Questions and Answers: PAPER 40


                                                      CEDOMIL VUGRINCIC, M.D., Ph.D.
                                                                     August 2006



“The Word of God is Love. The enactment of the Word of God is service to your brothers

and sisters. Truly, if the Word of God is actively resident within your life, the Fruits of Spirit

are being produced in your life through the Service of Love.”

                                                                                                                Solonia, tml 5/2004





                                     SOLAR MULTI-DIMENSIONALITIES ( XII )




Cont. 2.  “You” as LOWER-SELF “PUMA” (Physical UltiMate Aton/Atom)



Regarding the evolution of the primordial soul, its ego-centric solar personality and its

identity it has been previously stated in Papers posted on  that

each living cell has its own evolving  elemental soul and mind animated by the vital cosmic

forces through it’s PUMA ego-center.


SOUL, therefore, is the animated vital principle of the unit form of life, and is the carrier

of its evolutionary mind, which develops as the result of its choosing between the inner and

outer stimuli. The name SOUL is derived from the root SOL (SUN) hence its SOLAR name.


The soul represents the conscious learning aspect of the living unit or cell form of life.

This separates the active consciousness of the living soul from the non-living reactive

consciousness of the evolutionary energy-matter, which some also call the consciousness of

the element(al) soul.

Living soul has the spark of life and life plasma, necessary for the evolution of its teachable

mind, able to learn under the influence of the seven adjutant mind spirits assisted by the Life

Carriers and the angelic host, while the mechanical matter-nature has only reactive vibratory

sympathetic non-teachable consciousness which is influenced, manipulated and controlled by

the Physical Controllers of the planetary physical realms.




*PUMA’s – In the previous Papers has been stated that the presence of the Paradise

Absolutes is reflected in the Absoluton, the (non-time/non-space) Paradise atom.

Absolutons, in the scheme of the universe inter-connectivity, are behind Havona’s Absonite

atoms, and those are behind the Grand SuperUniverses Ultimatons of time and space.

Ultimatons are behind morontial Electrons, electrons are behind the Physical UltiMate Atoms

of men’s seven planetary realms and these are the central PUMAs of men’s physical realm.

PUMAs are, therefore, through cosmic time-space intervals, the microcosmic energy

extensions and manifestations of the Paradise Absolutes reflected through the Paradise

Absolutons, which  out-picture Paradise presence via PUMAs all the way down to the realms

of the physical worlds. PUMAs are, as well, the building blocks of the chemical atoms of

inorganic and organic molecular systems of all non-living and living planetary forms of

the evolutionary natur(al) environment and life.


PUMAs are solar’s central physical ultimate atoms of individualized men and women, which

have earned their central permanency through the evolutionary process of individualization,

and they represent the permanent central “heart core” of their solar egos for the rest of their

solar physical mortal life.

Such PUMA permanent solar atoms have developed their highest degree of “vibratory

sympathy” among their PUMA peers through the evolutionary process of the organizing

(organ-realizing) energy systems of their energy dispensation (“the class”), i.e. energy

released within the same period of time or “age”.

Through their life in the lower evolutionary species they have gradually earned, through the

evolutionary process of selective “wise choosing”, their more stable central position of

permanency through the acquired higher experiential wisdom of their evolutionary minds,

becoming permanent PUMAs in individualized humans.

Such ultimate atomic PUMA centers of the physical realm are also called, in esoteric

teachings, the “central atoms in the secret chamber behind the physical heart (distanced by

cosmic vibratory energy interval).” The two types of the existing physical ultimate atoms

(ultimatons) or PUMA’s are graphically presented below in the Picture 1.



                      Picture 1 - The male and female physical ultimatons (PUMA’s)


*LIFE GERM PLASMA - In the Urantia Book has been stated: ”Life dos not appear on

barren worlds spontaneously, and Life Carriers must initiate life in the “life ready” inorganic

(/with/in-organic) environment of the planet.

On Life Carrier morontia worlds the initial essential units of energy are captured, organized,

manipulated and employed by the local universe physicists and electrochemists to build up

the material vehicles of life transmission, the so called GERM PLASM.


