Questions and Answers: PAPER 70


                                                      CEDOMIL VUGRINCIC, M.D., Ph.D.
                                                                   February 2009


“The Word of God is Love. The enactment of the Word of God is service to your brothers

and sisters. Truly, if the Word of God is actively resident within your life, the Fruits of Spirit

are being produced in your life through the Service of Love.”


                                                                                                                Solonia, tml 5/2004




                      SOLAR MULTI-DIMENSIONALITIES – The Human Vortex







In the Q-A paper 69 has been stated that it is in the Supreme’s universe of time and space where the unqualified energy descends and materializes along the ultimatonic-electronic-atomic axis via the spin CHARGE and POLARITY  of the two basic ultimatomic energy wave-particle patterns, named as the MALE and FEMALE. (Picture 1)


The spatial position of the Male and Female ultimatons within the electrons (electric ions) determines the charge and polarity behavior of the electronic matter as being positive, i.e. positronic (positive ionic, as in protons), neutral or neutronic (neutral ionic, as in neutrons), or negative such as negatronic (negative ionic, as in atomic negative orbital electrons).

Electrons then further gather in composing the character of the chemical atoms of the elemental periodic system.


It is then that on the geo-magnetically settled planets the life has begun by the Male-Female PUMA mind-life initiation via the Nebadonia’s mind-life spark through her 1st adjutant mind energy circuit of Intuition.


In Paper 20 has been stated:” It is through the cellular evolutionary growth and the expansion of solar lines of forces from their PUMA ego-centers, in the process of choosing between outer socio-environmental and inner spiritual stimuli, that the solar PUMA ego-centric cells have gradually demonstrated their male and female Paradise absolutonic-PUMA ego-centric energy characteristics and preferences for each other in their evolutionary development and their biological reproduction of physical life forms, which has finally resulted in the solar individualization and the appearance of the first primitive human beings, the first male and female of human race as the ancestors of all planetary mankind.”


It is the Law of the Fittest Spirit-Matter MIND (Electro-Magnetic INDuction) that has prompted, after the Nebadonia’s Mind Spark initiation, the survival of the propagating evolution of different life forms on planets, as the cradles of spirit-matter life, such as was on the decimal (experimental) planet Urantia.


The following has been further stated in Conclusion of the Paper 20 (see also the Urantia Book):

“First primordial cells were simple and undifferentiated electrochemical circuits, established only from the reactive inorganic atomic-molecular components into which the life plasma was introduced.      

Such first biological unit of material life initiated was the function of Life Carriers revolutions of physical electrochemical energy circuits within material particles created by Physical Controllers and initiating this primordial unit into living existence by Holly Spirit indwelling of the Divine Minister.

When in accordance with the approved formulas, the physical patterns have been provided, than the Life Carriers (LC’s) do catalyze this lifeless material, imparting through their persons the vital spirit spark, and forthwith the inert physical patterns become living matter.

The vital spark, the vital mystery of life, is bestowed through the Life Carriers, not by them.

The Life Carriers do formulate the life plasma and supervise the life spark implantation itself, but it is the Local Universe Mother Spirit who supplies the essential life spark to the lifeless cosmic plasma substance that evolves into living physical patterns.                                                                     


The first biological unit of material life created was the protoplasmic cell which communally associated various chemical, electrical and other basic energies, and the Life Carriers are always there to initiate the primordial reactions of the material life as the catalytic instigators of the energy circuits of living matter.

And it was 500 million years ago that three life implantations by LC’s in central or Eurasian-African, the eastern or Austral-Asian, and the western or Greenland-American, gave birth to very primitive but well established marine vegetable life on this planet Urantia.


Very few species of the early types of marine vegetation that participated in those epochal changes, which resulted in the animal-like borderland organisms are in the existence today.

The sponges are the survivors of one of these early midway types, those organisms through which the gradual transition from the vegetable to the animal took place.

These early transition forms, while not identical with modern sponges, were much like them, they were true borderline organisms- neither vegetable nor animal, but they eventually led to the development of the true animal forms of life.

The bacteria, as simple vegetable organisms of a very primitive nature, are very little changed from the early dawn of life; they have even somewhat retrogressed in their parasitic behavior.

Many of the fungi also represent a retrograde movement in evolution, being actually plants which have lost their chlorophyll-making ability and have become more parasitic.

The majority of “disease-causing” bacteria and their auxiliary virus bodies really belong to this group of renegade parasitic fungi.

During the intervening ages, the entire vast kingdom of plant life has evolved from the ancestors from which the bacteria have also descended.

The higher protozoan type of animal life soon and suddenly appeared, and from these far-distant times the ameba, the typical single-cell animal organism has appeared.


What this minute creature and his protozoan cousins are to the animal creation that are bacteria to the plant kingdom- surviving first early evolutionary species, in a collective differentiation of planetary life, which have failed subsequently to develop further.


Hundreds upon hundreds of species intervened and perished. Those that have survived but have not progressed represent the stationary types of early lower animals, survived branches of the tree of life which have failed to progress, and it took 1 million years for the mutation within progressive Primate branch to finally produce first primitive human beings which became the ancestors of all planetary mankind on Urantia.”


Therefore, if the Nebadonia’s “Spirit of Wholeness” is everywhere and the planetary life was initiated via the Life Carriers (LCs) through the central Physical UltiMate Atoms (PUMAs) of the initiated electro-chemical circuits in the sea waters, than the natural question could be asked: What is a mind and where it could be located? 





The working definition of A MIND is the Electro-Magnetic INDuction (E-M IND), i.e. the electro-magnetic phenomena induced by the interference between two different energy phases. In terms of the evolution and creation these phases are referred to as “as above (phase) (unto) so below (phase)”.


In the Supreme superuniverses of time and space, the Charge and Polarity interference between the spatially positioned PUMA’s within the morontia (electronic) phase and the morontia electrons within the physical (atomic) universe energy phases create the “electro-magnetic” induction within the vortex  PUMA cells and it is that within these interference circuits where the Nebadonia’s adjutant spirit mind circuits manifest.


In the Paper 75 has been stated:

“The universe vortices, in general, are represented by the two dominant  energy patterns (male and female, M-F)  which are shown as in previously demonstrated case of the Andronover nebula initiation by the universe Master Force Organizers (MFO’s). (Picture 1 A-F, see also Paper #71)

           A  BC NGC 1300, viewed nearly face-on. Hubble Space Telescope image.  

         D  E  F

Picture 1 A-F. Universe energy differentiation into the male-female patterns

The above M-F energy patterns manifest all the way down to the planetary non-life PUMAs of the geo-magnetic electro-chemical worlds and then thereafter in the ascending evolutionary differentiating life energy forms (along the axis of the Nebadonia’s initiation mind spark-Adutant Mind Spirit circuits-Life Carriers- carbon based planetary organic evolution).

Let us therefore analyze further in the next Q-A Papers the energy properties and behavior of PUMAs (Picture 2) as the mind (E-M IND) super cell generators.



          Picture 2. PUMA as the E-M INDuction supercell generator







1.   The Principles of the Light and Color, p.102

      Edwin E.Babbitt, Borderland Sciences, Reprint 1987                                                     






”Let us behold the Light, that through the forgiveness, finds its way into the great darkness

of this world. Perceive the Light in all your brothers and sisters by fully forgiving each other,

because it is only then that you will see their Light, know the higher Truth, and achieve the

happiness of Brotherhood.”

                                                                                   Michael of Nebadon, tml 5/2004