Questions and Answers: PAPER 11


                                                              CEDOMIL VUGRINCIC, M.D., Ph.D.
                                                                               March 2004
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                                WHAT IS THE MYSTERY OF THE SOUL’S ALCHEMY ?



To understand the creation or evolution of the soul, the reader first needs to have better

understanding  of God’s “Alchemy” (Almighty Chemistry of creation-evolution aspects of

God’s Divine Reality) regarding the creation of twin-flames (spirits) and twin-souls.

In this Q-A Paper only the basic concepts of God’s Divine Alchemy will be examined,

and pursued in more details in the future articles.


The Absolute Reality (Kabbalah’s Ein Sof) is the absolutely harmonized living eternal  substance” of God’s non-time non-space absolute existence.

God the Father is the First Spirit Center and initiative Source of all creational aspects of

His Divine Reality. (See previous articles discussing the aspects of creation and evolution).


The flow of God’s spiritual (spirit actual) thought form personality concepts from the

upper Paradise enantiomerically (mirror image) reflect on the flow of the space-force form

identity potentials modulated through the Unqualified Absolute of lower Paradise (also

called “Divine Mother/Matter/Materia”, and from which the peripheral seven time-space

superuniverses and their worlds of the Grand Universe have been materialized.


The upper Paradise Trinity Godhead Centers are each perfectly harmonized male-female

(androgynous) polarity divine beings, which reflect their spirit thought-form personality

concepts into the space-force forms potentials, becoming the space-time energies of the

seven peripheral superuniverses and their physically materialized worlds.


In previous papers (Papers 7 and 15) it has been already stated:

“We often speak of LIFE as “energy” and as “force” but in reality it is neither.

Life flows from the Father through the Son and to the Spirit and from the Infinite Spirit

to the local universe Mother Spirit where it vitalizes the lifeless physical form patterns

and imparts to the activated cosmic life plasma the prerogatives necessary for the

organism reproduction.


Life patterns of personalities are configurations of energies that have already fulfilled

all of its mass gravity response obligations to life, ‘they have been there and done this

already before’.


Upper Paradise God’s life personality blueprints as such, constitute the animation of

some pattern-configured or otherwise segregated system of energy- material, mindal

or spiritual, while nether Paradise (“Mother’s) energy pattern potentials alone only

provide the reactive potentials for material “non-spirit personality” identities.

Nether Paradise Mother’s space force-energy patterns are mass gravity responsive,

while Father’s spirit life personality blueprint actuals and its patterns are not.”


All along the path, from the Paradise down to the morontia of the superuniverses,

the life and its life-forms have been created (1), while in the superuniverse physical

realms the life and its creatures have evolved (Papers 8 and 9).


The Godhead Spirit created upper Paradise Sons and Daughters are each created as

perfectly harmonized male-female (androgynous) polarity divine beings, while the rest

of the Grand superuniverse time-space energy-matter creatures are created or evolve

as either male or female (non-androgynous) energy polarities.


For these reasons the Creator Son or Creative Spirit Daughter of Paradise

(such as Christ Michael of Nebadon, as the “Son of God” and the “God Creator of

Nebadon”, and the Divine Minister, as the “God Creative Mother” of our local universe)

can each themselves individually create their universe children of both male or female

energy polarities, such as Material Sons and Daughters or Angels (1), while the human

creatures of the evolutionary planetary origin being sex-energy unipolar, can not and for

this reason require both male and female human progeny for reproduction.


In Paper 16 has been stated:

“The SOUL represents the animating vital principle of the unit form of life, being the

carrier of its evolutionary mind.

The name SOUL is derived from the root SOL (SUN) hence its name- SOLAR.

Through universe interconnectivity, the Paradise atoms are reflected through PUMA’s

into the physical life of the evolutionary worlds.

The structure and lines of forces of absolutons appear reflected within the PUMA’s “twin” enantiomeric energy structure as presented in the Picture 1.

