Will you follow God or mammon?


                                CEDOMIL VUGRINCIC, M.D., Ph.D.
                                            September 2005
        M-PAPER 1



“Beloveds, you have been repeatedly informed by different sources about Gaia’s  preparation for its planetary ascension from present 3D into the 4D and then 5thD physical realm.


The time is now for humanity to decide whether to go with God or not.


The time is now for humanity to decide whether to “catch the planetary ascension train” and move-up God-ways, by serving God and the Brotherhood of Light, or to continue to worship its present ruling mammon of 3D darkness.


You might be still wondering how to differentiate between the souls of Light and dark ones. The answer lies in your ability for spiritual discernment. The one that destroys the human and planetary life, i.e. the God’s Light within you and the nature, is not the soul of Light but 3D entity of darkness that has failed to ascend spiritually.


Presently many planetary 4D astral souls are failing to ascend spiritually, unable to rise their vibrations higher then its 3D physical equivalent. So they keep repeating their 3D dispensational physical reincarnations only to fail one more time. Many of the reincarnated dark ones have already defaulted on their present spiritual contracts and have vacated their animated physical chalices. There are many soul-less animated clone bodies left walking around you, many even on high governing places, whose souls have been already bound and removed from their physical vehicles.


You might ask the question: “Why do celestials allow these animated soul-less clones with their God-less physical behavior around the Light in-soul’d humans?” The answer to that is that they have their own body life which will die when its time is due by the physical 3D laws. Another way to look at this is, regardless how paradoxical it may sound, they are here for human benefit as the extended opportunity to evolutionary humans to embrace the Light and reject this worlds darkness. And humans will reject their dark rulers when they find enough of God’s Light within their hearts and decide to free-willingly spiritually move up because they will no longer be able to sympathetically resonate with the ruling 3D dark minds.


You see, dark ones have very little Light to show, and the soul-less physical chalices do not have any. If you can not tell the difference, and even continue to thank them for enslaving you, then you should in all honesty become very concerned as to where your Light is. This is because you continue to resonate sympathetically with the “damage and crowd control” frequencies, chosen by the dark rulers to subdue human un-awakened minds, to make you keep  looking the other way. And many will continue to shun away the Light signals, embrace the dark ones, and keep trusting their empty dark promises.


As the Michael’s Spirit of Truth continue to reveal itself in the Aquarian Correcting Times, some will decide to stand up to reflect their embracement of the spiritual enLightenment (in Light development) and “catch” the ascending planetary 5D train. Unfortunately, many will continue to follow their rulers of 3D darkness and will miss on this ascension opportunity.


So beloveds, which way will you go? Will you follow the God’s Light or will you continue to embrace the darkness? Will you follow the way of Michael’s Truth or will you continue to follow the way of mammon? You know very well that you can not be lukewarm and can not serve both God and Cesar?”





Monjoronson, September 12, 2005, ServiceSector7@yahoogroups, http://www.ChristMichaelsGlobalSpiritualNetwork.com./