Questions and Answers: PAPER 37


                                                      CEDOMIL VUGRINCIC, M.D., Ph.D.
                                                                        May 2006



“The Word of God is Love. The enactment of the Word of God is service to your brothers

and sisters. Truly, if the Word of God is actively resident within your life, the Fruits of Spirit

are being produced in your life through the Service of Love.”

                                                                                                                Solonia, tml 5/2004





                                       SOLAR MULTI-DIMENSIONALITIES ( IX )




Cont. 2.  “You” as LOWER-SELF “PUMA” (Physical UltiMate Aton/Atom)



It has been previously stated that life patterns of personalities are configurations of spirit

energies that have already fulfilled all of its mass gravity response obligations to mater-real



God’s Upper Paradise spirit life Personality blueprints on the evolutionary worlds as such,

constitute the spirit pattern ANIMATION*, of some configured or otherwise segregated

system of energy- material, mindal or spiritual, while Lower Paradise reactive energy patterns

alone provide the mater-realizing potentials for new solar IDentities.


Nether Paradise space force-energy is mass gravity Identity responsive, while Father’s spirit

life Personality blueprints and its patterns are not.


* ANIMA-realizaTION (ANIMA-Latin: Lower SOUL from ANU MAL,

i.e. ANU=PUMA: MAL=LOWER ; English- ANIMAL=Lower Soul)





SOUL is the animating, vital principle of the unit form of life, and is the carrier of its

evolutionary mind, which develops as the result of its choosing between inner and outer



The name “SOUL” is derived from the root SOL (SUN/SON- Central Creative Source

of Life).


Soul therefore represents the conscious learning aspect of the living form of life.

This separates the consciousness of the living soul from the non-living reactive consciousness

of the evolutionary energy-matter which accounts for its non-spiritual material reactive

manifestation and characteristics.


Living soul has the spark of life and life plasma, necessary for the evolution of its teachable

mind, able to learn under the influences of the seven adjutant mind spirits assisted by the

Life Carriers and the seraphic host, while the mechanical matter-nature has only the reactive

vibratory sympathetic non-teachable consciousness which is influenced, manipulated and

controlled by the physical controllers of the planetary energy realms.


Each living cell-soul organism develops its EGO from the PUMA center of its immediate

“higher” and “lower” physical and spiritual self-awareness.

This solar-cell PUMA EGO–CENTER represents, therefore, the center of solar cell’s

spirit-physical teachable mind and learning.





The lower solar cell forms of life are wholly responsive to the influence of the physical,

chemical, and electrical energies of its outer environment. Such influences on the cellular

evolution will gradually result in the materialization of the outer solar cell wall separating

the energy domain of the cell’s solar-self from its surrounding outer nature environment.

In time and with further solar cell evolution and it’s inner cellular differentiation, under

the influences of the adjutant mind spirits, the primordial solar cell gradually forms the

inner-self wall separating it’s immediate PUMA’s  inner-self lines of forces of spirit and

matter energies influences, containing the materialized material lines of force around its

 inner solar cell ego-self – the nucleus, from its solar cell exo-nuclear or cyto-plasmic

outer cell-self evolving IDENTITY and PERSONALITY.


Through the experiential existence such individualized human central PUMA becomes the

permanent ultimatonic center of it’s solar physical self-awareness directing energy forces

from within the “secret cosmic time interval chamber /Emerald Matrix/ behind the heart”(1)

in response to the spirit and matter influences forming its solar cellular ego-centric mind.


Two types of mirror image (enantiomorhic) Physical Ultimate Atoms or PUMAs were

clairvoyantly observed and they are graphically presented below in the Picture 1.


These presence of one or another type of central permanent PUMA within the primordial

solar-cell nuclear “secret chamber” gradually through evolution becomes the determinant

factor in solar cell MALE or FEMALE chromosomal sex chromatid mater-realization and

its organ sex (Secret Energy Xchange) differentiation (different /mirror image/ realization ).



                      Picture 1 - The male and female physical ultimatons (PUMA’s)


Solar central PUMAs experientially “earn” their permanency at the nuclear ego-centric

position of their solar cell-selves through the evolutionary development of their “vibratory

sympathetic” relationship with the other PUMA peers of their shared elemental body and

they become solar cell’s PERMANENT  EGO-CENTERS of their individualized evolving

body elemental organism (organ-realism) of their ego-centric-selves.


