Questions and Answers: PAPER 36


                                                      CEDOMIL VUGRINCIC, M.D., Ph.D.
                                                                       April 2006



“The Word of God is Love. The enactment of the Word of God is service to your brothers

and sisters. Truly, if the Word of God is actively resident within your life, the Fruits of Spirit

are being produced in your life through the Service of Love.”

                                                                                                                Solonia, tml 5/2004




                                       SOLAR MULTI-DIMENSIONALITIES ( VIII )



Cont. 2. “YOU” as LOWER-SELF “PUMA” (Physical UltiMate Atom)


Physics and chemistry alone cannot explain how the physical life has evolved out of the

primeval protoplasm of the early seas.

The laws of physics are immutable, unchanging and not responsive to training.

The laws of chemistry are uniform, dependable and not modifiable by education.

Electrical and chemical reactions are both predictable.


The ability to learn, memory and differential response are, however, the endowment of

the evolutionary mind, the result of the response of physical form “choosing” between

influences of “inner” spiritual ministry and the planetary “outer” material environment.

Cellular and organismal mind profits from this experience and learns from it’s reactive

habits forming the behavioral patterns in response to repetition of such “inner-outer”



Pre-intelligent organisms can only react to environmental stimuli, but more intelligent

organisms which are reactive to spirit mind ministry can adjust and manipulate the

environment itself.

The intellect, the function of physical brain and its associated nervous system, has the

innate capacity for response to mind ministry, just as the developing mind of a personality

possesses a certain innate capacity for spirit receptivity. Evolutionary being, therefore

contains the potentials for both intellectual, social, moral, and spiritual progress and

attainment dependent on the mind ministry of adjutant spirits and their super-physical






First primordial cells were simple and undifferentiated, established only from the reactive

inorganic atomic-molecular components into which the life requirements were introduced.


The first biological unit of material life initiated was the function of Life Carriers revolutions

of physical electrochemical energy circuits within material particles created by PC’s (Physical

Controllers) and this primordial unit is initiated into living existence by indwelling of the Divine

Minister’s Holly Spirit. Such first protoplasmic cells had primitive/primordial souls and minds.


In paper 7 it was stated that –


“Life does not appear spontaneously on the planets and in the universe in general.

The Life Carriers must initiate life on barren planets, and they are the carriers, disseminators

and the guardians of life as it appears on the evolutionary worlds of space.


The Life Carriers often carry actual life plasma from their headquarters to a new world,

however in case of Urantia, they have organized life patterns after they have arrived on the

planet and in accordance with the formulas previously approved for a new life establishment

on this planet.


When in accordance with the approved formulas, the physical patterns have been provided,

then the Life Carriers do catalyze this lifeless material, imparting through their persons the

vital spirit spark, and forthwith the inert physical patterns became living matter.

The vital spark, the vital mystery of life, is bestowed through the Life Carriers, not by them.

The Life Carriers do formulate the life plasma and supervise the life spark implantation itself,

but it is the Local Universe Mother Spirit who supplies the essential life spark to the lifeless

cosmic plasma substance that evolves into living physical patterns.


The Local Universe Divine Minister or the Creative Daughter of the Paradise Infinite Spirit

delivers the energy spark which enlivens the body and presages the mind.

The Life Carriers at such times transmit the spark of life and start the required revolutions of

matter in accordance with the physical, chemical and electrical specifications of the ordained

patterns and plans. Therefore, as such, Life Carriers act as living catalytic presences which

agitate, organize, and vitalize the otherwise inert elements of the material order of existence.


The first biological unit of material life created was the protoplasmic cell which communally

associated various chemical, electrical and other basic energies, and the Life Carriers are

always there to initiate the primordial reactions of the material life as the catalytic instigators

of the energy circuits of living matter”.


Each living cell has at its center the ultimate atom of the physical realm or PUMA, and the

structure of very simplified protoplasmic cell and its central physical atom is presented

graphically in the Picture 1.




                                  Picture 1 – The primordial cell with its central PUMA


The lower cellular forms of plant life are wholly responsive to the influence of the physical,

chemical, and electrical energies of its outer environment. Such influences on the cellular

evolution will gradually result in the materialization of the outer cellular wall separating the

energy of this cellular-self’s domain from its surrounding outer environment (“the nature”).


In time and with further cellular evolution and its inner structural differentiation, under the

influences of the adjutant mind spirits, the PUMAs gradually form cellular “inner-self” wall

separating its central domain of  inner-self lines of forces of spirit and matter energies

(cellular inner- or nuclear-self) containing the materialized nuclear genetic progeny, from its

cytoplasmic “outer-self” territorial energy domain of its cell. The physical characteristics of

such materialized cell represents it’s cellular IDENTITY.


As the scale of life ascends, one by one the mind ministries of the seven adjutant spirits

become operative in them, and the evolutionary minds become increasingly adjustable,

creative, coordinated, and dominative. The ability of life forms to adapt themselves to air,

water, and land is not therefore supernatural endowment, but is physical adjustment to the

super-physical ministry of adjutant spirits.





“We often speak of LIFE as “energy” and as “force” but in reality it is neither.

Life flows from the Father through the Son and to the Spirit and from the Infinite Spirit to the

local universe Mother Spirit where it vitalizes the lifeless physical form patterns and imparts

to the activated cosmic life plasma the prerogatives necessary for the organism reproduction.”

Life patterns of personalities are configurations of energies that have already fulfilled all of

 its mass gravity response obligations to life, i.e. “they have been there and done this already



God’s life personality blueprints as such, constitute the animation of some pattern-configured

or otherwise segregated system of energy- material, mindal or spiritual, while Paradise patterns

alone only provide the reactive potentials for material “non-spirit personality” identities.

Nether Paradise space force-energy is mass gravity responsive, while Father’s spirit life

personality blueprints and its patterns are not.








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”Let us behold the Light, that through the forgiveness, finds its way into the great darkness

of this world. Perceive the Light in all your brothers and sisters by fully forgiving each other,

because it is only then that you will see their Light, know the higher Truth, and achieve the

happiness of Brotherhood.”

                                                                                   Michael of Nebadon, tml 5/2004