Questions and Answers: PAPER 55


                                                      CEDOMIL VUGRINCIC, M.D., Ph.D.
                                                                    November 2007


“The Word of God is Love. The enactment of the Word of God is service to your brothers

and sisters. Truly, if the Word of God is actively resident within your life, the Fruits of Spirit

are being produced in your life through the Service of Love.”


                                                                                                                Solonia, tml 5/2004



                SOLAR MULTI-DIMENSIONALITIES ( XXVII ) – The Human Vortex



Cont. 2.  Planetary Cabal’s Manipulation Of Human Mind – 




MIND SPIRIT (1 excerpts, edit/modif.)


It has been stated several times before that the human mind has been manipulated along its

evolutionary ascending past by those that have taken the advantage of their early awakened

2nd chakra or energy vortex of POWER and CONTROL of their “awakening” human central

Kundalini energy spiral (spine) vortexes. (see Picture 1 below, ref.2 edit/modif.)


At present time the humanity is witnessing the growing Cabal’s global attempts to over-control

the human life by its various global banking money schemes and its fiat (worthless paper)

currency while re-enforcing the global implementation of the same by their various Draconian

dictatorial laws and their military re-enforcement over the rest of the free-willed planetary

humanity and the planetary life.


Humanity is witnessing the live demonstration of the Darwin’s Laws of the fittest evolutionary

3D animal (ANU-mal, PUMA-mal)) mind attempting the global over-control over the other

enslaved and manipulated minds by their instituted schemes of mind-matter control (matter

by money and force and mind by their dishonest manipulative propaganda “brain-washing”).




“The revolutions of history have occurred because there are those who rise up against the status quo, against those who are holding them oppressed. Yet the ones in power want those who are under them to stay under them … mindless, inconsequential and inert. And those who become vocal about 'self' are a threat.

Shame is a tool used by those in power to keep their people asleep and obedient. Shame is one of the most debilitating powers that can be used by your society to keep you in check and to keep you from having appropriate self-esteem, self-respect and self-love.

I will give you an assignment but it is a difficult assignment. The fact may have slipped past you completely because it is so insidious, but if you are astute, you can see how your own society has enabled itself to stay in the mechanism of its own gears as a result of the clever use of shame, of keeping you down, keeping you in place.

We want to break you out of those constraints; you want to become self-acting individuals. Indeed, you want to be "all that you can be" and you cannot be all that you can be if you belittle yourself or others through shaming techniques, even  unconscious shaming techniques, so it behooves you to be aware of how shame is a large part of your social construct.

Thoroah: Especially for people who want to please people.

BOB: Especially?  In discussing "people-pleasers" you open the door to another study of self-effacement or of deference. But yes, that attitude of seeking to please influences greatly; it is mostly unconscious, in many ways unnecessary. Those who are more willful or self-contained are also subject to the assault of shame. Either way shame invades consciousness and destroys healthy will. It is a form of Anti-Christ.

Almost all oppression is a result of being a fear-based or shame-based personality. ("Thou Shalt Not") If you can get to the root of the fear and the shame, you have a great chance of breaking out of the constraints of the conditioning that holds you in its grasp, mocking your potential.

So let's take a look at that this week. And as you study this, and see how the powers-that-be or the would-be-controllers utilize shame to accomplish their purpose, to get their needs met, you will see why a new interpretation is essential. You will have a far better appreciation of how the spirit of understanding can help you maneuver your way through the animal kingdom and on up to the realm of the will.

While you are burrowed in the belly of the second chakra, you are only one of the many. You have not found your individuality, nor have you expressed your uniqueness, but you have merely survived along with all of the rest of humanity, indeed with the rest of the animal kingdom. 

But lest you think that's not a noteworthy accomplishment, think again. The very act of survival on such a world as this is an accomplishment.  And yet your destiny is so much more than to merely survive! The potential of sonship is such that you are encouraged to not only seek to find your own level of awareness, but that with this awareness you will be able to reach back and help others attain self-hood also.

Self-hood is potential sonship. It thus gives you the opportunity to be a midwife, as it were, in helping bring reality into being, by helping individuals to step up and out of the bowels of existence into the realm of individuation.” (1)

Because the majority of humanity is still God faithless, asleep and fearful while enslaved by its planetary mammon Cabal, it is for these reasons considered to be still at the low stages of the 2nd chakra/vortex awakening of their human evolution. (Pictures 1 A-F below)






                   Picture 1A. Seven central coil/spine Chakras-Spirit Adjutants inter-play (2)







            C       D      (4)



        E1        E2        E3   (4)


        F1         F2         F3   (5)


     Pictures 1 E-F. Man’s 3 lower vortexes/chakras are located in the “Belly of Human-kind”



The images E1, E2 and E3 of the three lowest chakras were visual “downloads from above”

(ref.3), while the F1, F2 and F3 images of the three lowest chakras were the clairvoyant

“uploads from below”(ref. 5).


Mind, as the holographic vortex interference phenomena between spirit and matter, is the

organized consciousness which is not wholly subject to material gravity. For instance, human

mind becomes truly liberated when modified by spirit whereby spirit realities become

experiential to human personalities which can than co-ordinate things, ideas and universe

spiritual values.