The relationship between the soul and its ego-center of the living creature-self is presented

graphically below  in the Picture 2.




                        Picture 2 - Living soul’s ego-self with PUMA at its ego-center


Identity and Personality of planetary soul evolve gradually through the evolution of its

solar cellular ego-centric mind through its PUMA ego-center.

Soul’s mind evolves through its progressive choosing between the “outer” physical and

“inner” spiritual stimuli on it-self (ID-self), thus expanding its mind and experiential memory



Through the process of evolutionary choosing and preferences based on new or old

acquired experiential wisdom, soul becomes first more matter/environment-conscious, defining

and changing progressively its mater oriented mind to more spirit-enlightened mind.


Lower or “material” solar mind concerns itself mostly with its physical survival in development

of its “lower-self”(“self”, “I am”) material consciousness, and as the result concerns itself only

with its physical mortal survival.


“Spiritualized soul” responds progressively to the spirit stimuli. Such soul progressively begins

to live in faith seeking salvation from the surrounding animalistic material nature of its peers.

Such soul begins to evolve, under higher spirit influence, the “higher-self” (Self, I AM) spiritual

mind concerning ID-Self with its spiritual solar survival in the eternal kingdom of its Creator God.


Spirit stimulus is always the creative (creation-active) living principle (“the illuminative or

enlightening”), in the creation-evolution process of universe, while the energy-matter is

always reactive (reaction active) in response to either outer surrounding nature stimuli or

inner spirit stimuli in the evolution of the solar personality and identity.

The spirit enlightens the spiritually responsive personal qualities of living form inspiring the

evolution of its “Higher Spirit Self” personality and corresponding energy IDentity, while the

material aspect of the living form mainly have instinctive vibratory consciousness of the “lower

self” materially oriented personality and identity.


Through its central permanent PUMA, the solar ego of the living being gradually develops the

dominion (Dominus/God’s Spirit Union), i.e. the controlling influence over its own material

PUMA-centered “elemental” body ( own body of matter elements), and its body surrounding

elements of nature.

Depending upon the development of its spirit-matter evolutionary mind such soul can

positively or negatively influence the other living creatures and their elemental forms, as well

as the other non-living mechanical planetary environmental elements. 




First primordial biological units of life were electrochemical protoplasmic cells communally

associated with various chemical, electrical and other basic energies of inert elements of the

material order of existence, catalyzed by the Life Carriers into living existence.


First protoplasmic circuits have evolved into primordial animated solar living cells with

very primitive minds.

From these first protoplasmic units of life, all other living forms have evolved.

Such cells continue to be initially wholly responsive only to physical, chemical and electrical

environment, however later on, they also became increasingly more sensitive to the inner

spirit stimuli. In continuous struggle to select and choose in their response between outer

environmental and inner spirit stimuli, such cellular souls have also evolved their minds.

Under the mind ministries of the seven adjutant mind spirits, the souls and their minds

became increasingly more creative, adjustable, coordinated and dominative.


Each cell has the central Physical UltiMate Atom or PUMA at its solar ego-center.

With progressive evolution of life, the central physical ultimaton of such solar unit of life

through evolution gradually individualizes and becomes the permanent atom of its cellular

evolving organism/organization (organ-realization).

Therefore in the soul of man, such solar ego-centric ultimaton of physical realm represents

the center of men’s solar response to both outer material and inner spiritual influences,

serving as the permanent EGO-CENTER atom for the evolution of man’s self-form identity

and his spirit-Self personality of his living individualized being.


Two types of physical ultimatons or PUMA’s graphically presented in  Picture 1, are called

MALE (MANifestation) and FEMALE (WOmbMANifestation), and are responsible for the

gradual materialization and differentiation of the male and female sex cells and their male

and female complementing polarity characteristics.






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3. The Urantia book, The Urantia Foundation






”Let us behold the Light, that through the forgiveness, finds its way into the great darkness

of this world. Perceive the Light in all your brothers and sisters by fully forgiving each other,

because it is only then that you will see their Light, know the higher Truth, and achieve the

happiness of Brotherhood.”

                                                                                   Michael of Nebadon, tml 5/2004