(Dictionary; GERM- Biol. A small organic structure from which a new organism may develop;

PLASMA - Lat.- image; Gk.- mold, “anything formed or molded”; Physics - electronic

conducting medium consisting of electrically neutral particles maintaining neutral electro-

magnetic plasma field; Physiology - communicating portion of blood fluid in which blood cells

and other blood components are suspended).”


The original life plasma of an evolutionary world must contain the full potential for all future developmental variations and for all subsequent evolutionary changes and modifications.

The provision for such far-reaching projects of life metamorphosis may require the transient

appearance of many apparently useless forms of the evolutionary animal and vegetable life.

Such by-products of planetary evolution, foreseen or unforeseen, appear upon the stage

of action only to disappear, but in and through all this long process there runs the thread

of the wise and intelligent formulations of the original designers of the planetary life plan

and species scheme. The manifold by-products of biologic evolution are all essential to the

final and full function of the higher intelligent forms of life, notwithstanding that great outward disharmony may prevail from time to time in the long upward struggle of the higher creatures

to effect the mastery of the lower forms of life, many of which are sometimes so antagonistic

to the peace and comfort of the evolving will creatures.


*LIFE SPARK / LIFE FORCE – In previous Papers has been also stated that the:

“Life Carriers can organize the material forms, or physical patterns of living beings, but only

the Spirit of Universe Mother can provide the initial spark of life and bestowal of the mind

endowment in the living creature.

When the Life Carriers have organized the energy systems and designed the patterns of life,

then the lifeless forms are vivified through the impartation of the “BREATH OF LIFE”,

the life impulse sent from the local universe Mother’s Spirit life force.

When in accordance with the approved formulas the physical patterns have been provided,

then the Life Carriers catalyze this lifeless physical material, imparting through their persons

the vital spark, and forthwith the inert physical patterns become vivified living matter.

The vital spark, the vital mystery of life, is bestowed through Life Carriers by local universe

Mother Spirit. The Life Carriers do formulate the life plasma and supervise the life spark

implementation supplied by the local universe Mother Spirit of Wholeness, i.e. “Holy Spirit”,

which vivifies lifeless physical substance and the cosmic plasma within.


At such times the Life Carriers start the required revolutions within matter in accordance

with the physical, chemical and electrical specifications of the ordained patterns and plans,

and transmit the spark of life to the central physical ultimaton, which becomes enlivened

ego-center of its cellular soul-body, and begins to activate and expand its cellular mind.

Animal mind and human mind are gifts of the local universe Mother Spirit, functioning

through  the seven adjutant mind-spirits, while creature ability to reproduce is the specific

and personal impartation of the Universe Mother Spirit to the ancestral life plasma

inaugurated by the Life Carriers.




The endowment of the evolutionary organic planetary solar cellular life and its mind with

ability to learn, the cellular memory and its differential responses, is the result of its cellular

ego-centric nuclear response, selecting between the “inner” influences of the adjutant mind

spiritual ministry, and the “outer” influences of the surrounding planetary material

environment gradually “molding” its cellular organismal personality and identity.


Pre-intelligent organisms can only react to environmental stimuli, but more intelligent

organisms which are reactive to spirit mind ministry can adjust and manipulate the

environment itself through the adaptation of their advancing minds.

Organismal mind profits from experience and learns from reactive habits of behavior in

response to the “inner and outer” repetition of stimuli.

The evolving intellect, the function of physical brain and its associated nervous system,

has the innate capacity for response to adjutant mind ministry, just as the developing

mind of a personality possesses a certain innate capacity for spirit receptivity.

Evolutionary being has, therefore, through its plasma content, all evolutionary ascending

potentials for intellectual, social, moral, and spiritual progress and attainment depending

upon its appropriate responses and choices between the mind ministry of adjutant spirits

and their higher super-physical associates, and the outer influences of its material nature

and its evolutionary life.




1. The Urantia book, The Urantia Foundation                                  





”Let us behold the Light, that through the forgiveness, finds its way into the great darkness

of this world. Perceive the Light in all your brothers and sisters by fully forgiving each other,

because it is only then that you will see their Light, know the higher Truth, and achieve the

happiness of Brotherhood.”

                                                                                   Michael of Nebadon, tml 5/2004