    4C



                    4D  An animation showing the rotation of the Earth. 4E4F


                                   4G        4H    


                                    Cosmic 12 months calendar         Cosmic 24 hour clock   


The 12 segments HID is presented below in the case of the Male/M and Female/F mirror-image (enantiomeric) cosmic calendar vortexes. (Picture 5).




                                               M                                    F  

     Upper half    y            y 

     Hemispheric    disc

     Lower half    x               x                                                                                    

                                          Male                                  Female

                  5. 12 30º sectors of the Male and Female cosmic calendar HID



The reader will notice that the resultant main Male and Female HID is actually formed by its two (upper and lower)) interfering counter-spinning mirror-image /enantiomeric vortexes. (Picture 6 A & B)

                       y    y

                       x    x  

                                    Male (Y)                       Female (X)

            Picture 6A. Male and Female) sub-interfering vortex HID’s

The resulting main Male/Y and Female/X main  HIDs are therefore formed by the two sub-interfering vortexes  which  in the case of Male (Y) are y and x, and in the case of Female (X) are y and x. (Picture 6B)


                                          Y                                     X

Upper sub                  


Upper sub    y     y

Main HID                 

Lower sub     x   x  


 Lower sub                  

                                          X                                     Y

                                       Male                             Female

            6B. 12 sectors of the Male and Female cosmic calendar HID



The discussion on this subject will continue in the next Paper # 88 (March).





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