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                                             September 2006
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Constitutional Reimplementation Plan by Dan R. Rezac


BY: Daniel Robert Rezac- http://groups.google.com/group/TruthAvengers


PUBLISHED ON: 2006-08-03

This was published a year ago at this time (Aug 2005)…it seems to still be relevant today…now edited and republished Aug, 2006..feel free to share with others...

Recently there's been much conflicting information about what's happening with a program which we've come to describe as a Constitutional Reimplementation plan, so I wanted to give a brief intro with my thoughts on some recent research. Right now, many of us have lots of questions. What's the story with the planned Constitutional Reimplementation? Does America have any hope at all? Has America gone off the rails?

In January 2002, Bush invaded Afghanistan killing 9,800 civilians within one year and gaining control of the worlds largest opium fields. A year later, in February 2003, Bush invaded Iraq killing 1.6 million people and taking control of the worlds richest oil fields. In June 2004, reports showed the cost of the illegal occupation exceeding $2.2 billion per day forfeiting any potential government sponsored health care, college education, or grade school hot meal programs. Innocent American soldier fatalities began counting.

How is it that our Constitution expressly forbids invading another country, yet America has preemptively and aggressively invaded two other countries under false pretenses in the last couple of years and is now considering Syria and Iran? The Downing Street Memos (and other evidence) are clear that these characters "fixed" the intelligence to support their war. Why? How is it that we have (s)elected officials who demonstrate a total careless and reckless disregard for the sanctity of life around them? Could it be that those occupying the highest positions have never taken a legitimate oath to our Constitution because they swore a secret oath to their own agenda? A secret oath to a false god? Is it possible that Bush junior, like his father before him, and his father before him, is a member of the secret and satanic Skull and Bones network, consisting of 900 members worldwide, formerly known as the "Brotherhood of Death," and begun from the profits of opium smuggling? Is it possible that Bush Jr. is known as the "Knight of Eulogia," that Blair is known as the "Knight of Malta" and that Bush Sr. is known as "MAGOG?" Is it possible that MAGOG is the name of the evil army commanded by Satan to visit earth and destroy the kingdom of Christ ? Is it possible that these sycophants all worship and take oaths of allegiance to "JAH-BU-LON," a synthesis of the ancient Egyptian, Babylonian and Jewish demon gods known as JAHWEH, BAAL, and OSIRIS? Has it not been said that the anti-Christ would be "the great deceiver?" Is it not possible that the great deceiver stands within the very midst of America , front-and-center, and has been on television screens for the past six years?

If a person corrupts the democratic process by rigging elections (Ohio, Florida), coercing the Supreme Court to throw the decision and thereby attaining office illegally—if that person then stands in front of the American people and pretends to be the champion of democracy and freedom globally…is that not a great deception?

If that person engages in sexual intercourse with cabinet members, pedophilia, and other perversions (Jeff Gannon), yet pretends to be a faithful husband at fundraising dinners and during television "photo ops"…is that not a great deception?

If that person pretends to be a church-going Christian Methodist, but actually is a member of a satanic cult and participating in blood-curdling rituals where children are being sacrificed, …is that not a great deception?

If that person claims to be a law-abiding patriot bent on exacting "justice" on others (terrorists) for breaking the law, yet deliberately breaks the law (FISA) and implements a highly illegal and unconstitutional program of domestic spying on the American people… is that not a great deception?

If that person pretends to be a Constitutionalist nominating candidates to the Supreme Court and admonishing them to not "legislate from the bench", then secretly attaches over 800 signing statements to virtually all legislation passed by Congress--basically usurping their power and consolidating all three branches of government under his control and thereby destroying any checks and balances of our Constitutional Republic …is that not a great deception?

If that person declares there is an "imminent threat", then convinces Congress to pass legislation for going to war, but all the while knowingly and deliberately fabricating the evidence and attempting to plant false evidence (WMD) to support the fictitious story, …is that not a great deception?

If that person couldn't find the alleged perpetrator (Osama Bin Laden) after 6 years, what makes anyone believe that they were able to find 19 hijackers within 24 hours of 911—fast enough to paste pictures all over every news channel and television screen? …is that not a great deception?

If that same person points the finger at "19 hijackers" for the horrific crime of 911, yet was the one who perpetrated the event and actually pulled the trigger…does that not qualify as the greatest deception of all time?

Are we in the final days of Armageddon?

For any of you who are in doubt whether we will prevail, here's some positive reassurance. Edgar Cayce, who did over 14,000 life readings and had an accuracy greater than 90%, had this to say about what we are going through:

"In Revelation, in a reference to Armageddon, the ultimate battleground between good and evil, Cayce saw a positive victory for the forces of good, with an awakening in the New Age of the best elements in the people, amid a peaceful revolution that will find jaded, self-serving rulers replaced by crusading leaders from the ranks of the people." –Taken from "Cayce On The Millennium", p. 148-149, by Jess Stearn

And what about the bombing in London ? Is it possible that Queen Elizabeth II is known as the "Grand Patroness of World Freemasonry;" that the Royal Family is not the Windsors, but rather the lineage of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha who once called England by the name "ISRAEL" or "Jerusalem;" and that there is somehow an undisclosed hidden connection between England and Israel today? Is the recent flair-up between Israel and Lebanon a setup for a "Middle-East" 911 in order to escalate their dark agenda into a global religious war? Why did Blair intentionally block an investigation of the London bombings? Is it because he is a 33rd degree mason with loyalties somewhere other than with the people? Why has England's intelligence agencies become lethargic? Is it possible that MI5 and MI6 swear an allegiance to the ruling monarch and not the people of England ? I'm afraid so. We all know it was an inside job, just like 9/11 here in the States.

