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                                                              CEDOMIL VUGRINCIC, M.D., Ph.D.
                                                                                May 2004
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                                         WHO ARE THE “SON’S OF GOD”?  (Part I)


In the mind of the evolutionary planetary creature, with it’s limited corporal five senses

and therefore limited mind perception, this is ever confusing thought, and for these

reasons the basic classifications will be analyzed further in the next several Q-A Papers.

The reader should be, however, encouraged to meditate on the Urantia Book text for

more in depth knowledge.


The “Sons of God”, as they function in this superuniverse of Orvonton, are classified

under three general orders:                      

1.      The “Descending Sons of God” - includes personalities

who are of direct and divine either Paradise or Local Universe creation.

2.      The “Ascending Sons of God” - such as mortal creatures,

achieve this status by experiential participation in the creative technique known as the

planetary evolution of the sons of God.

3.      The “Trinitized Sons of God” - is the group of the composite

origin, which includes all beings embraced by the Paradise Trinity, even if they are not

of direct Trinity origin.


Only the first two groups of “Sons of God” will be discussed in next two Q-A Papers.




All descending Sons of God have high and divine origins.

They are dedicated to the descending ministry of service on the worlds and systems of

time and space to facilitate there the progress in the climb of the lowly creatures of the

evolutionary origin- the ascending “sons of God” to become the ascended “Sons of God”.


The Descending Sons of God who come forth from the central (Paradise) Isle of Light

and Life Deities are called the “Paradise Sons of God” and embrace the following three

major orders:

  1. Creator Sons- the Michaels.
  2. Magisterial Sons- the Avonals.
  3. Trinity Teacher Sons- the Daynals.


The Creator Sons- constitute the order of Michaels, such as the Christ Michael of our

local universe of Nebadon , and they are the makers and rulers of the local universes of

and space. They embody the characteristics of God the Father and God the Son.

Christ Michael of Nebadon, was the “Son of God”, incarnated during his 7th bestowal

mission on Urantia 2,000 years ago, in the soul of the “son of man”-  Jesus of Nazareth.

Each Creator Son is unique in the nature and personality, as the “only-begotten Son” of

the perfect deity ideal of his origin.


The Magisterial Sons- constitute the order of Avonals, and they are the planetary

ministers and judges, being very closely associated with the Michaels in all their work.

The Avonals embody the concept characteristics of the Eternal Son and the loving

service of the Infinite Service in their magisterial missions to all planetary races and

worlds of the time-space realms.


The Trinity Teacher Sons- constitute the order of Daynals, and in all universes they are

the universal educators and the embodiment of service and the discretion of wisdom.

These Sons of Trinity partake of the combined nature of the three Paradise Deities;

in the central universe of Havona they reflect more the nature of the Universal Father,

in the superuniverses they portray more the nature of the Eternal Son, while in the

local universes they appear to show forth the character of the Infinite Spirit.


The four other major orders of the descending sonship known as the “Local Universe

Sons of God” are:

  1. Melchizedek Sons.
  2. Vorondadek Sons.
  3. Lanonandek Sons.
  4. The Life Cariers.


Melchizedeks are the joint offspring of a local universe Creator Son of Micaels order,

the local universe Creative Daughter of the Infinite Spirit, and Father Melchizedek.


Vorondadeks and Lanonandeks are both brought into being by a Creator Son and

his Creative Spirit associate.

Vorondadeks are best known as the Most Highs- the Constellation Fathers.

Lananonadeks are Local System Sovereigns and Planetary Princes.


The Life Carriers are brought into existence by three fold order of- Creator Son,

Creative Spirit and associated activity of one of the three Ancient of Days of the

superuniverse of jurisdiction.





The Urantia Book, Paper 20 (modif./edit.), The Urantia Foundation


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