Questions and Answers: PAPER 76


                              CEDOMIL VUGRINCIC, M.D., Ph.D.
                                              August 2009


 “The Word of God is Love. The enactment of the Word of God is service to your brothers

and sisters. Truly, if the Word of God is actively resident within your life, the Fruits of Spirit

are being produced in your life through the Service of Love.”


                                                                                                                Solonia, tml 5/2004




                      SOLAR MULTI-DIMENSIONALITIES – The Human Vortex








The Nebadon’s morontia worlds have been created in a circular 1x100x100 vortex pattern while the Andronover’s 1 million+ physical suns and their evolutionary planets are of the nebular vortex spin-off origin. (1)

The morontia Nebadon is encircuiting the “below” Andronover’s physical realms by its morontia-physical interference vortex wheel, strengthening its Local Sector’s anti-gravity electro-magnetic influence over the evolutionary planetary life guiding its ascension toward the Supreme Life and Light.

In this dynamic tune-up process the Nebadon’s morontia energy and the Nebadonia’s spirit of wholeness (“Holy Spirit”) have the spirit anti-gravity de-mater-realizing spiritual ascension effect, while the Andronover’s physical sun-planet energies have the decelerating mater-realizing descending gravity properties. The materializing “gravity” and spiritual “anti-gravity  interferening realms are superimposed upon each other.

The physical energy Andronover nebular vortex, in its ascension toward the Supreme’s Light in Life, is guided by the Nebadonia’s Adjutant Mind Spirit circuits via the Salvington headquarters “Four Beings”, Salvington’s 100 power centers and the constellations and local sectors power-centers and physical controllers. (see Papers 69-70)

The physical mind and body over-patterning by the anti-gravity Jerusem morontia mind (mota) and its power center of the 6th order, by lacing the physical solar systems into the “Chain of Rings”, causes the strain to the randomly dispersed physical solar systems and their planets. This strain is especially noticeable now on the Urantia in this energy cycle end-time.

The ascension process of the solar-planet energy over-patterning not only includes the over seven thousand of the chain ring-laced physical systems under the Jerusem’s power center of the 6th order, but also the inter-lacing and equilibration of Satania’s over-patterned physical systems with Satania’s immediate local sector neighbors Sandmatia, Assuntia, Porogia, Sortoria, Rantulia and Glantonia.

The planetary cosmic calendar-clock of the local Monmatia sun and its planet earth have been discussed in the Papers 80 & 81. (Pictures 1A&B)          





1A                                                                                              1B

It has been mentioned that the Nebadon local universe has been fine-tuning the physical Andronover nebula birthed suns and their planets to the circular ecliptics by the Salvington’s architectural “Four Beings” and the series of the Power Centers and Physical Controllers under the “As Above So Below” morontia-physical vortex energy principles.

The fine-tuning toward the circular correction of the Monmatia sun system and its planets, which includes the Urantia planet, toward their circular ecliptic has been accomplished in the Local System of Satania via its Jerusem headquarters directed power center of the 6th order as already stated before.

In the Paper 78 the following reference has been made to that process:

Monjoronson:.. To envision the architectural spheres of the local system, one would have to envision the largest and brightest stars that are near to your planet and one would have to have the ability to map these stars. If one had the ability to map these stars one would begin to notice that there is a pattern, an almost circular pattern of bright stars with a large space in the center of them. The large space in the center would be where the architectural spheres are. Since they are not suns, they necessarily cannot be seen yet because of their tremendous gravitational presence they do not go unnoticed as far as energetic systems viewed in the universe go. If you took this mapping a step further you would begin to see that these small circles begin to connect like a pattern in a crocheted lace piece and that they would again form a large circle of these small circles of stars. In the center of this large circle you would have the constellation architectural spheres. If you could still further map you would notice that these large circles formed out of these various smaller circles of stars would form one gigantic circle of one hundred circles and in the center of that giant circle would be the universe capitol architectural complex.”  

On the normally evolving physical planets this spiritual over-patterning of the physical systems by the morontia mind (mota) is much smoother than the one being experienced on the laggard mind planets such as the Urantia.

The Urantia is long overdue the correction due to its humanity unsustainable way of living and the corrective changes are inescapable in order for the planetary humanity to become the sustainable global society.

