Questions and Answers: PAPER 39


                                                      CEDOMIL VUGRINCIC, M.D., Ph.D.
                                                                       July 2006



“The Word of God is Love. The enactment of the Word of God is service to your brothers

and sisters. Truly, if the Word of God is actively resident within your life, the Fruits of Spirit

are being produced in your life through the Service of Love.”

                                                                                                                Solonia, tml 5/2004





                                       SOLAR MULTI-DIMENSIONALITIES ( XI )




Cont. 2.  “You” as LOWER-SELF “PUMA” (Physical UltiMate Aton/Atom)




LIFE is a process which takes place between the cellular organism (organization, organ

realization) of the individualizing cellular-self and the environment.

The solar personality (persona reality) imparts value of IDentity and meanings of continuity

to this organism-environmental association known as the phenomenon of STIMULUS and


This is not a mere mechanical process since personality functions as a factor in the total

situation, and it is ever true that non-living energy-matter mechanisms are innately responsive/

reactive/passive while living energy-matter organisms are inherently stimulative-creative-active.




C.W.Leadbeater has stated in his book(1,edit.): “(The spirit-energy)… is called monadic

essence…only when clothed in the ultimate matter of the various planes…When it is

immersed in a physical matter…energizing or en(in)souling the mineral kingdom… it is

called “the mineral monad”, (the plants)…”the vegetable monad”, (the animals)…

”the animal monad”.

(The physical) monadic essence …is not one monad, but many…of many parallel

life-streams, each possessing characteristics of its own. The whole scheme tends increasingly

toward (self) differentiation,…to divide and subdivide (cellular organization of self).

(So) In the VEGETABLE kingdom, for example, we do not have a soul for one plant, but one

GROUP-SOUL for an enormous number of plants,…in the ANIMAL kingdom…we have

comparatively smaller  number of physical forms (as) expression of one GROUP-SOUL,…

and finally (we have monadic essence) divided into (differentiated self organized) individualities,

(from group soul now) each MAN being now (monadic essence MANifestation) of differentiated,

and organized singular selfhood, a separate (yet undeveloped primitive) INDIVIDUAL SOUL.




First primordial cells were simple and undifferentiated electrochemical circuits, established

only from the reactive inorganic atomic-molecular components into which the stimulated life

plasma was introduced.

The first organic unit of material life created was the protoplasmic cell which communally

associated various chemical, electrical and other basic energies.

In the development of any planetary life the vegetable always precedes animal and develops

fully before animal patterns appear and begin to differentiate. All animal types always develop

from the basic patterns of the preceding vegetable kingdom; they are not separately organized

as we could see from the narrative of this paper.


Previously has been stated that each cell has also its own evolving living elemental soul and

mind animated though its vital (life) stimulating principles.


SOUL as such is the animating, vital principle of the unit form of life, and is the carrier of its

evolutionary mind, which results from its choosing between inner and outer stimuli.

The name SOUL is the derivation of root SOL (SUN, SON) hence its SOLAR name.


The soul represents the conscious learning aspect of the living form of life. This separates

the consciousness of the living soul from the non-living reactive consciousness of the

evolutionary energy-matter, which some also call consciously reactive elemental soul.

Living soul has the spark of life and life plasma, necessary for the evolution of its teachable

mind, able to learn under the influence of the seven adjutant mind spirits assisted by the

Life Carriers and the seraphic host, while the mechanical matter-nature has only reactive

vibratory sympathetic non-teachable consciousness which is influenced, manipulated and

controlled by the physical controllers of the planetary realms.





PERSONALITY is the spiritual quality of actualizing blueprint of Selfhood bestowed upon

the life form by the Universal Father’s Spirit, and ministered to it by the Spirit of the Conjoint

Actor of the Third Source and Center, acting for the Father upon any living energy system

which evolves its mind under the spirit influence.

When bestowed upon evolutionary material creatures, it causes the spirit to strive for the

mastery of such energy-matter life form through the mediation of its evolutionary mind.

The actualized spirit of the individualized personality is always unique, changeless, moral

and dedicated to the will of God, the creator of its bestowed and actualized personality.

Personality, while devoid of identity, can unify the identity of any living energy system.

Personality responds directly to other personality presence and it can not perform very

well in isolation because the man is innately a social creature craving for belong-ness.

It is literally true “No soul-man lives unto itself”.


The concept of the personality as the meaning of the whole, living, and functioning

creature means much more than the integration of relationships within form; it signifies

the unification of all form factors of one’s reality as well as the co-ordination of relationships.

Relationships exist between two cell objects, but three or more cellular objects eventuate

a cellular SYSTEM where individual members are related through such system to the whole.


In the organism (organ realism) the summation of its parts constitutes SELFHOOD,

the living form INDIVIDUALIZATION (In-divide Dual realization of spirit and energy-matter).

In a human individual the personality is the unifier of all of its spiritual qualities, as related to

cosmic actual absolute realities, and realized in the potentials of the energy-matter form acted

upon, developing solar form IDENTITY (In-divide Dual /spirit-matter/ ENTITY).