Is it even conceivable in your mind to think that the United States has bombed 50 countries since WWII and is the world's only superpower that has ever dropped a nuclear bomb on another country? That we maintain over 700 military bases worldwide? Is this what America stands for? Is this the idea of liberty and freedom? Is this representative of who we are? Is this the country that was founded as the ideal way of life? Is this representative of the American people? Is this the American Dream?

The people of both countries must come to the realization that their intelligence agencies have failed them. When someone fails to do their job, you don't give them a pay raise. You fire them. MI5/MI6 and the Cocaine Import Agency (CIA) should be fired for failing their people. They should be fired for failure to perform. It is time that the people begin contracting with private agencies for future intelligence needs. It is time for the people to take their power back, to prosecute these criminals for the crimes they've committed, to establish a new foundation where it cannot happen again, and to focus on the good, wholesome, enlightened activities they came here to perform.

Why not get the show on the road? Why not do an open, fair, and honest investigation of 9/11 and the
London Bombings and let the chips fall where they may? Justice demands it. The people want it. The future of the planet needs it.

So you ask, are we in the "end of times?" Just look around.

Down through the ages, it has always been said that in the "end times" there would be a nuclear war in the
Middle East. Lightworkers recognize that divine intervention has decreed that the detonation of nuclear weapons would not be allowed. So, how could we possibly be in the end of times if there has not been a nuclear war? According to a recent report, American allied forces have dropped the equivalent of 250,000 nuclear bombs on Iraq in the form of depleted uranium from all of the warheads and missiles that have been used. After talking with soldiers coming back from Iraq including my brother, I have confirmed that many are suffering from symptoms of radiation exposure including weight loss, inability to digest food, malaise, and illness. To me, dumping four million pounds of depleted uranium in Iraq is unfathomable and unconscionable, yet it's been done! In my estimation, we have now achieved the "milestone" of having a nuclear war in the Middle East . It did not come with a flash and a bang during the day, but rather like a thief in the night. The silent deadly killer of depleted uranium has qualified this occupation of Iraq as the Armageddon that was predicted so long ago. Are we in the Armageddon? You had better believe it! As Edgar Cayce defined it, the "Armageddon" is the final battle between the forces of light and the forces of darkness. We know who will win.

In any war or any battle, there is bound to be confusion as the war rages on. Especially in the trenches. To me, the most glaring sign that Constitutional Reimplementation plan is real is the manifestation of this confusion which comes about in any war. Sun Tzu once said that the art of war is to know thy enemy. You can be sure that these dark agenda players are doing their part to disrupt your hope, your dreams, your light, your love of life and all mankind.

Recently, on the evening of Wednesday, July 20th, 2005 (any many more false reports since then!) a report went out that the Constitutional Reimplementation plan was about to be announced. Needless to say, the event did not manifest. Whether it was a false report put out deliberately or otherwise, I do not know. Whether it was a true report and there were more obstructions, I could not say. Because there is so much conflicting information about what's happening with the Constitutional Reimplementation plan, including those who are willing to flat out deny its existence with no substantive evidence whatsoever, a group of us have taken the responsibility upon ourselves to investigate the truth. We wanted verification. By the way, there are many folks who do not believe that such legislation could exist. We are not interested in litigating the merits of such legislation with these unenlightened souls. They will know soon enough. We have amassed a wealth of information which substantially supports its principles and we are willing to share it with those who are open to working with us. Our information documents the abuses and deceptions in the banking industry, the tax revenue collection industry, and the government sector. Our research is ongoing. We have solutions in each of these areas which you can begin implementing immediately. Evidence supports the fact that systemic level abuses are taking place which will require systemic level corrections in order to fix the problems on an order of magnitude which will be positive for all life on the planet. Constitutional Reimplementation is our best and brightest hope for these systemic level changes.

But in the meantime and until that day when it is finally presented for all to see, I encourage each and every one of you to start implementing it for yourselves by standing up for what is right. Check out the website losthorizons.com and order the book. You begin by taking your power back. You have rights. Use them and don't ever let anyone take them away from you.

Join us on our weekly conference calls every Saturday to hear breaking news and learn from domain experts in the field of taxation, law, banking and the new age we are ushering in. If your hopes have waxed and waned, or have been dashed against the rocks, come to our calls for a breath of fresh air! We are the Lightworkers and the Truth Avengers and will not rest until the job is done! Come join us crusading leaders as we usher in a brave new world!