Questions and Answers: PAPER 16


                                                      CEDOMIL VUGRINCIC, M.D., Ph.D.
                                                                    August 2004
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“The Word of God is Love. The enactment of the Word of God, is service to your brothers and sisters. Truly, if the Word of God is actively resident within your life, the Fruits of Spirit are being produced in your life through the Service of Love.”

                                                                                                                Solonia, May 2,2004



       THE MEANING OF PLANETARY “CORRECTING TIME”?  (III)  (cont. of Q-A Paper 15, II)


The Archangel Michael has made in July, 2004 the following statement:


“Beloved masters, it is of vast importance that you understand: every facet of Creation from

a universal level downward throughout all the dimensions and especially you, the residents of planet Earth, are in the midst of unprecedented evolutionary change.
In a multitude of ways we have explained the …….  virtues, qualities and attributes of our Father/Mother God throughout this universe.  Now we wish to tell you, as part of the Divine

plan for new Creation and expansion, we have been given permission to relay new information

to you about the Rays and how they will affect you in the future. We have also told you that everything in the universe is in a constant state of change and this is especially true for you

as human Beings. 

Yes, all is spiraling upward and outward, even the multi-universes within the Omniverse. 

You might say this young universe is coming of age, just as you are becoming spiritual adults

and are reclaiming the multiple facets of yourselves.

ALL Creation is taking a giant leap forward as the pulsations from the heart core of the

Supreme Creator touch and penetrate all facets of Itself, from the smallest to the greatest.
This is the way it was in the Beginning and the way it will be once more as your universe

assumes its proper place in the Omniversal Divine Plan”. (ref. 1, edit/modif.)




In order for us to understand the Urantia’s “Correcting Time” better we have begun to review in Q-A Paper 15 the Grand universe, the superuniverse and the Monmatia’s (our solar system) organizational schemes, and in this Q-A Paper 16 we will continue to explain a step further.


As shown in the illustration below, the Urantia is assuming the lowest physical state (3 D) in the Monmatia’s cycle of evolving life, however, presently accelerating toward 4 & 5 D. (Pictures 1,2,3 and 4) (ref. 2,3, edit/modif.)


                          *                                                          *            

                   Earth (3 D)                                        Venus (4 D)                    (ref.2)


              Picture 1. Planetary involution-evolution chains of Monmatia


                                                           *              *

                                                   Earth (3 D)  Venus (4 D) 


Picture 2. The Monmatia’s planetary involution-evolution cycles        (ref 2, modif.)



The Earth’s physical planetary involution-evolutionary cycles of life, evolve according to the scheme presented below in Pictures 3 and 4.




                                                 Picture 3.                          (ref. 3)




                                                        Picture 4.             (ref. 4)




                                                                      … to continue in September’s Q-A Paper 17 (IV)






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In the meantime…”Let us behold the Light, that through the forgiveness, finds its way into

the great darkness of this world. Perceive the Light in all your brothers and sisters by fully forgiving each other, because it is only then that you will see their Light, know the higher Truth, and achieve the happiness of Brotherhood.” (Michael of Nebadon, May 1, 2004)




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