Questions and Answers: PAPER 23


                                                      CEDOMIL VUGRINCIC, M.D., Ph.D.
                                                                    March 2005
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“The Word of God is Love. The enactment of the Word of God, is service to your brothers

and sisters. Truly, if the Word of God is actively resident within your life, the Fruits of Spirit

are being produced in your life through the Service of Love.”

                                                                                                                Solonia, tml 5/2004


                                 “FOR PEACE ON EARTH SIMPLY WAR NO MORE”

“There are many on this planet that are suffering, many in tears and pain from the loss of loved ones, or simply from witnessing the pain and strife of others.

 ‘Why is this happening?’ many will and do ask.

I have to say, that is very natural for this events to have occurred if you look at the state of this planet and its people. From there you will be able to understand why the earth has reacted on her ascending path the way she did. Give love and you get it back. The energy field surrounding the earth has not been that one of love for many generations. This has finally taken its toll, and will continue to do so until the change occurs, and it will.

Simply take in these words, internalize them, think this matter over, and ask yourself- ‘What can I do to help?’ Every individual in this world holds a light, and if each of you were to ignite these flames through the planetary services to humanity, this planet would shine and radiate. Offer what you think you can, and simply know that you have contributed to the best of your abilities. No matter what you do, simply know that you have contributed and continue to strive for peace we all need.” (1)

“It is the natural evolution of the ascending planet as it gives to the pressure that builds up over eons of time, until it explodes with such mighty force. Many have been distraught by the sudden loss of their loved ones in South Asia and the entire world shares their grief. We will work together to soothe their pain and comfort them. Your Midwayer friends and I have been there to help with the Father’s work of caring for the many that have passed on. These souls have been lifted into the higher realms, and are beginning a new life where the sometimes-brutal hardships of the earthly existence are left behind. Our work is beyond your vision, but it is vital to your spiritual well-being.”(2)

“In the midst of the tumultuous events of this world there still is, and there always will be, light and hope. The energies that are being grounded through the recently reconnected circuits are powerful energies, and as such there are occurring many manifestations as the result of these new energies. Know that this is part of the universal changes, and truths, and indeed choices that have been made by greater swathes of humanity to assist in the general integration and learning of the new ways of working that are now available.” (3)

“This is a planet-wide wake up call for you all, to be more caring for your brothers and sisters, to fight each other no more, to despise each other no more, to hate each other no more, and with this ‘your Mother Earth’ will settle down too, and feel the peace and love pervading her sentinent being.

Will you, citizens of this seemingly forsaken globe in space, love and honor your Creator Father by respecting and embracing your brothers and sisters in all lands? At last, will you? Will you learn? There are no accidents anywhere in our universe, but for those calamities you individually and collectively create, so rethink your actions!” (4)

“The design of the universe-the fabric as it is called- is built upon the highest principles of love, and God’s laws are working to bring this love back to fulfillment of its actual absolute original. When you have developed your nature of love to the extent that your soul becomes aware of its relationship to God, you also become aware of this love that works in tandem with God, bringing all to the eventual harmony that we have spoken of.

You see the earth working without a fail to correct itself, not because of the kind of the will which is our human, but as the creation and substance of life that responds to the Will of Divine Love that God has set in motion upon our known universe. The relationship of every living thing to the laws that govern it, is not interrupted by the improper exercises of human will, as you might see in your brothers and sisters.” (5)

"It is not our Father's Will that you hold any brother or sister captive with your unforgiveness. Then release every captive, for indeed, it is you, yourselves, who feel the pain and suffer from your stubborn ways. And, my dear ones, you know this is the truth.

There is no peace ever in conflict.  Look about you this very day.  Listen to the news.  It is all about conflict and yes, unforgiveness reigns everywhere.