Dispensationally released PUMA’s through the evolutionary actualization of their potential

eventually develop their male and female TWIN-SOULS under the influence of the male-female TWIN-SPIRITS absolute life personality pattern released by the Paradise Father Godhead.”




           Picture 1.  Absoluton-PUMA masculine and feminine energy forms


The term SOUL MATES, in a broad sense, is used for male and female polarities having different divine Paradise spiritual life blueprint (different divine spiritual dharma or

duty), while outworking together their karmic obligations during their planetary sojourns.

TWIN SOULS, having same, but mirror imaged, divine life spiritual male and female blueprints (same male and female spiritual life dharma), could also be considered as

soul mates if embodied for purpose of outworking their mutual karmic duties during their planetary sojourn.


Having said that, the reader can now examine and meditate on the text  published

by E.C.Prophet through the SU Press, about the souls mystical quest for the holy

matrimony of their twin-flames purpose/dharma (matrimony of male and female unipolar

spirits in completing their cycle of being by fulfilling their God’s spiritual androgynous

causal body purpose) (2,edit modif):


“Each one of us (humans) have TWIN FLAME (the immortal personalizing spirit I AM

female or male polarity actual thought-form personality aspect of God, acting through

God’s indwelling Thought Adjusters)…

and TWIN SOUL who was created with us in the beginning (the time-space energy-matter

form potential reactively originated in nether Paradise, manifesting in the physical

evolutionary worlds through the man’s individual permanent male or female solar-PUMA

aspect evolving, through their lines of force, into fully individualized human form.”(Picture 2)




       Picture 2.  Twin Soul’s manifested through the physical male and female PUMA-

                         absolutonic Paradise Male and Female I AM God’s spirit presence


“God created you and your twin flame out of single ‘white fire body’(the Paradise

Godhead). He (God the Father, the 1st S & C) has separated this white fire ovoid into

two spheres of being (Male and Female androgynous spirit polarities of God) –

one with masculine polarity and the other into the feminine polarity, but each with the

same spiritual origin and unique pattern (life blueprint of actual personality) of identity

(nether Paradise form potential)…


The original plan was that (each of) you would go through a series of incarnations in

both masculine and feminine embodiments, as each half of the Divine Whole learned

(how to be) the instrument of the Mother-Father God (in the physical evolutionary worlds

as the ascending evolutionary creature earning the immortality on the way back to the

Father of Paradise)…But we (human souls) fell from the state of perfection by misusing

God’s light…Had we retained the harmony of the One, the rupture of love would have

remained throughout our lifetimes on earth. But when harmony was lost-through fear,

mistrust, or a sense of separation from our (God) Source-we became the victims of our

negative karma. Separated vibrationally, no longer preferring one another, we were

bound by the entangling alliances and mutual neglect until our (mortal) souls cried out

for the (love of) living God…and (the love of) each other.

Each incarnation apart from our twin flame was spent either creating negative karma or

balancing some of the karma that stood in the way of our reunion. At times we assumed

various relationships with our twin flame (as): husband-wife, mother-son, father-daughter,

and sister-brother, in order to unwind the negative strands of energy we had woven into

our subconscious (mind) through our misuse of (God’s given) free will…

(People) of light who are on a spiritual path need to learn to contact their twin flames

(spirits). This search is prompted by our (souls) Higher (spiritual) Selves, but inadequately understood at the physical (lower-self) level.

Often, when people learn that they share a unique mission with their twin flame (spirit),

they begin to search physically (by lower-self) for that one special soul, instead of seeking

(for) their (spiritual) wholeness within. This is always a (spiritual) detour on the path to

soul’s liberation (from it’s attachment to the physical world). It is our relationship to God

and our (spiritual) Higher Selves that holds the key to finding and becoming one with our

twin flame.”











1. The Urantia Book, The Urantia Foundation

2. Soul Mates and Twin Flames, E.C.Prophet, Summit University Press



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