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                                                              CEDOMIL VUGRINCIC, M.D., Ph.D.
                                                                                April 2004
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                             WHAT IS THE MEANING OF TWIN SOULS MARRIAGE ?



“The upper Paradise Trinity Godhead Centers are each perfectly harmonized male-female

spirit energy flow (androgynous) divine beings, which reflect their images into the space-

force potential of the absolute substance, becoming the time-space energies of the

seven peripheral superuniverses. The Paradise spirit energy polarities are reflected in the

physical worlds via Paradise absolutons acting through male and female PUMAs. (Picture 1)






Picture 1.  Paradise absoluton energies manifested through the male and female PUMAs

                  indicating Paradise higher (spirit) and lower (matter) energy centers.



In Q-A Paper 11 has been already stated (also ref. 2, edit./modif.):


“Each one of us (humans) has TWIN FLAME (the immortal personalizing I AM female

or male polarity spirit aspect of God acting through the God’s Thought Adjusters)…

and TWIN SOUL who was created with us in the beginning (the time-space energy-matter

form reactively originated in nether Paradise, manifesting in the physical evolutionary

worlds through the man’s individual permanent solar-PUMA male or female aspect, and

evolving through the PUMA’s lines of force into fully individualized human form).

God created you and your twin flame out of single “white fire body” (Paradise 1st Source

and Center/1st S&C).” (Picture 2, ref.1 edit./modif.)




                               Twin flames PARADISE (non-time/non-space) origin




    Picture 2.        ----------------------------- Twin flames acting through Thought Adjusters

                                                                 Causal Bodies at the lowest mansonia sphere of

                                                                  the Superuniverse MORONTIA of time-space.



“He (God the Father, the 1st S & C) has separated this white fire ovoid into two spheres of

being (Male and Female androgynous polarities of God) - one with masculine polarity and

the other into the feminine polarity, but each with the same spiritual origin and unique

life blueprint) pattern of (personality reflecting in the nether Paradise form) identity…

The original plan was that you would go through a series of incarnations (as) in both

masculine and feminine embodiments, as each half of the Divine Whole learned (how to be)

the instrument of the Mother-Father God (in the physical evolutionary worlds as the

ascending evolutionary creature earning your immortality on your way back to the

Father of Paradise).(Picture 3, ref.1 edit., modif.)


                                                THE MORONTIA WORLD Twin flames within pre-personal Thought Adjusters immortal causal bodies of immortal morontial soul’s beginning….


                                                THE PHYSICAL WORLD – The twin flames polarities

acting through the morontia pre-personal Thought Adjusters (via universe inter-connectivity

of absoluton) indwelling their male and female solar PUMA ego-centers of the physical

planetary matter, however, this is the end of ascended mortal physical soul…….



Picture 3. Twin flames acting, via morontial Thought Adjusters, on their solar PUMA

                 male and female ego-centers, expanding TA’s morontial immortal solar causal

                 bodies, also known as the Thought Adjuster your-Self personalization.




 In Paper 16 has been stated:

“The endowment of the evolutionary organic planetary solar cellular life and its mind with

ability to learn, the cellular memory and its differential responses, is the result of its

cellular ego-centric nuclear response, selecting between the “inner” influences of the

adjutant mind spiritual ministry, and the “outer” influences of the surrounding planetary

material environment gradually “molding” its cellular organism’s personality and identity.


Pre-intelligent organisms can only react to environmental stimuli, but more intelligent

organisms which are reactive to spirit mind ministry can adjust and manipulate the

environment itself through the adaptation of their advancing mind.

Organismal mind, therefore, learns from it’s cellular experiential exposures and from it’s

reactive behavioral habits developed in response to the “inner and outer” stimuli.

The evolving lower life intellect with it’s functional physical brain and its associated nervous

system has the innate capacity to respond to adjutant spirit mind ministry, and the evolving

minds of higher organic life possesses an innate receptivity capacity for higher spirits.


Through it’s plasma cell content, the evolutionary organism has all the necessary ascending

potentials for it’s intellectual, social, moral, and spiritual progress and attainment requiring

it’s appropriate responses and choices choosing between the mind ministry of adjutant spirits,

and later, their higher super-physical associates, and the influences of the outer surrounding

material environment and its planetary life, if it desires to survive and evolutionary ascend.


Once individualized into human form, the same principles apply to evolutionary human soul.

Man’s soul free-willingly chooses, through the spiritual evolutionary strive of it’s faith and

wisdom, to better understand the God as the creator of the universe and life, if it desires the

ascension from the planetary realms and the eternal salvation in the “Kingdom of Heaven”.


In continuum, in Q-A Paper 11 has been stated:


“… But we (human souls) fell from the state of perfection by misusing God’s light…

Had we retained the harmony of the One, the rupture of love would have remained

throughout our lifetimes on earth. But when harmony was lost-through fear, mistrust, or a

sense of separation from our (God) Source-we became the victims of our negative karma. Separated vibrationally, no longer preferring one another, we were bound by the

entangling alliances and mutual neglect until our (mortal) souls cried out for the (love of)

living God…and (the love of) each other.

Each incarnation apart from our twin flame was spent either creating negative karma or

balancing some of the karma that stood in the way of our reunion. At times we assumed

various relationships with our twin flame (as): husband-wife, mother-son, father-daughter,

and sister-brother, in order to unwind the negative strands of energy we had woven into

our subconscious (mind) through our misuse of (God’s given) free will…

(People) of light who are on a spiritual path need to learn to contact their twin flames

(spirits). This search is prompted by our (souls) Higher (spiritual) Selves, but inadequately understood at the physical (lower-self) level.

Often, when people learn that they share a unique mission with their twin flame (spirit),

they begin to search physically (by lower-self) for that one special soul, instead of seeking

(for) their (spiritual) wholeness within. This is always a (spiritual) detour on the path to

soul’s liberation (from it’s attachment to the physical world). It is our relationship to God

and our (spiritual) Higher Selves that holds the key to finding and becoming one with our

twin flame.”



Through local universe Divine Creator’s Spirit, and germ plasma introduced into the first

PUMA-electrochemical units of life by Life Carriers, the conditions for male and female

sex differentiation were created, enabling the male and female reproduction which, at the

final evolutionary stages of species differentiation, has enabled the individualized planetary mortals to follow the same biological principles and allow their incarnated physical souls

to achieve their energy predetermined eternal cosmic purpose and their Paradise destiny.

(Cosmic meaning of SEX is the Sacred Energy /e/Xchange between male and female).


For the above reasons, in planetary human family planning (“home-man” family planning),

only the marriage of male and female sacred energies will allow for realization of healthy

solar nucleus of father and mother to child family relationships, and from cosmic perspective,

the introduction of energy polarity alternatives or substitutes to these universal principles by

some humans, are not acceptable in the realization of the cosmic plan of solar evolution.


In conclusion, the physical karmic marriage of male and female polarities is meant to

parallel the twin spirits/twin souls union in cosmic encircuited wholeness (“Holiness”).

Only through the male-female polarity energy exchange via biological marriage of man

and woman, the evolutionary planetary souls-mate personalities can harmonize and balance

their karma, and actualize their cosmic blueprint of life duty/dharma, and ascend back to

their twin-spirit, or spirit(d)ual, Paradise origin.







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