Here is what has the Cherubim Bob said about the manipulation and control of the mass

mentality and its culture by various groups of people (such as Cabal’s global Illuminati groups):


Cherubim BOB: "But, as we have discussed, it is possible to manipulate and rotate and

negotiate this mass of people. Thus we have tribes or countries with their loyalties and power

struggles, all the way from primitive times and cultures to the society you see today with your

United States of America, a political power (of foreign Cabal's Corp. U.S.), and its potential in

building a global organism-- as it has been in its 50 states.

The second adjutant mind, the spirit of understanding, is what enables you to be effective in

the realm of the masses in the way you manipulate, negotiate or direct culture. It would seem

that much of the current direction of the planet is for less than altruistic reasons...


Who do you suppose is able to move masses?


The leaders of groups of people (such as Cabal's Corp. U.S. Illuminati) are one way of getting

people together to work for a common cause or to have a common emotional cause, or a

common political fervor, ad infinitum, from within (where, for instance, Cabal's Corp. U.S. 

Illuminati have been fabricating global wars in order to secure Cabal's global survival and

their global domination and control over the rest of humanity “ad infinitum”).”


Sanobim LADY: The second chakra focuses on Power and Control, on Sex and Money.

What a huge realm of behavior that is! For the most part, the first adjutant of intuition and the

first vortex of energy are largely subliminal, unconscious and mechanical. And even though the

second level here is a far more social expression of the self, many of you have no appreciation

for the socializing process of these facets of your existence.  Thus, many of these traits of the

animal (ANU-MAL) are over-looked or under-developed as conscious behaviors. And thus

we see a plethora of passive/ aggressive behaviors that nestle here in the realm of the belly,

the naval chakra.


Denial makes itself at home here.  Manipulation abounds here, and manipulation is a

misuse of Power. Everyone has an understanding of manipulation. It's an early form of

behavior modification. "If you do this, I will do that."  Cause and effect is a very early form

of behavior modification.


The second chakra is pregnant with power and control.


Depending upon who is doing the controlling, who is wielding power, for what purpose and to

what extent, you may never know you are being manipulated. You might not ever realize

your strings are being pulled.


It is not possible for you to give up your own will and still live and thrive in your

contemporary society.


As an animal (ANU-MAL), you can negotiate your way in and out of situations by trading your

favors or skills or goods or services or wares, and yet if you won't be bought and sold, you will

need to have a platform from which you can operate which enables you to prevail with those

beings whom you have no desire to control or manipulate and no will to allow them to control

or manipulate you. This is an exercise in will that requires stamina.


The propensity is to fall back into the cultural pattern, for that is what you understand, and

that is what humanity understands. However, the habit of the old paradigm may be regular old

animalistic behavior that is the kind of behavior that makes you so tired and which thwarts

your attempts at communication. The drag and the pull of the material world begins to require

more than its fair share, more than its due. 

It begins to argue with you as to its needs, rights and certain pleasures and comforts, and

berates your higher mind and higher consciousness for being unfair and not allowing your

physical nature to get what's coming to it.  It wants all of you.  And, in the main, it gets

"all of humanity" for its been getting away with it since Dalamatia. [Dalamatia, the original

planetary civilization, destroyed after "war in heaven" declared between Gabriel and Lucifer,

see also ]


Thoroah: Lucifer sort of frozes at the second chakra.


BOB: Yes, indeed. Planetary evolution is indeed frozen at the second chakra. There are,

incidentally, other schools of thought along these lines and Freud is certainly one of the names

that arise as this area of the physical body is in focus. ….


Cherubim BOB:  Everyone has a sense of politics. It has been said you are "political

animals" (ANU=Physical UltiMate Atom/ PUMA/; MAL= evolutionary imperfect).


And it also said that you are innately gregarious.  It is because of the second chakra that you

gravitate from one point of view to the other, for the games that you play amuse you, as well

as exercise your ability to maintain control and power over others. This is the root, too, of the

competitive nature, as compared to the cooperative nature, which enters in a little higher on the

chakra scale.


A million and one behaviors are relegated to this level. It is where many stay, for they have not

got the impetus, ambition or stimuli to rise higher. They may be a perpetual follower and let

themselves be led around, forfeiting their free will. It is in this situation where Thought

Adjusters, by and large, have to merely wait until they are delivered from their human benefactor, released in death. This is the level of mental numbness that drives thinking people insane.

If there was ever an area that needed a wake up call, it is the Belly of Humankind (also called

in some teachings: the lower electronic belt, i.e.the lower-self of the Physical UltiMate Atom

/PUMA/ ego-centric self, three lowest central/spinal physical chakras). (Pictures 2 A-E)


       A  B    C  D  E


                   Pictures 2 A-E. Lower electronic belt, the “Belly of Humankind” (3 & 4)


Those who are leaders will accept their many followers and make use of them - as they are

and where they are - and not worry about trying to edify or educate them so much as to  utilize

their power as the wheels that make the machinery move; machinery that they are working

hard to maintain.


There are exploiters, evil-doers at large, wielding power over the simple-minded, but this is

not necessarily what I mean to highlight, for there are good men and women who are able to

manipulate masses favorably.” (1)





    Gerdean O'Dell@N. AngusBowen,  An O'DELL-BOWEN ENTERPRISE


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”Let us behold the Light, that through the forgiveness, finds its way into the great darkness

of this world. Perceive the Light in all your brothers and sisters by fully forgiving each other,

because it is only then that you will see their Light, know the higher Truth, and achieve the

happiness of Brotherhood.”

                                                                                   Michael of Nebadon, tml 5/2004