In a CELL AGGREGATION the various parts are added in the AGGREGate realizATION,

and in the SYSTEM ORGANIZATION, synonymous with the body ORGAN real-IZATION,

they become arranged as organs in a body of the life form system.


In a system organization of body organs aggregate-realization, there is the aggregation of all

body parts (organs) according to their organizational positional values and meanings.

In a good functioning system of well organized materialized energies, all organ-factors are

arranged according to a meaningful system of solar-SELF response to the inner spiritual


In a poorly functioning energy-matter system adequate solar-SELF responses to the spiritual

stimuli are either displaced, deranged or missing in such DIS(functionally)-ORGANIZED

materialized body, resulting in a DIS(functional)-EASE of such solar energy system.


In spirit-mind-energy systems it is the spiritual personality that unifies all of its evolutionary

activities and imparts all spiritual qualities to such personal form, i.e. well organized and well-

harmonized energy-body organization of such solar form-identity and spirit-creativity.


The possibility of the unification of the evolving self-Self is inherent in the qualities of its

constitutive factors: the basic energies, the master tissues, the fundamental chemical

over-control, the one’s ideas, goals and the spiritual bestowal, i.e. the secret of self- Self

conscious spiritual nature of the body-form individualization (spirit realization in matter).


The evolutionary lower solar material self, the PUMA ego-centric self, is dependent during

its physical life upon the continuing harmonized function of its material vehicle potential in

maintaining the balanced equilibrium between its physical energies and its intellect, i.e. its

physical “NATURE”elements and its solar PUMA-self mind. (as compared to the acting upon

actualizing “SPIRITUAL” LIFE blueprint or personality).


As the creature ascends and finally individualizes, it seeks the selfhood of survival value that

can transcend the experience of death. This can be achieved, however, only through unification

of PUMA-self mind with its spirit-Self personality through the increased spirit influence, and the

dominance of spirit(ual) teaching upon evolutionary mind of self. This process culminates in the

solar leading of PUMA self-Self by the personalizing “I AM” Fathers spirit Divine Thought

Adjuster, resulting in mortal solar qualification for the eternal life into its immortal morontial 

Solar I AM- Selfhood .

Only through the total spirit over-control of solar self, the spirit flame of “I AM God”

actualizing personality blueprint can totally dominate the solar lower-self body system and

its form identity (its lower “I am self-hood”), to change it into the ascended I AM God-Self



With achieved selfhood of survival value, the self-Self  reaches the potential for transfer of

its seat of identity of its soul’s evolving personality from its transient evolutionary physical

vehicle of the “I am self ”into the more enduring morontial body of its now immortal “I AM

Self” morontial soul. The actual transfer from the material solar “I am” PUMA self-Self

association to the morontial  “I AM Self” identification is effected only by the persistent,

sincere, and steadfast faith driven work of God-seeking soul of human evolutionary nature.





The endowment of the evolutionary organic planetary solar cellular life and its mind with

ability to learn, the cellular memory and its differential responses, is the result of its

cellular ego-centric nuclear response, selecting between the “inner” influences of the

adjutant mind spiritual ministry, and the “outer” influences of the surrounding planetary

material environment gradually “molding” its cellular organism’s personality and identity.


Pre-intelligent organisms can only react to environmental stimuli, but more intelligent

organisms which are reactive to spirit mind ministry can adjust and manipulate the

environment itself through the adaptation of their advancing mind.

Organismal mind, therefore, learns from it’s cellular experiential exposures and from it’s

reactive behavioral habits developed in response to the “inner and outer” stimuli.

The evolving lower life intellect with it’s functional physical brain and its associated nervous

system has the innate capacity to respond to adjutant spirit mind ministry, and the evolving

minds of higher organic life possesses an innate receptivity capacity for higher spirits.


Through it’s plasma cell content, the evolutionary organism has all the necessary ascending

potentials for it’s intellectual, social, moral, and spiritual progress and attainment requiring

it’s appropriate responses and choices choosing between the mind ministry of adjutant spirits,

and later, their higher super-physical associates, and the influences of the outer surrounding

material environment and its planetary life, if it desires to survive and evolutionary ascend.


Once individualized into human form, the same principles apply to evolutionary human soul.

Man’s soul has to free-willingly choose, through the spiritual evolutionary survival strives of

it’s faith and wisdom, to better understand the God as the creator of the universe and life, and

the God’s universe laws, if it desires the ascension of its solar “I am” PUMA-selfhood of the

planetary realms, and the salvation by translation into the immortal morontial solar “I AM”

Selfhood of the eternal “Kingdom of Heaven”.





1. The Urantia book, The Urantia Foundation

2. Man Visible & Invisible, C. W. Leadbeater, The Theosophical Publishing House




”Let us behold the Light, that through the forgiveness, finds its way into the great darkness

of this world. Perceive the Light in all your brothers and sisters by fully forgiving each other,

because it is only then that you will see their Light, know the higher Truth, and achieve the

happiness of Brotherhood.”

                                                                                   Michael of Nebadon, tml 5/2004