Questions and Answers: PAPER 45


                                                      CEDOMIL VUGRINCIC, M.D., Ph.D.
                                                                    January 2007


“The Word of God is Love. The enactment of the Word of God is service to your brothers

and sisters. Truly, if the Word of God is actively resident within your life, the Fruits of Spirit

are being produced in your life through the Service of Love.”

                                                                                                                Solonia, tml 5/2004





                                     SOLAR MULTI-DIMENSIONALITIES ( XVII )



Cont. 2.  “You” as LOWER-SELF “PUMA” (Physical UltiMate Aton/Atom)






As stated in previous Papers the masculine and feminine forms of the living creatures evolve

from the central PUMA located in the “secret chamber of the heart”. From this central

PUMA and its central ego-centric nuclear cell the creatures develop their ego-centric “self”.

In humans, as the highest evolved evolutionary creature, the central PUMA’s permanent

“lower”-self slowly begins to separate him-/her-self from the animalistic group consciousness

through its spirit guided developing individualized mind of solar “higher”aspect of self.


The below presented graphic sequence again demonstrates the presence of the creative

force behind the evolutionary process of all biological species finally completing its cycle in the

individualization of man and woman, the two biologically pro-creative human species of the

opposite but complementary energy co-creative polarities.





Paradise upper Paradise Spirit Trinity centers, central Paradise with Majeston Reflectivity

Person at its heart nexus, and three nether Paradise Centers are projected behind the energy

body of the PUMA based human male and female. 




Picture 1. I AM God male and female patterns within PUMA male 

                 and female energy patterns


The energy presence of the three “upper” Paradise Spirit Centers, i.e. the Paradise “Higher”

aspects of the Universal Absolute “I AM” Self, are in time and space behind the solar “higher”

aspect of self.


Majeston is in time and space behind the permanent PUMA center in the “secret chamber “ of the  individual’s “higher” and “lower” aspects of the evolutionary PUMA heart central nexus.


The three nether centers of the Paradise Universal Absolute “I AM” God’s presence correspond

to the “lower” aspects of human PUMA based aspect of self. (Pictures 1 through 4)





                 Picture 2. The PUMA energy forms of the individualized human

                                  male and female with Paradise Yin-Yang forces





                  Picture 3. The energy field of PUMA based human aura (1, modif.)




                                          Picture 4. Human central chakras (1) 


The auric central energy caduceus coil with chakra centers projected within, appear as

presented below in the Picture 5, and central coil itself of the human body in 6.




       Picture 5. Chakras within the central             Picture 6. Human central energy coil

                        energy coil (1, edit/ modif)                               (1, edit/ modif)


Djwal Kul has made the following statement about the human central energy coil:


“The (electro-magnetic) coil…approximately ten inches in diameter… (is) rising from the

base of an imaginary sundial upon which you stand…The coil is an electrode…the coils

being placed three inches apart…from beneath your feet to the top of your head, this coil

is pulsating white fire (of energy).(1, edit./modif.) 


The below presented medical caduceus of human energy anatomy also acknowledges the

central energy origin of the human body coil (spine). (Picture 7)                                                            




        Picture 7. The medical caduceus of human body with its central energy coil (2)


The spinal cord/coil is called in India the Brahmadanda, the stick of Brahma.

Two snakes symbolize the Kundalini or serpent-fire which is set in motion along

the spinal energy channels and the wings typify the power of conscious flight through

higher planes, which the development of that fire confers.

Within Kundalini …there is mingling of positive and negative energy qualities… which

can be described as male and female…the section rising through the Pingala channel

being …almost wholly masculine, whereas the rising through channel Ida is almost wholly

feminine. At the intersections of the three the roots from which chakra centers or the energy

wheels appear.

The second differentiation which takes place during the passage of Kundalini force up the

spine is that it becomes intensely impregnated with the personality of the man.

It seems that Kundalini enters at the bottom as very general force, and issues at the top

being definitely impregnated  by the personality of the man with his qualities. (2, edit/modif.)




The above graphic presentation demonstrates the presence of the creative force

behind the evolutionary process of all biological species completing its cycle in the

individualization of man and woman, the two biologically pro-creative human species of

the opposite but complementary energy co-creative polarities. 


Having the Paradise creative forces “behind” its solar ego-centric self-Self, the evolutionary

being possesses the potentials for both intellectual, social, moral, and spiritual progress to

successfully ascend into the morontial realms of the eternal life.


Through the PUMA ego-center, the sex cell’s nucleus precipitates chromosomes along

its energy lines, i. e. materializes the genetic determinants of the evolving life forms.

Through the process of its energy-genetic cell division, aggregation (aggregate realization)

and organization (organ realization) the heart ego-centric PUMA solar-self gradually

evolves its creatures outer shell (body).


The PUMA energetics will be discussed in more details in the next series of Papers on .


Finally, having the permanent ego-center the human soul develops its individualized body

as the highest evolutionary accomplishment of the physical planetary life.







1. The Human Aura, Kuthumi and Djwal Kul, Summit University Press

2. Esoteric Anatomy, Bruce Berger, North Atlantic Books           





”Let us behold the Light, that through the forgiveness, finds its way into the great darkness

of this world. Perceive the Light in all your brothers and sisters by fully forgiving each other,

because it is only then that you will see their Light, know the higher Truth, and achieve the

happiness of Brotherhood.”

                                                                                   Michael of Nebadon, tml 5/2004