CEDOMIL VUGRINCIC, M.D., Ph.D.
                                              November 2006
        M-PAPER 15

Beloveds, to remind you again that the Land of America is at present Cabal’s Dictator run corporate colony and that the American people are so far consensually agreeing to serve their foreign masters, which named them the “enemy” of Cabal in Cabal’s illegal Corp. U.S. government constitution. (see previously posted M-Papers)


Cabal has corrupted the original Forefathers National Constitution and with it the American system of elections having you vote in and elect their Cabal’s Corp. U.S. Senators, Corp. U.S. President and the rest of their “U.S. Government” corporate riches (because to even think of running as the candidate for any branch of government you need to be rich).


When you hear the media talk about the “American President and American Government” you need to understand that they are making the reference to the Cabal’s owned American Corp.U.S. President and Government because American “middle class” people do not have any more their legal American Government representation based on the original Forefathers American National Constitution.


America is now run by the American born Cabal owned Corp.U.S. president betraying his own American people as Judas Iscariot by serving his Cabal masters running his middle-class American brothers and sisters under his Cesar-type “King’s Law” military dictatorship.


Under similar principles Cabal is trying to establish their corrupt satellite government dictatorships in the rest of the world now very evident through their Corp.U.S.-type cloned puppet governments of oil important countries of Afghanistan and Iraq. 


Cabal’s Washington based Corp.U.S. “American Government” has been financed and is reporting to its foreign Cabal “Global Corporate League” owners.

Regardless of the Republican or Democrat logo on their coats all Washington Corp.U.S. politicians are dancing to the tune of their foreign Cabal owners and their Corp. Illuminati.


The education and mind awareness of the American public has been maintained purposely low because Cabal does not want the Americans to understand their immoral schemes and dismantle their corrupt and illegal system of ruthless exploitation of Americans and American land. Everyone should be aware of by now of Cabal’s Corp.U.S. government consistent destruction of America by export of American jobs abroad, by drowning America in debt, by wasting many American lives in their oil-wars, by making US$ the worthless fiat currency etc.

These immoral schemes make profits of Cabal’s riches go up while Americans become more enslaved and poorer. Cabal is using the same principles in other countries around the world.


Cabal has been holding the American people and the rest of the world in vice through their “Indebt, Bankrupt, Enslave and Control” financial vehicles meanwhile trying to squash any resistance against their immoral ways to achieve total global domination and control.

For these reasons they have invented the illusion of “terrorism” and begun arresting, kidnapping and torturing the anti-Cabal regime “terrorist suspects” around the world at will.

These are the international crimes and abuses of God’s given human rights, however, because Cabal threatens and has the control of the international courts, has financial control over UN, and owns and controls the American media you very seldom will hear about.


Time is upon you NOW for People of America and the rest of the world to STAND UP TO CABAL and RECLAIM your TRUE GOD GIVEN FREEDOM AND DEMOCRACY.


Time is upon you NOW to SHARE GLOBAL ABUNDANCE EQUALLY among all the people of this world.






STAND UP NOW and let your LIGHT potential within YOUR SOUL lead you toward your FREEDOM and ASCENSION. Let it take you up and away from this Cabal’s decadent, immoral and greedy system of global corporate slavery.


The below article discusses some of the above related topics.






                             Lost Wars and Lost Economy


                                                 BY: Paul Craig Roberts

                                              PUBLISHED ON:


President Bush and his neocon flaks have simultaneously lost two wars and America's economic future.


Last Friday's payroll jobs report was a continuation of Bush's dismal record. Only 59,000 net new private sector jobs were created during September. That is about 90,000 less than would be needed to stay even with population growth. Like all jobs that the US economy has created in the 21st century, the September jobs are in domestic services.


Waitresses and bar tenders accounted for a quarter of the new jobs.

The remainder were in health care and social assistance, wholesale trade and transportation, financial activities, and accounting and bookkeeping services.


US manufacturing lost another 19,000 jobs. Since Bush took office, the US has lost 3 million manufacturing jobs.


Charles McMillion of MBG Information Services in Washington DC notes that the growth of total hours worked over the current "recovery" is less than half the average rate of all previous recoveries and is the worst performance on record. Due to offshoring, manufacturing hours worked have declined 6.6% since the recovery began in November 2001.


It has been years since the US economy has created high-productivity, high-paying jobs in export and import-competitive sectors. The US manufacturing trade deficit is now twice the size of the oil import bill. The years of deficits have destroyed America's creditor status in the balance of payments. At the beginning of this month, the Wall Street Journal reported that for the first time in 90 years, the US is now paying noticeably more to foreign creditors than it receives from its investments abroad."


Jobs offshoring and work visas for foreigners are dismantling the ladders of upward mobility that made America an opportunity society for American citizens. In the 21st century, real income growth has been limited to a few at the top, while median family income stagnates or declines. As a result of the moronic American system of tying CEO pay to quarterly results, fat cats get richer by arbitraging labor and replacing American workers with foreigners.


The current recovery is based on the expansion of consumer and public debt. The artificially low interest rates engineered by the Federal Reserve fueled a real estate bubble that encouraged Americans to refinance their homes and to spend the equity.


Another source of the "recovery" has been credit card debt which has been turned into securities and sold to investors. Credit card companies assume that the high interest rates that they charge compensate for the high default rates and, therefore, issue new cards to people already overwhelmed with credit card debt. Much of this debt is tied to derivatives in ways that no one understands.


Many of the home refinancings used interest only adjustable rate mortgages that are now pushing up monthly payments for households. As these higher payments hit over-stressed budgets, US employers plan to lay off more Americans in order to lower costs by locating production abroad and by hiring more foreigners on work visas.


Meanwhile corporate bankruptcies and other machinations are depriving more Americans of pensions and health care coverage. The growing number of Americans without health coverage will turn to the hospital emergency rooms and join the illegal immigrants in driving more hospitals and communities into bankruptcy.


Meanwhile Bush and his neocon cabal have wasted $333,000,000,000 in out of pocket costs and several hundred billion dollars more in future costs, such as veterans care, on an illegal and immoral war in Iraq, a war that has destroyed America's reputation in the world and caused countries threatened by Bush to pursue nuclear weapons.


All that President Bush, his government and the Republican Party care about is war, because it enriches their friends and donors in the military-industrial complex. Bush's wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have created 99.9% of all terrorists that have ever existed.


A government whose military bombs homes, hospitals, schools, wedding parties, civilian infrastructure, tortures and abuses prisoners, and rapes and murders 14-year old girls is a government that produces a lot of "terrorists." These so-called terrorists are enraged people who are out for revenge against the barbarians who have invaded their countries, destroyed their homes, and murdered and mistreated their relatives.


If Bush and his neocon nazis succeed with their plans to attack Iran and North Korea, there will be even more "terrorists" for Republicans to rant about. Bush's drive for world hegemony is the source of global instability and a new arms race.


Bush's illegal and immoral wars are financed by foreign borrowing.

At some point pressure will come to bear on the countries that are enabling America's barbaric wars, and the foreign lenders will be forced to cut off financing. This point may be close at hand or distant, but it exists. When the dollar goes, American real incomes will fall.


Meanwhile, Americans think they are the salt of the earth, and neocons sing "Tomorrow Belongs to Me."


Paul Craig Roberts was Assistant Secretary of the Treasury in the Reagan administration. He was Associate Editor of the Wall Street Journal editorial page and Contributing Editor of National Review. He is coauthor of The Tyranny of Good Intentions.

He can be reached at: