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                              CEDOMIL VUGRINCIC, M.D., Ph.D.
                                               March 2010                                            



In the Paper 87 the dynamics of the Cosmic Calendar has been discussed.


In this Paper (#88) the dynamics of the Cosmic Clock will be examined in more details.

It is worthwhile to remind the reader here again that the Andronover’s solar 1 million and 13,626 solar systems, in their guided ascension toward the era of Light in Life, are in the process of correction of their distorted solar evolutionary cosmic calendar and clock orbits and axial rotations.

In the Paper #87 was stated that the cosmic calendar twelve 30º and clock twenty-four 15º divisions of the hemispheric interference discs (HIDs) are the dynamic cosmic vortex energy mechanisms which are not only the basis of the solar-planetary 12/24 cosmic calendar/clock but also the origins of the gene energies (genergetics) of the evolutionary planetary life. (Pictures 1 A-H)

                  1 A   Sun   Earth





 1B             1C                                                                   

1D  An animation showing the rotation of the Earth. 1E     1F

         1G         1H      

         Cosmic 12 months calendar                    Cosmic 24 hour clock  


Comparing to the twelve (12) months of the Cosmic Calendar, where each 30º segment represents one (30 days) month on its hemispheric interference disc (HID), the Cosmic Clock HID is divided into the 24 equal 15º segments where each 15º segment represents the one hour of the 24 hour Cosmic Clock.


The below are shown the Male/M and Female/F mirror-image (enantiomeric) cosmic clock vortexes with their HIDs. (Picture 2).






                                                M                                    F  

     Upper half    y            y 

     Hemispheric              disc

     Lower half    x               x                                                                                    

                                           Male                                  Female

           2. 24 of 15º divisions of the Male and Female cosmic clock HIDs


The reader will notice that the resultant equatorial Male and Female HIDs are actually formed in-between the two (upper and lower)) of their respectful and interfering counter-spinning mirror-image/enantiomeric vortexes. (Picture 3 A & B)

                       y     y

                      x       x    

                                    Male (Y)                       Female (X)

            Picture 3A. Male and Female interfering sub-vortex HID’s

The resulting main Male/Y and Female/X main  HIDs are therefore formed by the two sub-interfering vortexes which in the case of Male (Y) are y and x, and in the case of Female (X) are y and x. (Picture 3B)



                                        Y                                     X

Upper sub                  


Upper sub    y      y

Main HID   18 6  18 6

Lower sub     x      x    


 Lower sub                  

                                          X                                     Y

                                       Male                             Female

                 3B. 24 sectors of the Male and Female cosmic clock HID

The reader should now be able to visualize with 3rd eye that the above resulting equatorial main Male - Female cosmic clock HID is reflecting within the 24 HID dominant energy lines trait imprints from both the “above” Male and Female cosmic clock respective sub-unit vortexes and from the “below” Female and Male cosmic clock respective sub-unit vortexes spinning in the opposite directions while forming the main equatorial HID.

The materialized dominant and non-dominant energy imprint pairs of these 24 directional energy lines are known as the human genetic material or chromosomes.

These “24 above” and “24 below” (in total 48) materialized dominant and non-dominant energy trait determiners, in the human reproductive sex cells of the planetary highest form of life, form 24 pairs of life patterned chromosomal units and, since the physical intellectual life grows out of these chromosomal energy lines, there come into existence the 24 basic solar (soul, psychic) orders of physical organizations. (1, 36:2.9)

This subject will be discussed further in the upcoming gene energetics (“genergetics”) LTP posts.





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