Today I would bring to you the key to peace.  It is so simple to simply war no more.  Ah, but you do not think in terms of simplicity, and the war games continue.  There seems to be no easy solution to your minds, and defending yourselves seems to be the only answer.  But I gave the Answer centuries ago when I said for you to forgive.  I said, 'if your enemy smites you on the cheek, then turn to him the other cheek.'  Fear is your greatest captor.

I said, 'Love one another'.  And I said, 'love your enemies'.  And still you seek peace, the peace of God that passes all understanding?

Peace comes to those who love one another.  Peace comes to those who love God, wholeheartedly, with their whole mind and strength, and yes, they love all their neighbors as themselves.  After all those centuries, the gospel of the Kingdom remains unchanged.

If you have peace, then you Love as the Father would have you love.  If you have peace than you Love as the Father loves.  If peace eludes you, or is a sometime thing that comes and goes like the tides at the seashore, then you must examine your Love account.  And if you find that account lacking, then you have some work to do in the New Year that lies before us.

Examine those places in your life that lack the love of the Father's Heart for all His children.  Love is always the Father's Business.  Love as He loves, unconditionally, and peace will come, for there is no other way to peace on earth and His Good Will to all mankind."(6)

“Many years ago now, I introduced the concept of relationship building, and discussed the reality of the totality of relationship.  All that is, is in relationship.  The quality and the understanding and knowledge of those relationships vary. And part of the curriculum is to better understand and develop these relationships. 

Now, the first and fundamental relationship(s) is with God the Father-The First Source and Center, Michael, and Mother Nebadonia.  These relationships are developed through desire and through stillness.

The second most significant relationship is the relationship of yourself to yourself, and it is this area of desire to do good to yourself, to grow and [to] become the likeness of the personality bestowed by the Father. 

And then there are the myriad of other relationships, the relationships each of you have one to the other, the relationships that you have with your siblings, the relationship you have to your home, Urantia, and the environment, your roll within institutions, which become pseudo relationships.” (7)

“Once you understand your role and purpose in this reality transfer that you
as a vessel are, then you may become more useful in the process and others
will witness your effectiveness at spreading this goodness around and will
be drawn to your actions.  You will be a demonstration of one who has
accepted and embraced the privilege of spreading around liberally this
nourishment from on high. That does not mean that this does not take effort
or sincere commitment to the process, but with your commitment and your
volunteer effort, you become  well rewarded with the satisfaction of the
attainment of such valuable service.
The time draws near when there will be a veritable flood of this sustenance
to be spread around, to be splashed, and even to be puddled all about and
the workers will be very busy with  the responsibilities and privileges they
have embraced. We have great assistance from on high at our disposal and
with your assistance we may make this transfer complete. I am confident in
each of you as a faithful steward of this charge as it is the true
expressions of your souls to be so positioned in this reality.
This commitment you make is obvious to those who can see past the
limitations of the flesh and I embrace you all as partners in what is sure
to be an incredible growth experience. I have been privileged enough to be
involved with this project for a great deal of time and I am once again
poised on the brink of great epochal significance and am excited at the
multitude of possibilities that are before us. I would ask that you act as
if you are aware of this reality and function within those parameters. It is
a significant step to take to realize within yourself that you have not
completely embraced an idea and when you attempt to embrace spiritual
reality, your perspective is elevated and your true nature revealed and it
is in this arena that your spiritual commitments and beliefs may be
strengthened or reevaluated or realigned to accommodate your enhanced level
of understanding.
The opportunity will arise to move from “talking the talk” as we have, to
“walking the talk” and putting yourself on the line for your spiritual
beliefs, your spiritual convictions. Opportunities will come to you in which
you may express yourself in spiritual terms and be accepted, as others are
seeking for the spiritual light and will be open to new discoveries in
spirit as they mature and reflect upon the circumstances and realities of
those around them. This again is where you come in as a beacon, a shining
light, as others are seeking to make sense of it all. You stand firm as a
lighthouse and they will find your stable presence reassuring.”(8)
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