Most of the planetary humanity is still “mind-frozen” by its dark cabal over-controllers at the 2nd chakra Power and Control enslaved mentality. (2)

For these reasons it is imperative for the Urantia humanity to understand the reasons for this correction (humanity laggard /low frequency/ state of mind) and then begin to work very actively toward becoming an sustainable society in order to survive favorably these global changes.

The following has been stated in the recent transmission (3):

Monjoronson:”Yes, this (world) era now is in that free-fall, where anything can happen, and may.  It is a time where there is little (celestial) intervention. It is, so to speak, that time where the chick has spread its wings and practiced, and now must either fledge and fly, or fall and die.  This era of your planet is very critical.  We have taken great efforts and strides to infuse not only a few, but many thousands and millions of you, with ideas of higher consciousness, of oneness, of integration, and self-less service, and also with the techniques of advanced and growing civilization, so that you can not only exist and survive, but that you can thrive and then become sustainable as a human race

This time is far, far more critical and delicate than anyone on your planet has any idea, and we are talking of course, about those who are part of the illusion.  Those who live in the reality of this world, thoroughly understand the delicate nature that this world is in, and that every effort by those who you call the “unseen,”—“us”—is to assist you to fledge and fly and to soar—and to beget a new civilization of individuals, who find oneness and harmony to be a very good thing, rather than separation and domination.”

Monjoronson:“…You have been told that there are many significant milestones which must be achieved to bring any planet under one rule and as you witness there are many stages that must be traversed before this world is close to aligning itself with a single vibration. That in essence is what you are referring to, when a planet can come under one vibration of awareness and understanding and function with the unity and harmony that is present when all the participants are tuned in to the same wavelengths…” (3)

Ophelius: When lives are lived in constant discord and moving against the flow of the river of life, the soul atrophies and the quality of your gift to the Supreme Being is diminished.  Time is often wasted in the nursery of creation and valuable character building averted, which can never again be experienced in the unique environment of the worlds of time and space.  Yes, those character deficiencies can be compensated for on the mansion worlds, but the opportunities to affect and change the lives of your brothers and sisters in that rich and soul building environment are forgone.  Consider the possibilities of what could be, and move in that direction.  You can swim against the current my friends, but one day you will tire, let go, and let God bring you to a place of understanding”…

…”To have divine purpose means that your life is guided toward a worthy destiny that has an effect upon, or changes the course or outcome of, other’s lives in some positive way as to start a chain reaction of life changing events, that over time, will change the world.”… (4)

What is the significance of the above mentioned statements in the context of the future planetary evolutionary events?

The statement “This (world) era is now in the free-fall” means that, with the end of the old dispensational age (year 2012), the energy supporting the over-control and separation of humanity by dark cabal’s dualism polarization will be over, i.e. such dark cabal creations will not have any longer the supporting energy “floor” and will therefore be in the state of “free fall”.

The current dark cabal’s system of human mind over-control is basing its existence on creation of polarizations and divisions among humans and it is obvious that the magnitude of the impending human and planetary changes and transformations that will be taking place in realization of the Michael’s Correcting Time mandates, in order to establish the Brotherhood of all Man under the Fatherhood of God and ascend this world further toward the era of Light and Life, will be significant.

The new age higher dispensational energy frequencies will support the higher truth, morality of human unity of diversity leaving the old era of polarizing minds in a state of downward spiral “free fall”.

The history bears witness that the laggard polarized planetary mind only accepts the higher universe truth (of Brotherhood of all Man under the Fatherhood of God) when squeezed between the “rock and the hard place” and this will probably be the most likely scenario that humanity will have to experience again this time around during this transitional period of correcting time leading into the new “post 2012” spiritual-energy era.

“So you see my beloveds, divine purpose is driven by love.  Love is the answer; love is the guide; love is the future; love is the way; love is the truth; love is the life; God is love; God is in you; love is in you.  Now go your way -- you have purpose, you have love to give -- go and love one another.” (4)



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”Let us behold the Light, that through the forgiveness, finds its way into the great darkness

of this world. Perceive the Light in all your brothers and sisters by fully forgiving each other,

because it is only then that you will see their Light, know the higher Truth, and achieve the

happiness of Brotherhood.”

                                                                                   Michael of Nebadon, tml 5/2004